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Daily Top Deals - July 2nd!

Updated: Jul 4




And you GET THREE!!! These Square rope Baskets are perfect for organizing closets, toys, nursery items and more! These Decorative Storage Woven Rope Baskets are half off! Ad


What do you all use your wet/dry bags for!?! You can use these for so much! My goodness!! The cow print ones! I have a set so similar to these that I take to the pool to put all the wet clothes in them afterwards!!! They work AMAZING!! This 2 and 3-pack of Wet/Dry Bags are dropping at check out! Ad


#ad Didn't know I could go crazy over Tupperware...but these Heritage Sets are giving me all the feels!! (that's when you know you're an adult :)) The colors are just so fun!! This 16-Piece Tupperware Heritage Square and Round Bowl Set is on drop!! Even more coming off for new customers with HSN2024 at check out!!


!!! Never have I EVER seen my ON Cloudnova shoes on DROP!!! SOOO RARE!!! And some other amazing colors too!! RUN RUN RUN!! Dropping 25 percent!!! ad


What are some of your favorite card games?? You have to admit, this is pretty neat! If you play any type of card games, this automatic card shuffler is dropping to its LOWEST! Ad


Stash these away for Christmas gifts or give as a donation....OR keep one for yourself!!! This cozy blanket is on drop with a clippable on top of that! Ad


Monster Jam Freestyle Playset AND Storage!!! They can pack it up and take it on the go!! Now at its LOWEST EVER!!! Ad


Once you go don't go back!! ...but really!

BACK TO SCHOOL FIND!! These Bento Lunch Boxes made my life so much easier last year! I filled both of my boys containers the same they brought them home and I threw them in the dishwasher...easy peezy!!! No bags to worry about and nothing got smashed! Just added more to my collection since my youngest will be starting preschool!! Dropping with SUMMERHOME20 at check out! ad


Guys!..This is neat!!! Always have a warm liquid at your fingertips! Kristen's Electric Travel Kettle with LCD Screen can boil water with a touch of the button!! It also has 4-temperature controls for coffee, tea, milk and boil! Stainless Steel with an insulation liner and leakproof design!! Dropping at check out! Ad


GO SO FAST!!! these will be gone in a blink of an eye! The Women's Cloudfoam Sneakers are 23!!! with ADICLUB at check out! Be sure to sign in for it to work! ad


The best baby gift set!! My boys STILL use their hooded towels from when they were babies! These make amazing baby shower gifts because you can never have enough! Not only do you get 3 towels, but you get 24 washcloths too!! Ad


Just redid my Dip Powder Nails yesterday!!! HUGE fan of the AZUREBEAUTY Dip Nail Powder!!! I started doing my own dip around Halloween last year and haven't looked back, it really is so easy to do and lasts me weeks! It comes with everything you need and love these colors because they are a very pretty neutral with some having a little bit of sparkle! Get this kit for low at check out! Ad


These Warmies are a Huge hit in our house!! Every single one of my kids sleeps with theirs my oldest has an elephant, middle a puppy and my youngest a bear! We warm them up and they are scented with real dried French Lavender!! This CUTE pengiun is dropping by half!! These are amazing gifts for kids!!! ad


I am thinking this would not just be great for my kids, but for me too!! Protect the tabletop and have everything there at arms length! This Silicone Craft Mat is dropping at check out!! Comes in green too!! Ad


BANANAS!!! Adorable Cosmetic Bags are dropping at check out and coming out to just 3!!! There are so many beautiful prints to pick from too! Ad


Off season find!!! and honestly, one of my absolute FAVORITES!! You don't even want to know how many times this was worn last fall and winter...I am a tad embarrassed! :) My Oversized pullover sweater is dropping big time with the clippable and the rest at check out!! grabbing another color in this for sure! Ad


It's electric....boogie woogie woogie!!! And I know my kids would go crazy over this!!! An Electric Water AND Bubble Blaster!! This is a fun combo for sure! It has great range and large water tank so they spend less time filling up and more time having fun! Dropping at check out! Ad


All I can say is....WOW...water shoes sure have come a long way!! These are actually cute!!! They are men and women's and have a wider toe, breathable material, featherlight and quick dry! New boating shoes anyone?? Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


I have been seeing these sleek, modern towel hooks all over my social and I am in LOVE with the look of these in bathrooms for towels and robes! Would also look great in an entry way for keys and coats! This 6-pack is dropping with 3VZV9TRI at check out! Nice little easy bathroom update! And adhesive, so no drill holes!! Ad


Who has tried this one in their kiddos water table! I just think that is the neatest idea!!

IT IS BACK!! and this is CRAZY LOW!!! These Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pumps have a clippable and dropping even more with TY650712 at check out!! This neat little fountain comes with 6-different nozzles to produce different spray shapes! Ad


Looking like a big brand!! AND they are dropping to 7!!! These athletic joggers are made of a stretchy athletic material and have a drawstring waist!! Droppig with UYWZMDLJ at check out! Ad


Have a Bogg Bag, but not a fan of the lack of pockets?? THIS!!! You set this organizer inside your Bogg bag and VIOLA!! You have a built in organizer!! On small drop, but these things have been hot hot hot lately!!



I so wish I was set up to have a fan outside!! This Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with light has 6-speeds and also has 3-light colors to pick from (white, warm and yellow!)! Dropping with 50XS4ASK at check out! Ad


Looks like this one has been selling like hot cakes this month!!! And I can see why!!! This Plush Bathroom rug is on drop with a giant clippable to go with!! Ad


FOR TWO!! I just got some new pillows last week because can you ever REALLY have enough pillows in your house?? These Two Down Alternative King size Pillows are dropping with the clippable! Ad


Someone PINCH me...AHHH!! Oh my LOWNESS!! This treadmill stores easily and you can work, read, watch television as you get your steps in!! Has an LED to get all your distance, calories burned and speed information too! Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Check out the reviews on this one too! Ad


How could you not just love this!!! AHH!!! It it plush, it is boho, it is perfection!!! This Boho Runner is at its lowest!! Ad


I am seeing these Bogg Bags and similar bags out there everywhere!! Take them to the ballpark, field, beach, lake, pool....wherever you take them you won't lose your phone anymore!! These Bogg Bag Zippered Phone Holders are half off at check out!! It pops right into the side of it and VOILA!! No are lost phone!! I could see this working great for pool keys, money, cards too! Grab the clippable and the rest will drop at check out! Ad


GET TWO of these beautiful Farmhouse Table Lamps for 39 with clippable and 50KOFIGE at check out!! I was at Homegoods the other day looking at lamps and ohh my goodness!! Was not expecting some of those prices!! AND they didn't even have a built in USB port! :) Ad


I have one so similar that I use all the time in pinches!! My always seems like the first battery to go when I am out and about and my portable watch charger has come in handy more times that I would have though! I have mine on my keychain so I always have it on me! Ad


They even have a pink one!! Beautiful Washable Rugs (YES!! MACHINE WASHABLE!! My Favorite!) Are on double dupping with the clippable and the rest dropping at check out!!!! This pretty pink one and others are dropping to 26 in the 5x7 size!! Ad


This would be great for dorm rooms....or my closet! :) One can never have too many I right?? This legging closet storage organizer, or you can use it for sandals, shorts, tanks and more is dropping by half! Ad


Now these look NICE!!! These Women's High Waisted Running Shorts with Inner Liner and phone pocket is dropping to its lowest in these two colors!! Looks like all but large are dropping in the dark green on the right and large in the gray are dropping! Ad


I would think that this would make camping a little more well.....comfortable!! This double Camping sleeping mattress is at its lowest ever!! AND it has a built-in foot pump!! Ad


When we made white sneakers the trendy thing to have....I don't know if we really thought through how to keep them clean and sparkling! Great gift for dad, your teen, or yourself!!! This Shoe Cleaning Kit is dropping with clippable and 30W2WBYS at check out! Ad


Have not seen these two beauties before....and I am in love!!! You can get BOTH of these dark green Table lamps for half off with CNGMMDA8 at check out! Ad


What are some of the easiest house plants to keep alive? Asking for a friend! :) I just have the hardest time! PLANT MOMMAS!! Here is a special and pretty way to display all your plant babies!! This 6-Tier Metal Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand is at its lowest! Ad


Charge your watch, phone or even iPad with this one charger!! And charge four devices at once if you need to!! Perfect for traveling or when you are out of the house all day and need a quick charge!! On drop with a clippable! Ad


I kept seeing these pop up around the holidays last year and now my neighbor has his set to red, white and blue for the 4th of July and I think they are just so neat! Imagine not needing to climb a ladder every year to put up Christmas Lights and having built in decorations for any holiday year round!! These Permanent Outdoor Lights can be set to any color and with the press of a button! Now at its LOWEST! Ad


At its LOWEST!!! I saw these last year and wanted to get one for my boys and didn't, now I wish we had one to toss around on the 4th of July when it gets dark! This Tosy Flying Disc is so neat!! It has 16 Million Color RGB with smart modes, auto light-up and would be so much fun while camping or throwing around at night! Does anyone have one of these!!? Ad


 This is crazy bananas!!!! This 9-tier Shoe Rack Organizer is at its LOWEST!! I have a couple of these in my closet that have now lasted us almost 5yrs!! Sturdy and handle my shoe obsession beautifully!! Ad


My set is not exact, but so similar and I just went on a roadtrip in it this past weekend! The MOST comfortable!! The Anrabess 2-Piece set with Wide Leg pants is dropping with 35TXIR5J at check out! You could easily wear together or seperate! Ad


Grabbed this one for my boys the other week and boy did it not disappoint one bit! What started off as a little water baseball, turned into the boys running through the sprinkler and soaked from head to toe having a blast! Such a fun way to practice those baseball swings and a great way to cool off after a hot baseball game in our case!! This Kids sprinkler can spray 2 different ways, lifting up a baseball so you can hit it or outward to run through!! I would say both are a blast!! HALF OFF with Clippable and 301LWUIG at check out! Ad


Take your hot glue on the go!! Great for the classroom or crafts at home!!! The cord usually drives me crazy because it is never long enough and gets in the way and always knocks over the hot glue!! This Cordless Hot Glue with fast preheating and smart power-off is at its LOWEST EVER and comes with lots of refills! Ad


I grabbed my KitchenAid Food Chopper on the left last year and soooo stinkin' happy I did because this KitchenAid Food Processor is legit!! Both mine, the 7-cup, and the smaller one on the right, the 3.5-cup and the 5-cup, are on drop! I am telling will NOT regret grabbing one of these! It is MAGICAL!!! It can chop those veggies, puree, mix and more!! It cuts food prep down to almost nothing! LOVE THIS!!! Highly, highly recommend!!! Ad


Would love to go be on a beach right now!! What vacations does everyone have coming up?!? Would love to hear about them! This U.S. Traveler Rio Rugged Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set is at its LOWEST EVER!! Comes with both the expandable suitcase and the carry-on suitcase! Ad


GORGEOUS!! How pretty would these be either side of your front/back door or garage...or even on a shed!! These Exterior Wall Lights are at their LOWEST!! Ad


What are you growing in your garden bed this year!! These raised Wooden Vegetable Garden Beds are dropping low!!! Love the look of these wooden ones!! ad


I will admit...I REALLY love blankets! It is supposed to be in the 90's today and I have a blanket on my lap while I type this! This Bedsure Fleece Blanket looks so cozy and is dropping so low in all sizes with clippable and 6EVC95F3 at check out! (works on off white in Throw, Throw XL, Twin, Queen and King!) Ad


Love the quality of Telena!!! And they are so stylish too! Like these Telena Hobo Bags! These are such a great size for everyday and now dropping with TLOPSPP2 at check out! Ad


Back into the 90's today for us! Bring on all the fans! This Pedestal floor fan with remote can tilt, oscillate, has a timer and 3-wind speeds! Perfect thing to make the humid, hot, muggy mess outside better! Dropping with the "redeem" button! Ad


If it is time to switch up that belt bag...take a peek at these!! These cute Telena Belt Bags are dropping low at check out! It has enough space for all your essentials but small enough to throw on and wear around all day!! Ad


Check out the reviews on this baby!!! This WISELIFE Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Mat will make standing in your kitchen cooking or doing dishes somewhat enjoyable! :) It is non-slip, waterproof and ergonomic to make you and your feet comfortable while standing! Ad


So pretty!! And you get TWO!!! These Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Table Lamps with USB Chargers and night light built in! The frosted glass bottom lights up for a nice night light at night, or the main lamp for when you need more light in the room! Ad


Once I got a good set of makeup brushes, I realized quickly how much they really make a huge difference with the look of your makeup!! This big 32-piece Makeup Brush Set has crazy good reviews and is dropping with 401GSNXQ check out! Ad


My sister, my brother AND my mom all got a puppy for Christmas and all three have these waterproof/washable pet blankets that they used for crates and playpens!! They laid them on the ground within the play pen and it protects the floor from any accidents! Dropping with the double clippables!! Ad


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