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December 12th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of LIGHTNING Deals!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!


WOAH!!!! 3 Golf Bag Storage Organizer is now 42% off with a stacking $10 coupon!!! ad


Bluetooth Headphone Beanies!!!! Perfect gift!!! Now down to $15!! ad


Men and Women Memory Foam Slippers are now 47% off!! ad


10" Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor, Background Music and more!!! Now 44% off!! ad


This Portable Generator is now just $79.99!!! LOWEST EVER!! ad


Guy Stocking Stuffer!!! Bear Paws Meat Claws!!! Meat Shredder Clars that can easily lift, shred, pull and serve meat!! Now 27% off! ad


FITS 9FT TREE!!! This Christmas Tree Storage bag is down to $12.75!! ad


Would love to hear if someone in your family dresses up each year as Santa!! My brother does it my all his nieces and nephews! This Whole Santa Suit is now 29% off with a stacking 20% off coupon!! ad


iWalk Portable Charger is always a great stocking stuffer for girls and guys!!! Now 46% off!! For NEW iPhone and Android!! ad


Always a TOP SELLER!!! These Golden Glow Under Eye Patches to reduce puffiness, redness, wrinkles and leave you with a refreshed look are now under $10! ad


This Windproof, Insulated Heated Jacket WITH BATTERY PACK is now 43% off with a stacking 5% off coupon! ad


Name is cracking me up a bit 😆, but the Mini Chainsaw is now 46% off!!! ad


LED Indoor/Outdoor Hoover Soccer Ball is now only $13!!! ad


So popular at my house!! Thes Magnetic Building Tiles are now 47% off!! ad


OVER 260K REVIEWS!!! These Wireless Noise Cancelling WATERPROOF Earbuds are now 22% off!! ad


Fun big kid/tween/teen game!!! It has 9 fun brain and memory games and can be played as single player or multiplayer!! ad


Most are going fast!!! Initial Tote Bag with Matching Makeup Bag is now $20!! ad


Over 4k Reviews and down to $79 for this Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter!! ad


8k reviews and so popular in this group!! This Electric Spin Scrubber is now 53% off with a stacking 6% off coupon! ad


This Foot Massager Machine is now 40% off!!! ad


GUYS STOCKING!!! This Universal Socket Tool is now 36% off with a stacking 10% off coupon!! ad


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