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Prime Day Top Sellers

2023 Prime Day Top Sellers So Far!!

It's been a super FUN Prime Days over in the Save and Share Deals Facebook Group !

We grew by thousands this week and finally hit over 800K members! If you're not a part of the group yet we'd love to have you! We post tons of deals and give away a lot of spending money to active (talkative) members!! For the last month or so I've been taking the average number of comments per post a day and gifting a chatty member that much money-- we've given over $1,500 to active members in less than 30 days! Join us and invite your friends! :)

We still have a few hours left for Prime Days, but after tonight many of these deal prices will be gone!! We wanted to share our top finds so far so you can grab them while they are still active!!

Here are our top beauty finds-->

And our Prime Day Top Deals/Top Sellers so far (drum roll please :P)....

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