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February 6th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of LIGHTNING Deals!!! (ad)

!!Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything


7 Jumbo Dinosaurs for the Dino Lovers!!! Now 47% off!!! ad


And it is PINK!! This Bluetooth Label Maker is now 62% off!! ad


Now 80% off!! This 15piece High Carbon German Stainless Steel Knife Set with Built In Sharpener Block is SOoOO Low!!! ad


Now 51% off!!! These Cozy, Fuzzy Cork Slide Sandals are too cute!!! Lots of colors to pick from! ad


SET OF 2!!! Portable Dual Screen Car DVD Players are 43% off with a stacking coupon!! ad


So Cool!!! This RGB LED Backlit Keyboard with matching mouse is 31% off with a stacking coupon!! ad


Yes, I am a little scared of these, but they are so good!!! Such a great brand!! The Kitsch Dermaplaning Tool Facial Hair Removal Tools are down to $7.64 for 12! ad


Holy Cow!!! This 12" Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress is at its LOWEST with 30% drop and a stacking coupon!!! ad


How pretty!!! This Boho 3pc Comforter is on drop with a coupon!! Many other colors dropping as well!!! ad


Over 10k Reviews and a great way to update that kitchen!! This Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer is now 44% off and under $50! ad


Ohhh this blanket makes me so happy!!! Look at this!!! Now just $12.79!!! Lots of others are dropping as well!! ad


AT ITS LOWEST!!! Lots of you have been asking for larger treadmills to run on! This one is dropping to $313! Has a Smart LCD Screen, incline and reaches 10mph! ad


HALF OFF this pretty Modern Swivel Office Chair! Adjustable Height and Wide Seat!! ad


Get TWO Surge Protector Power Strips for 6 Outlets and 2USB Ports each for 36% off!!! ad


The amazing Katchy Indoor Fly Trap is 44% off!! I have one similar and you should see how much it picks up!! CRAZY!! I didn't even know those things were flying around!!! ad


GOING QUICK!! This Under the Desk Treadmill is down to just $158!! ad


63k Reviews!! These Bluetooth Headphones are 41% off with a stacking 10% off coupon!! ad


Lots of good reviews and lots of people are snatching this one up!!! The Electric Spin Scrubber is 44% off with an extra 10% off when you press "redeem"! ad


Going Fast!! This Flat Plug Power Strip is 36% off!!! ad


Over 3k Reviews on this Wifi/Bluetooth/App Enabled Robot Vacuum! Now 66% off!! Even has scheduled cleanings! ad


Highly Rated RENPHO Weighted Heating Pad for Back pain is now 40% off and at its LOWEST!!! ad


TONS of prints and colors are dropping 36% on these Cooling Moisture-Wicking 4piece Bed Sheets! They are wrinkle free, made of Signature Mellani Weave and more durable than cotton and have 351k Reviews!! ad


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