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Faster Way to Fat Loss: Why I Signed Up

Hi everyone! My name is Kristen and if you're new here, this is different than my regular content. I normally post Amazon and Walmart deals that I find and if you're interested in that check out the deals section of this website or our facebook group where we post over 100 deals a day!

Tuesday, June 4th 2024:

I'm going to make this section of the blog a bit of a weight loss/health journey journal and I invite you to follow along! Even better I'd love if you wanted to join me and we could help keep each other accountable! I have been trying to eat cleaner for a little while now. I joined Hot Worx April 10th (writing this now on June 4th) and really like the detox effects and pushing myself to be stronger. I also had a friend ask me to join a Biggest Loser group with her and some other friends around this time...well the group is about to end (it's been 6 weeks) and I've lost 4.6lbs. Started at 147.7 lbs and am currently 143.1 lbs.

Current/Before pic: Size 10

One of the friends in the challenge group mentioned how she was reading LivinGood Daily by Dr. Livingood and how she couldn't put the book down. I grabbed the book myself and felt the same way- so much information about what truly is healthy and what's not as well as information about toxins... this was the first time I realized how bad canola oil and vegetable oil are for you and how they are in almost everything processed!

Around this time I also went in for my annual physical and my bloodwork came back that I was anemic but my iron levels were fine. This scared me into changing up my diet and attending Hot Worx pretty consistently. I started drinking a lot more water and started taking Dr. Livingood's collagen protein as well as Greens. (both delicious!) I also asked some friends for prayer and prayed for healing myself!

When I went back to get my bloodwork done a few weeks later my results were a whole lot better! Barely anemic (pretty much all in the normal range) the Dr. said my anemia had improved tremendously and just wants to follow up in a few months now. All of this has made me more health conscious and realize how important it is to take care of my body.

I also reached my one year of being alcohol free May 28th and that has helped me to know I can have self-control and to be proud of myself for taking care of my body. I realized a year ago that I wasn't doing myself or my body any good drinking alcohol and I was better off without it. No need to keep trying to only have one or two drinks.. it was much better for me to just cut it out all together!

I found the Faster Way to Fat Loss program around the same time as the Biggest Loser challenge was coming to an end. I'd lost some and cleaned up my eating and started exercising with the Biggest Loser but hadn't seen as big of results as I'd hoped- finding the Faster Way to Fat Loss gave me the pieces I was missing- meal plan, daily workouts, fasting timer! I officially signed up yesterday and began using the app right away.

My first impression?! I love it!! SO excited and motivated by all the features that I see!

The Meal Tracker shows macros and I can keep track of my progress as I log my food each day. I was a bit worried about the workouts because I couldn't find a preview before signing up but was so encouraged with the workout I did yesterday. I'm not a jumper or runner and they had a trainer doing lower impact moves for every move they did. Even with the lower impact moves I could tell I was still getting a good strong workout in.

The Stars?! Actually super motivating! Makes me want to drink enough water, complete my daily workout, track my food, and complete my fasting so that I can earn all 4 stars!

For fasting I'm currently waking up and drinking black coffee with one scoop of Dr. Livingood's collagen protein and then water with one scoop of Dr. Livingood's greens until I decide to have lunch. Then I can eat lunch and an early dinner and then I'll start fasting again until the next day. I'm actually seeing a big increase in energy with this already!

I signed up for a Faster Way Legs Day Training this coming Saturday (my actual 6 week program starts Monday) but the training is close to me and I figured this would be a great way to up my motivation even more and learn about the program as well as meet others on the journey. I'll let you know my review of Legs Day and keep you posted throughout the journey! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to join in!

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