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November 28th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of TOP DEALS!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!


L Shaped Wooden Gaming Desk/Home office Desk is now 53% off!! ad


This is a goodie!!! Stretched Canvas 10 Pack is now on deal with a stacking coupon!!! Other sizes on drop too!! ad


High Waisted Athletic Leggings WITH POCKETS are now 42% off!!! ad


HOW FUN!!! this 2in1 TBall Set for Kids is now 20% off!! ad


Mini Chainsaw with 2 Batteries is now 48% off with a stacking 5% off coupon!! ad


Rangefinder is now HALF OFF!!! My husband uses his for golf and hunting! ad


FOR IPHONE 15 AND ANDROID!!! These are perfect stocking stuffers!!! These portable chargers are 20% off!! ad


HIGHLY RATED Retinol Cream!! now 53% off!!! ad


Electric Scotter that can get up to 15.5mph!!! Now 20% off with a stacking $36 coupon! ad


Bentgo Glass All IN One (literally everything but the food!) Large Lunch Container is 43% off!! ad


Great gift idea for those Pickleball Players!!! Portable Pickleball Net is now UNDER $50! ad


GOING QUICK!!! This Unicorn Music Jewelry Box is now 40% off with a stacking 10% off when you press "redeem"! ad


Heated Vest for men and women are now 33% off with a stacking 5% off coupon!! These are going quick!!! ad


Overfilled Plush Mattress Pillowtop Cover is now 40% off!!! AMAZING REVIEWS! ad


If you have a is an adorable night light on Lightning Deal!!! It plays 90 min of sleep melodies with a warm glow! ad


WOWZA!!! Now 42% off with a stacking 5% off coupon!! My boys would go crazy over this Air Tumbling Mat!! ad


SOOO NEAT!!! 1 year supply of Arts and Crafts Supplies Kit Library!!! now 25% off! ad


Large 10" Touchscreen Digital Picture Frame is now 55% off!!! ad


GOING FAST!!!! Comes WITH SCREEN!!! This Projector is 54% off with a stacking $20 coupon!! ad


Ohhh My Goodness!!! Please let me know if you have one of these!!! This BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds that can send heat and Cooling Fan into your bed!!! Now at its LOWEST at 35% off!! ad


Soft Shell Heated Jacket for Women WITH BATTERY is 31% off!! Great layering Jacket as well!! ad


LOVE THESE!!! Set of 2 LED Birch Trees are now 25% off! ad


Lots of colors in these Meoky 40oz Tumblers!!! Now up to 40% off!! HURRY THOUGH on some colors!! ad


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