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September 13th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


Halloween will be here before you know it!! Any Wednesday Fans?!? This costume is 20% off right now!! GOING FAST!!! ad


These magnetic blocks look exactly like Minecraft to me!! Your kids can build new worlds and use their imagination with these fun magnetic blocks! Now 40% off with a stacking 10% off coupon!! ad


It is almost time to bring this bad boy out!! This heated blanket with auto-shut off and 5 heat modes is 15% off with a STACKING 35% off coupon!! ad


One for the guys!!! Men's Dream Pairs Moccasin Slippers are up to 40% off!! ad


Huge UA Sale on Amazon right now!! and more are up to 50% off!! ad


WHAAAA...Don't miss this one!!! The Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Sandals are $15!!! Love this brand! ad


WOAHH!! This Cordless Stick Vacuum with Color Touch Display is 29% off AND is $65 off!! ad


This Leg and Calf Air Compression for circulation and relaxation is 38% off AND has a stacking 20% off coupon!!! ad


NICE!!! This IPL Laser Hair Remover with Ice Cooling Care Function is 47% off with a STACKING $40 coupon!!! ad


WOAHHH!!! This Under the Desk easy storage Treadmill is 56% off AND HAS A STACKING $65 coupon!!! CRAZY!!! Soo Soo low for this!! ad


OH MY GOODNESS!!! This Shark Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying 60-Day Capacity Canister is 42% off!!! ad


HEATED!!! The Coleman Heated OneSource Rechargeable Bleacher Seat is 57% off!!!! CRAZINESS!!! ad


75% Down Comforters!! Many different sizes/colors too and 70% off at chkout!! ad


These are the best!! Used mine tonight and makes Air Fryer clean up so easy!! Disposable Air Fryer liners are 73% off!! ad


TRIPLE DISCOUNT?!? WHATT!!! This Large Room Air Purifier is 32% off with a $10 coupon AND press "redeem" on the product page for another 10% off! ad


Ohh Man!! How glorious does this look!! This 4" Cooling Mattress Pad is 18% off with a huge 40% off stacking coupon!! ad


Awesome Deal!!! The JOYMOOP Hands-Free Mop and Bucket Set with 3 replacement pads is 48% off!!! ad


3 Pack of Spiral Notebooks with hardcover and pocket is $11.99!! ad


GIRL MOMMAS!! This Headband Bow Holder and Organizer is 42% off with a stacking 5% off coupon!! ad


These are so handy!!! The Handheld Cordless Mini Chainsaw with TWO batteries and TWO chains is 35% off with a stacking 8% off coupon!! ad


KIDS Gardening Gloves!!! 3 Pairs for under $7!!! Time to put the kiddos to work! ad


WOAHH!!! Great price on this Collapsible Heavy Duty Foldable Wagon Cart!! Now 25% off and under $60!! ad


This 6'9" Waterproof Outdoor Rug is 37% off!!! Other sizes are dropping too!! I have one similar that I have loved having this summer! Easy to keep clean and lightweight so it is great for RV's or Camping!! ad


Have and love these too!!! We keep puzzles, game boards, lego sets and more in these!!! Now 29% off and under $13 for a set of 12! ad


7 in 1 Plastic Wrap Dispenser with Cutter and Ziplock Bag Organizer is 60% off!! ad


AHH!!! Love this one!!! 60pc. Black Silverware Set WITH Organizer is 41% off with a stacking $10 coupon!! ad


OHHH MY GOODNESS!! The Brumate Toddy 32oz XL Tumbler is up to 25% off!!! I have this and LOVE it!!! 100% leakproof...PROMISE!! I throw mine in my gym bag and not once have I had a leak. The lid even locks for reassurance!! Love mine! ad


Stackable Water Bottle Organizer (yup...needing one of these!) is 25% off with a stacking 20% off coupon!! ad


GO GO!! This Heated Bleacher Seat with battery included is 42% off!! ad


No Show Socks!!! And they have a silicone strip in the back to make them no slip! Now 20% off with a 5% off coupon!! ad


WOWZA!!! 30% off with a stacking $40 coupon on this Smart Camera Bird Feeder with AI Identify Bird Species!!! ad


WHATTT!!? This Set of 2 Cooling Hotel Luxury Pillows are 70% off with a stacking 5% off coupon!!! ad


Aren't these Amazing! The V Cutout booties are 53% off!!! ad


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