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Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!!

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


Hurry on this one, GOING FAST!! This Power Strip Surge Protector with USB Charging Ports is 29% off! ad


Ohh my boys love their balance bike!!! Great alternative to training wheels where they teach themselves how to balance on a bike so when it com to riding a pedaled bike it is easier!!! Now 40% off!!! ad


Awesome Reviews!!! This All Terrain Hoverboard with Bluetooth and LED Music Speakers AND Lights is 20% off!! ad


LOVE!!! This Leopard Denim Button Down is 51% off AND has a stacking 20% off coupon!! ad


TOO CUTE!!! These Oversized Pullover Sweatshirts are up to 31% off!! ad


Westbronco Belt Bags are 47% off and down to just $12.74!! Lots of colors to pick from! ad


Outdoor Movie Night!!! Or cheer on your favorite teams from your backyard!! This GIGANTIC 16ft Inflatable Projection Screen WITH BLOWER included is 51% off WITH a stacking $10 coupon! ad


Over 70k reviews!!!! These no show women's socks are around $13 with coupon for 8 pairs!!! ad


Cordless 6 in1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum is 66% off AND has a stacking $10 coupon!! ad


Outdoor Bug Zapper with great reviews is 43% off!!! ad


I love this!!!! This Pop-Up 13x13ft Screened Gazebo is $30 off!! ad


Backseat Car Organizer and Seat Protectors are 54% off FOR TWO!!! ad


WOW!! This Elevated Adjustable Raised Pet Bowl is 43% off!! ad


Love the ones I have like this!!! 4 Pack of Braided Stretchy Solo Loop Watch Bands are under $9 with the drop and coupon!!! ad


Portable Griddle Gas Grill is on DOUBLE LIGHTNING DISCOUNT with a drop and coupon!!! ad


Magnetic Tiles are 33% off AND have a stacking 20% off coupon!!! My boys love these!!! Honestly are a great toy for any age!!! ad


Insulated Water Bottle is up to 50% off!!! ad


HIGH REVIEWS!!! This Deep Tissue Massager is 56% off!! ad


This Foldable Oscillating Standing Fan with Remote is 24% off and has a stacking coupon!! I saw someone at my sons soccer practice the other day that had one of these on the picnic table!! Such a great idea for camping, sports, traveling and more! ad


Set of 4 Pickleball Paddles with Balls, Cooling Towels and Carry Bag is down to $25.49!! ad


HOW NEAT!!! The Cushions even lift up for extra storage!!!! This Modular Sectional Coach and Sleeper Sofa is 22% off!! ad


Retractable Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote Control is 33% off!!! ad


UNDER $10 FOR 3!!! This set of 3 LCD Writing Tablets are 27% off and have a stacking coupon!!!! ad


This Metal Chicken Coop is 30% off!! ad


57k Reviews!! This Handheld Milk Frother is down to $8.17!!! ad


FOR ANDROID AND IPHONE!!! This Smart Watch with Call, Text, Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Tracking and more is 43% off!! ad


Amazing for Legos, building blocks, or any toy with LOTS of pieces!!! This Organizer Storage Bin and Play Mat for toys is 23% off!! ad


My goodness!!! This Bedsure Goose Down Comforter with Corner Tabs to use as a duvet insert is up to 37% off!!! ad


UP TO 61% OFF!!! These Purity Home 100% Cooling Cotton Sheets!! ad


WOWZA!!! This Collapsible Car Storage Organizer is 39% off!! (ad)


YESSS!!! Over 106k Reviews!!! The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap is 38% off!!! Say BYE BYE to those Gnats!! ad


WOAH!!! Amazing reviews and a DOUBLE LIGHTNING DEAL DISCOUNT!! This Indoor Cycling Bike with LCD Monitor and Ipad Mount is 23% off AND has a $25 coupon to clip!! ad


GOING FAST!! The Nicebay Hair Dryer Brush for Straightening, Drying, Curling and more is 75% off!!! ad


LOVE This!!! Hooded Pullover Half Zip Sweatshirts are up to 47% off!!! ad


PINCH ME!!!! !! My favorite Telena Sling Bag DOUBLE LIGHTNING DE4L DISC0UNT!!! with the Lightning dr0p and 402TELENA at chkout! DON'T MISS THIS!!! Love these bags!! ad


YESS!!! My Leather Bostanten Card Wallet is on LIGHTNING DE4L and under $14 with DR0P and BOST0843 at chkout!! It has 17 card slots with 2 zippered sleeves for coins, bills and whatever else us ladies like to keep in there! It comes in a bunch of amazing colors! Does anyone else love the smell of new leather!? Well, this wallet isn't just functional and smells so good to! (yes, I'm a weirdo over here smelling my wallet!) ad


Woah!!! This has Great Reviews AND is one heck of a price!!! Now 41% off AND has a stacking $20 coupon!! ad


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