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August 17th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!!

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


AIPER CORDLESS Robotic Pool Cleaner is 33% off AND has a $20 coupon!! (ad)

OR THE UPGRADED MORE HEAVY DUTY one is 30% off with a $40 coupon!! (ad)


Magnetic Tiles are 71% off BUT they ALSO have a 30% off coupon as well!!! (Ad)


Is anyone else obsessed with this like I am?!? How cute is this denim Tie Knot Cardigan?!? You could easily pair this with pants or a dress!! Now 34% off!! (Ad)


Washable Soft Non Skid Kitchen Floor Mat is 60% off!! (ad)


WOWZA!!! This Nicebay Handheld Cordless Vacuum is 72% off AND has a coupon!!! Great for car, office or quick pickups!! (ad)


GOING FAST! In my opinion...a must have for school lunches!!! This 10 pack of reusable food storage bags is 31% off!! (ad)


GOING FAST! Fireproof/Waterproof Document Box is 41% off with coupon!!! (ad)


WOW!! Not sure how long this TRIPLE DISCOUNT will last!! 8 Pack of Heavy Duty Moving Bags are 25% off + 30% off coupon + UTSFJLYS (or press redeem) for ANOTHER 20% off!!! Go Go Go! (Ad)


Set of 3 Maternity Nursing Tops are 49% off!!! (ad)


NEATO!!! Charge all the things at once IN THE CAR!!! Fast Charging Car Charger with 6 USB Ports now 46% off! (Ad)


XL Queen Size double Sleeping Bag with Pillows is 38% off AND has a 20% off coupon to stack!!! (Ad)


AHHH!!! SO GOOD if you are looking for a pet bed! Orthopedic Foam Pet Sofa Bed is 47% off AND has a 40% off coupon!!! (ad)


Trendy and popular Butterfly Running Shorts are as low as $16.99!! (ad)


HIGHLY RATED Utopia Kitchen Towels are 40% off!! (Ad)


Meal Prep Containers are 36% off for a 50 pack!! Microwaveable and dishwasher safe!! (ad)


My husband has one of these and loves his!!! Has had it for over a year and still uses it daily...might be time for another one ! The Iron Flask Water Bottle with 3 lids is up to 26% off!! Varies by color and it looks like most of the sizes are included! (ad)


Good Reviews AND 44% off with a Stacking $40 COUPON!!! WHAT?!?! Grab this Wifi Bluetooth Portable Projector for $150 off!!! (ad)


Hi there cuties!!! These Quick Dry High Waisted Joggers are 45% off!! (Ad)


Always amazing to have on hand!!! These wall surge protectors with Outlets and USB charging ports is 45% off with coupon!! (ad)


Solar Garden Firefly Lights are 42% off with coupon!!! (ad)


WOAH!!! This Elitespace 10inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is 25% off AND has a coupon!! The 12" is on lightning deal as well!! ad


Mini Cordless Chainsaw with 2 Batteries and extra chains and accessories is 20% off AND a stacking $20 off coupon!! (ad)


So Neat!!! These Dual Open Collapsible Storage Bins with Wheels are up to 41% off AND have a $20 coupon!!! Other sizes have coupons as well!! (Ad)


Okay I really need this in my life! I really, really like this!! To Do List Notepad with Functional Sections is 33% off and only $5.99!!! (ad)


Love these Gym/Travel Bags!!! Comes with Matching Cosmetic Bag, Shoe Compartment, USB Charging Port and a Wet Pocket!!! Now 42% off!!! (Ad)


These pregnancy joggers are down to $16.93!!! Or get 2 pair for $29.63!! (Ad)


Okay these are really neat!!! I grabbed one of these about a month ago and LOVE it!!! This Portable Monitor is 55% off AND has a $15 coupon!!! It can connect to your tablet, phone, laptop and become a second monitor!!! SOOO worth it if you want to still be efficient working with 2 monitors and want to travel or go outside! (ad)


Ohh HIII there cutie!!! This Corduroy Button Down is 32% off AND has a stacking 30% off coupon!! (ad)


GOING QUICK!!! This 2 Pack of Bedroom Air Purifiers is 53% off!!! (ad)


Okay....I need one!!! AT ITS LOWEST EVER!! This Large Bean Bag Bed for Humans and Pets is 20% off!! (ad)


The Original Gorilla Grip Oversized Reversible Set of 3 Cutting Boards is 55% off!!! (ad)


Good reviews on this one!!! This Oraimo Electric Spin Scrubber CORDLESS is 50% off!! ad


Highly Rated Ballet Leotards for Girls are down to 2 for $24!! (ad)


AMAZING reviews and GOING FAST!!! tHis Laser Hair Removal Device is 60% off AND has a 40% off coupon!!!! Crazy price!!!! (Ad)


Fingerprint Door Lock with Keypad is 40% off AND has a $10 coupon!!!! (ad)


RUN!!! GOING QUICK!!! This 54pc Magnetic Building Block Set os 70% off with coupon!!!! (ad)


SOOO STINKIN' PRETTY!!! This Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder is HALF OFF!!! (ad)


GOING FAST!!! Under the Sink Waterproof Mats are down to $15.99!! (Ad)


LARGE Elevated Cooling Dog Bed with built in pillows are DOUBLE DISCOUNT!!! Don't forget that coupon!!!! ad


Stair Stepper with Resistance Bands are 35% off AND has a $30 coupon to stack!!! These are great if you don't want a huge machine taking up space but still want a great workout!! ad


This End Table WITH Charging Station (USB and Outlets) is down to $55.99!! (ad)


WOAH!!!! Huge Reviews and this Ultra Soft Down Comforter is 53% off!!! (Ad)


This 4in1 Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is 80% off AND has a $50 coupon!!!!! WOW!!! (Ad)


This Home Gym Storage Rack (or could easily be used in garage for sports equipment) is 50% off!!! (Ad)


Love these!!! These Dual Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons are 72% off!! (Ad)


Fab Totes 6 Pack of Storage Bags are 48% off!! (Ad)


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