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August 22nd - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!! (ad) Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


This Magnetic Fishing Game for kids is 25% off AND a stacking 20% off coupon!!! ad


Princess Playhouse Tent is 46% off!!! ad


Love these!!! This Candle Warmer Lamp with 2 bulbs, timer and dimmer is 50% off!! ad


Great Reviews!!! This Teeth Whitening Gel Pen with LED Light Whitener is 52% off!!! ad


Bedsure Cooling Hotel Luxury Sheet Set is down to $20 for a queen!!! ad


CUTE!! Retro Keyboard and Mouse Combo is 30% off with coupon!!! ad


GOING FAST!!! These Magnetic Tiles (116pcs) building blocks are 20% off AND a stacking 25% off coupon! ad


YAY!!! Glitter Dauber Dawgs are 44% off!! AND another 5% off with ODI2BA6N at chkout! ad


Lowest I have seen in awhile!!! Now under $80!!! ad


Kids over the ear Headphones are 40% off!! ad


WOWZA!!! GOING FAST!! This Ultra Slim Design Robot Vacuum with carpet detection, mapping navigation and more is 50% off AND has a stacking $40 coupon!!! ad


The Popular Luseta Shampoo and Conditioner is up to 39% off!!! ad


This Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed is 78% off AND has a stacking 10% off coupon!! ad


These always crack me up, but seriously....I want it!!! The Large Beanbag Human Dog bed is 25% off!! ad


String Lights with Edison Vintage Bulbs are 48% off with coupon!!! ad


GOING FAST!! This projector with Wifi and Bluetooth is 58% off + $60 coupon + 10% off with JGRD2HNG at chkout!! ad


Trendy Oversized Half Zip Pullover is 51% off AND has a stacking 10% off coupon!!! ad


This Mini Portable Cordless Chainsaw is 60% off!! ad


My Telena Belt Bag (I have the Biege one!!) is 56% off!!! Under $10!! ad


SO MANY GOOD ONES TODAY!!! This Double Discount Lightning Deal is 40% off AND has a stacking $50 coupon!!! This Smart Bird feeder has AI Identify Bird Species Technology and Auto Capture and Record!!! ad


GOING FAST!!! This Recumbent Exercise Bike with LCD Screen is 45% off AND has a stacking $20 coupon!!! ad


Group Favorite!!! This Calming Dog Bed is 33% off with coupon!!! ad


Preschool Learning Activity Workbook is 54% off with the coupon!!! ad


100% Organic Bamboo 4pc. Sheets with Deep Pockets are up to 33% off!!! These are so silky soft and cooling!! ad


THE BEST Dishcloths around!! So Soft, No shedding, absorbent and no odor!!! Seriously!! I got a pack last time they were on deal and I have been using the heck out of them I love them so much! Now 60% off!!! ad


WOAH!!! Get 2 Pair of Kids Headphones for $16.24!!! Don't forget that coupon clip!!! ad


These super popular Large Claw Clips are 53% off!!! ad


GET TWO Battery Powered LED Camping Lanterns with 4 Light Modes for 40% off!! The single is also 33% off!! ad


This sweater is up to 61% off with the drop and KTOX8ABRZU4T at checkout!! (note sure how long the code will be there!) ad


Prime member Lightning Deal!!! This Power Strip Tower with USB Ports is 32% off!! ad


OH WOW!! This Extra Thick Pillowtop Mattress Pad with Bamboo Top is up to 51% off WITH a stacking 20% off coupon!!! ad


Kids Art Work Display Frame (holds up to 150pc of paper!!!) is 32% off!!! ad


GOING FAST!! This Electric Cordless Spin Scrubber is 20% off!! ad


MOD Complete Stadium EXTRA WIDE Bleacher Chair is 54% off!!! ad


The Tomoloo Kids Hoverboard is 20% off AND has a stacking $20 coupon!! ad


ANDROID DEAL!!! This Mini Portable Power Bank for Android is 57% off!! ad


Green Toys Car Hauler Toy for Kids is 60% off!!!! ad


THIS SET!!! LOVE!! This 2 Piece ANRABESS Coxy Set is 24% off! ad


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