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May 29th - DAILY DEALS!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.


BANANAS!!! They are SOLAR...AND they can be installed as deck lights OR. pathway lights!!! They have 10-different light colors to pick from and 5-different modes..making these the most versatile outdoor lights I have seen in awhile! DR0PPING Half 0ff with the D0UBLE C0UP0N!! ad


Now these are looking soooo close to the more expensive brand!! There are sooo many coors to pick from! Normally I go with black bottoms on everything, but lately I have been trying to venture out....which would you go with??!! These athletic shorts with built in liner is DR0PPING with the "redeem" C0UP0N button! ad


Solar Garden Firefly Lights are HALF 0ff at chkout!!! Love the look of these around pools, pathways in gardens and more!! Brings a neat look to your yard!



C'Mon!!! A 3-Pack of Fly Fans that are shaped like donuts!! How can you resist!?! But really, these things are amazing for any outdoor eating in the summer! Keep those pesky flies away with these fly fans! HALF 0FF with 45W9PWMR at chkout! ad


Something I think I need in my life! I can not keep plants & flowers alive because I always forget to water them ! But look at this cool little gadget!!! This Drip Irrigation Kit can be ssd to water all your plants, flowers, veggies all at the same time! Use it in your lawn, greenhouse, flower bed and more! HALF 0FF with 50P4Q5HK at chkout!! ad


DENIM DRESSES!! Are you all with me on this one?? Kristen's denim dress is DR0PPING 40perc. 0ff with MZ8WR8UE at chkout! Working on all colors too!! ad


H0LY MOLEY!!! CRAZY PANTS L0W on these duffel bags with the cutest colors and prints!! This Foldable Duffel Bag with expandable space, wet pocket and trolley sleeve HALF 0FF with GTVFX4XZ at chkout!! These are carry on size, so perfect for traveling and would make a great sports bag too!! ad


ho else is on this Wide Leg Jean train with me! TOOT TOOT!!! Give me ALL the Wide Leg Jeans!! LOVE this trend!! These Wide Leg Jeans are 40perc. 0ff with P4TA284B at chkout!! Working on all washes! ad


Now this is what I am talking about! Be able to enjoy a puzzle and have peace of mind that when you walk away from it for 2 seconds a dog tail or little bitty hands are going to accidentally swipe some pieces off the table!!! Love the drawers in this rotating puzzle board!! It comes with 6-drawers which you can easily store pieces separated by color or corner pieces!!! HALF 0FF A CHKOUT! ad


Still LOVING my new automatic salt and pepper grinder!! We have had ours for a month or two and had to get a new one since the one we had for about 5yrs just pooped out on us! I will say this one is way cooler than our last! All you do is turn it upside down and it starts grinding away! So easy to use! HALF 0FF at chkout!! ad


OH MY CUTENESS!!! How darling for the 4th!!! This little girls patriotic dress is DR0PPING big time with C0UP0N and PJU9UC33 at chkout! (works on this dress in all sizes!) ad


BIG DR0PS on iPad today!! Even the iPad Air 5th Gen is at its L0WEST EVER!!! DR0PPING $200 off!! ad


Light Up Skates!!! These neat kids skates are 40perc. 0ff A9THYPNV at chkout!!! Should be working on all colors too!!! Would love to take my boys to the skate park this summer! Relive my grade school days! ad


Such a great dress to just throw on and run errands, cheer on your kiddos at a sports tournament or just be out and about in!! so comfortable and can easily be paired with sneakers or layer a jacket over it! On DR0P with a 10perc. 0ff C0UP0N! ad


The hemline is everything on this top!! Gives you an extra bit of coverage so you can even pair with leggings and not feel like you are showing all your goods! These cute summer tops are on DR0P!! ad


Who does their nails at home and who gets them done?? If you are like me and do them at home this big ol' set of 36colors of Gel Polish is HALF 0FF with the "redeem" C0UP0N button!! Comes with everything you need like a matte or glossy top coat, a LED nail lamp and more!!



Is it just me?? I don't remember May being this hot and humid! !!! This popular neck fan is N0W at chkout!! This is CRAZY L0W and perfect for those hot baseball games, gardening in the sun or really anything outside in the 100degree heat!! ad


Now this would bring some cuteness to any garden!!! These Sunflower Solar Lights are HALF 0FF at chkout! ad


Would be adorable to wear to a picnic, brunch or anywhere!!! These sets are DR0PPING 50perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and the rest at chkout!! ad


My go-to earrings!! I have been wearing this set on repeat!! There are amazing ones for everyday and fancier larger hoops for those nights out on the town! Get my NlNE PAIR of these popular, trendy hoop earrings for with C0UP0N and 45BVO6IN at chkout! ad


Reduce Dark Spots, Fine Lines and Wrinkles and smooth and protect your skin with this Vitamin C Facial Serum!! Great for all skin types!! This fragrance-free serum is DR0PPING a HUGE 60perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and 50S1EB9S at chkout!! ad


This looks like heaven!! I don't think I would ever want to get up! This 3inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Shredded Memory Foam is a HUGE 65perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and the rest DR0PPING at chkout!! ad


You all have been asking for longer shorts!!!

My favorite brand of joggers have a longer athletic short with built in liner! (the 3" inseam is on DR0P too!) I haven't tried their shorts yet, but the joggers are so well made and so comfortable that I need to!! 50perc. 0ff with the "redeem" button!! ad



This would make getting your steps in at home sooo much easier and this one is at its L0WEST EVER!! This Under the Desk Treadmill has a Remote Control and LED Display where you can keep track of your calories burned, distance, time and speed!! DR0PPING 50perc. 0ff at chkout!! ad


Free Your Hands!! This Water Bottle Holder not only allows you to have free hands but it also has storage for keys, cards, phone and more!! Perfect for those walks, hikes, errands and more!! HALF 0ff with C0UP0N and the rest DR0PPING at chkout! AND it comes with a matching straw stopper to stop the spills and leaks! ad


These are sooo cute and looking very similar to those popular Rothy's!! SIX colors to pick from!! 45perc. 0ff at chkout! Which are your favorite???



Always loving a good set! And if you aren't one to workout with just a sports top and biker shorts, you can easily throw a tee over this! These workout sets are HALF 0FF at chkout!! ad


Who else is on board with swim shorts! Love the idea of chasing after kids without having to worry about flashing some bootay!! And a little extra fabric always makes me a little more comfortable! These swim shorts are 40perc. 0FF with KPPTZTV5 at chkout! ad


So sleek and modern looking!!! This Black Ceiling Fan with LED Dimmable Lights with 3-color Temperatures and 6-wind speeds is 60perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and 305CEB9E at chkout!! It also has a remote and can be controlled by an app on your phone too!!



D0UBLE DISC0UNT on this Portable Bluetooth Label Maker with C0UP0N and 50AYC3OFJR at chkout!! From labeling school supplies and pantry items to labeling bins in the storage room!! So easy to use and label all the things!! Would be great in a classroom too! ad


I know this would be really neat in a bird bath or pool.....but has anyone tried this on a kids water table!?? My friend does this and the kiddos go crazy over it!!! This Solar Water Fountain is DR0PPING big with KEJRROU8 at chkout! ad


The cutest little shoes for summer!! These Kids Velcro Canvas Shoes are DR0PPING 50PERC. 0ff at chkout!! Don't have to worry about tying laces either!!! Lots of colors and different prints to pick from! ad


TW0!!!! Get a Set of TW0 PJ Sets on D0UBLE DISC0UNT with C0UP0N and IJV9F25M at chkout!! Should work on all the options! This is MY FAVORITE PJ brand!! The material is always so good! ad


I absolutely LOVE these shorts, and sooo wish I would have gotten one size down! Note! If you are in between, definitely size down! These look almost identical to the FP BRAND!! Sooo cute with the feminine pleated pocket on the side that makes them have a skirt look! They do have a liner inside too! 50perc. 0ff at chkout! ad


These cute prints!!! Girls leggings are DR0PPING 50perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and U77Y48W4 at chkout! Sizes 5-13yrs!! ad


L0WEST EVER!!! !!! So tempted to start stashing away for Christmas!!! This LOL Mega Ball Magic with 12 Collectible Dolls, 60+ Surprises, 4 Unboxing Experiences, Squish Sand, Bubbles, Gel Crush, Shell Smash and Limited Edition Doll is DR0PPING like its H0T!!! This was a huge gift last Christmas!! ad


Noticed LOTS of you guys grabbing these Hard Top Gazebo's lately!!! And ran into this pretty one and it is 47perc. 0ff and SHlP!!! It does come with Mosquito Netting and Steel Leg Posts and Aluminum Roof making it durable!! great way to add a little shade and upgrade your yard!! AD


WOWZA!!! These Floating Lily Pad Mats have MASSIVE C0UP0NS!! These are sooo much fun for adults to relax on and kids to run around and do summersaults on! (at least that's what my kids do for hours at the lake!) ad


Duffle Bag GALORE!!! Cute colors and even better styles!! The FIGESTIN Duffle Bags with Shoe Departments and Airline Approved size are 40perc. 0ff with the "redeem" C0UP0N button!! All colors and styles on DR0P!! ad


Not only is it glow in the dark, but it comes with a drink and snack holder!! My dream come true!! This 2piece Floating Pool Lights with remote to pick your light colors of choice are HALF 0FF with the C0UP0N!!ad


I have carried more than one fishing rod in my hand...and it really is not fun! So if you have a mega fisherman in your family that brings up to 5-rods and reels this might be a game-changer!! And could be a great Father's Day gift!!! DR0PPING 40perc. 0ff at chkout! ad


How fun are these to add to your keychain!! These Silicone Bead Key Ring can easily slide onto your wrist leaving your hands free to do whatever they need to do! Or just slip it on your wrist so you don't lose those keys Lots of cute colors and 50perc. 0ff with CYVUNCRE at chkout! ad



BARF...anyone else having a flying critter problem right now! ...but yes, I would say they work! We have a very similar Insect Trap that, as you can see, works very well! You just plug it into the wall and it attracts the flying bugs and traps them on the sticky pad! No buzzing, no zapping! 60perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and HPPX28IO at chkout! (works on all except 2pack) ad


Do you like the trendy athletic skirts, but want something with a little more length?? Here it is....and it has POCKETS!! These athletic skirts are 40perc. 0FF with H6OVDJHX at chkout and they come in a bunch of colors and patterns!!!



WHAAA HALF 0FF this Human Dog Bed!! 🔥🔥🔥 My aunt just got one of these not too long ago for her grandkids and she is now thinking of grabbing more because they are now fighting over it!! (and using it to sled down the stairs!) 😅😆 These Human Dog Beds are DR0PPING with SOUZA7EB at chkout! They are also great to have around for an extra bed for sleepovers! ad


Wide Leg High-Waisted Work Pants are DR0PPING 45perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and NV4R5HL8 at chkout!! There are 11-colors and it is working on every single one of them!!



My hubby is ALWAYS needing more of these!!! UNDERSHIRTS!!! These Fruit of the Loom Men's Eversoft Stay Tucked Crew Tee's are DR0PPING L0W with C0UP0N! And you get SIX of them! ad


OHH GOODNESS!!!! This Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit is 65perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and the rest DR0PPING at chkout!! I had an 100lb lab, I know how hairy these little pets of ours can get! This grooming vacuum not only desheds, but it also has attachments to trim their hair! And no need to worry about picking up the hair after you're done! It sucks it right up!! ad


I have a few nieces that are obsessed with Gabby's Dollhouse!! This one is a good one to stash away in the gift closet for sure!!! This Gabby's Dollhouse Baker and Cakey Kitchen Toy with Lights and Sounds is at its L0WEST!!! ad


NICE!!! If anyone is wanting some Father's Day Ideas...the Indoor/Outdoor Putting Green Mat with Auto Ball Return is at its L0WEST EVER with DR0P and C0UP0N!! My husband got an almost identical one last year that he loves AND my boys love practicing on it too!!!! ad


Who will be going fishing this summer!? This Soft Fishing Lure Kit is DR0PPING 40perc. 0ff at chkout!! These are great for catching bass, trout, salmon, pike, red drum, great for fish that live in both saltwater and freshwater! ad


BATTERY DR0PS upon BATTERY DR0PS!!! I never have them when I need them....BATTERIES!!! We go through A TON at my house!!! SOOOOO many DR0PS on Energizer today!!! ad


Does anyone else have a house where it is perfect temperature downstairs, but miserably hot upstairs no matter how fans we have going! Have been eying one of these due to our AC not quite making it up to our room during the summer!! This Bamboo Cooling blanket has a massive DR0P and a C0UP0N to go with it!



This is for the kids AND adults...possibly a really great Father's Day gift too in here!!! JBL speakers are ON DR0P!! The JBL Clip on the right is my nieces she got for Christmas last year! She loves to clip this onto her bike so she can listen and jam to music while on their bike rides! would be great clipped to a golf bag, beach bag and take it anywhere! ad


It is that time of year that we start losing a lot of the men in our lives to the golf course!! And this is the year I practice more so I can be out there with him! My husband got a range finder last year for Father's Day and his has this Slope Compensation on it which is really neat!! It compensates for slope, showing you the true distance you have to the pin or if you are a hunter...your target! He does use his for hunting too!! 65perc. 0FF with C0UP0N and W2Y4KUED at chkout! ad


Are we into these comfy, cozy pants!?

Comfy, Cozy Capri Pants with POCKETS!!! These casual everyday Soft Capris are DR0PPING 40perc. 0ff with 405TLAFR at chkout! ad


Starts at 10am CST

It is crazy the difference these LED mirrors make when applying makeup! My friend has one of these LED Mirrors and it is so neat!! Let's just say what I usually look like in my bathroom room mirror does not reflect the same in hers ! The surrounding lights cast no shadows and gives you the best light for your makeup! Half 0ff at chkout! ad

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