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September 20th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


WOAHHH!!! This Under the Desk easy storage Treadmill is 56% off AND HAS A STACKING $60 coupon!!! CRAZY!!! Soo Soo low for this!! ad


60% + 5% off coupon off this Cordless Portable Electric Handheld chainsaw!! ad


Have and love these too!! These Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags are 44% off!! We grabbed a set of these when we were watching my mom cat for her and we put one in by her litter box. It made a night and day difference with the smell!!! ad


Barefoot Dreams Look Alike!!! This Cozy Soft Throw Blanket is 34% off!! ad


The most amazing Dish Cloths are 60% off!! They do not shed...are so soft and are perfect for dusting, cleaning, windows or even wash cloths!!! Have and LOVE these!!! ad


OHHH My Goodness!!! This is good!! These Solar Firefly Garden Lights are 44% off AND HAVE A STACKING 50% off coupon!! ad


WOAH!! Going fast!!! This L Shaped Computer Desk is now 42% off!!! ad


Clay Bead Bracelet Making Kit is 53% off and under $10!!! ad


Bedsure XL Orthopedic Dog Bed is 40% off!! ad


2 Pack of Room HEPA Air Purifiers are 24% off with a STACKING 40% off coupon!!! ad


Joggers for $14.40!!! ad


And the Hocus Pocus kids version!!! Now under $8!! ad


Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Tee's are up to 50% off and under $10!! ad


Waterproof Kids Video and Camera is 35% off with a stacking $5 coupon!!! Comes with all the tools to mount onto bikes, helmets and more!! Just like a kids GO PRO camera! ad


110piece set!! If you are looking for a great gift idea, this is a good one!! My 2 year old AND 7 year old still play with this all the time! Now 20% off with a STACKING 25% off coupon!! ad


MY BOYS MOST PLAYED WITH AND FAVORITE BATH TOY!!! This Green Toys Ferry Boat Bathtub toy is 65% off! ad


Extra Cooling Pillowtop Mattress Protector is 56% off!!! ad


Someone was looking for one of these!!! This Kids Instant Print Camera and Photo Printer is 15% off with a 15% off coupon!!! ad


If you are looking for a HEAVY DUTY Ipad Case...this is a good one!! It is now 38% off with a coupon to stack with it!! Making it just $12.59! ad


Over 28k reviews and you can get a 4 pack of High Waisted Tummy Control Leggings right now for just $22!!! ad


The best!!!! These Dream Pairs Fuzzy House Slippers are 41% off right now!!! Look never similar to the expensive brand!! ad


These are so handy!!! I like storing kids clothes in these! (just cleaned out my boys' closets the other day and had a lot of this going on!) Now get 6 for 49% off!! ad


Needing these desperately this week!! These Under Eye Amino Acid & Collagen Masks for dark circles and puffiness is 50% off!!! Under $10 for 20 of them!! ad


I lived in these the entire first year of my boys lives!!! This 5 Pack of Nursing bras are 42% off!! ad


Loving the chunky lug boots!!! These are now just $33 with price drop and coupon!!! LOTS of colors to pick from!!! ad


I grabbed this one a few months ago and LOVE it!!! I have 2 monitors at home, so when I travel this has been a lifesaver! This Portable Monitor for Laptops, Phones, Tablets and more is 55% off with a stacking $15 coupon!! ad


Cheerleaders...Gymnasts...Tumblers!!! These Tumble Mats are 40% off right now!!! ad


OH MY GOODNESS!!! This Cooling Blanket is down to just $9.99 with the coupon!!! ad


This is a good one!!! This Large Room HEPA Air Purifier is 56% off AND has a stacking 25% off coupon!!! ad


NICE!!! This Pet Grooming Kit with Vacuum and Nail Trimmer and Grinder is 40% off with a STACKING $30 coupon!!! ad


It is almost time to bring this bad boy out!! This heated blanket with auto-shut off and 5 heat modes is 23% off with a STACKING 45% off coupon!! ad


Love sheet sales!!!! These Belador Silky Soft Luxury Sheets are up to 72% off!!! Just $16.99 for a queen!! ad


OHHH My Goodness!!! This is good!! These Solar Firefly Garden Lights are 44% off AND HAVE A STACKING 50% off coupon!! ad

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Got these solar lights. Been wanting them and this was more than half price. Thanks so much

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