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September 7th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


Obsessing a bit over these jackets!!! These classic long jackets are 58% off AND have a stacking 10% off coupon!! ad


Our favorite Running Girl Sports bras are 41% off!! ad


WOW...hurry though!! Amazing drop on this orthopedic dog bed!! Now 43% off AND has a stacking 15% off coupon!! ad


The boots of the Fall!!! Now on DOUBLE DISCOUNT!! Now down to around $33 with the price drop and coupon!! ad


I love this idea so much!! I don't know who would love this more...myself, my kids or my dog!! The Large Human Dog bed is now 37% off!! ad


MAN!!! I just need to get myself one because this thing is INCREDIBLE!! I have used my sisters....a lot! This heated eye massager is 62% off!! Helps with migraines, relaxing, eye fatigue and sinuses!! ad


WOWZA!!! This HEPA Large Room Air Purifier is on DOUBLE DISCOUNT!!! 35% off price drop AND a huge $40 coupon!! ad


Leotards for as low as $9.59!!! ad


These are the best!! These Fab totes Storage bags are 48% off!! ad


GOING FAST on this TRIPLE DISCOUNT portable movie projector!!! It is 58% off + $60 coupon + another 10% off when you select "redeem" on the product page!! ad


Extra Thick Cooling Pillowtop Mattress Pad is 46% off!! ad


Artificial Light Up Maple Tree is 33% off!! They also have a white one!! Would look really neat for the upcoming holidays!! ad


Ohh we love our ice makers here!!! This one with 22k reviews is hitting its lowest price ever!!! ad


This Premium Greyduck Down All-Season Comforter is 35% off!!! glorious does this look! ad


Mini Cordless Electric Chainsaw is 60% off WITH A STACKING 5% coupon!!! ad


This 3 Piece Hardside Lightweight Suitcase Set is 49% off!!! ad


May need to start thinking about these portable heaters!! They are perfect for those offices, we constantly have one going in our basement when we are down there! This Portable Heater with 5 modes and LED Display Screen is 50% off!! ad


Someone was asking about one of these yesterday and this is an AMAZING deal on this Portable Air Compressor!! With 72k reviews this little guy is 51% off!!! You can also use this to pump up balls, bike tires and even balloons!!! ad


The NaTiddy 21V Cordless Mini Chainsaw with ALL the accessories is 50% off today!!! ad


THREE Pair of High Waisted Tummy Control leggings WITH POCKETS for $25!!!! ad


This set of TWO Anti-Fatigue Rugs are 40% off!!! ad


This is one of those things that I believe everyone needs in their life!!! This Portable steamer is so easy to use, travel with and I couldn't tell you the last time I actually used a regular clothes iron (has to be about 10 years now!!) This Portable steamer with 58k reviews is under $25 today!!! ad


This Switch Controller Charging Stand is 48% off + another 5% off when you press "redeem" on the product page!!! ad


WOWZA- GOING QUICK!!! TRIPLE LIGHTNING DEAL DISCOUNT!! This Kleem Organics Retinol Cream with 27k reviews is 49% off + 5% off coupon + if you add 4 to your cart click "Redeem" on the product page to get another 30% off!!!! ad


This is cute as can be!!!! So many colors but really liking this grey with the gold zipper and this one has a pocket!!!! (not all do so be sure to know which one you are choosing!) Now 40% off!! ad


Over 60k reviews!!!! These Utopia Hotel Quality Cooling Pillows are down to under $25 for TWO King size!!! ad


HI!! My name is Jessica and I have a serious jogger problem! !! LOVE THESE!! And now around $14ish on LIGHTNING DEAL!!!! ad


AHHH...GOING FAST!!! The famous and popular indoor bug trap is 38% off today!! ad


GOING FAST!!! This super popular Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber works magic on grout, tile, bathrooms, name it!!! Now 31% off!! ad


9 Tiers and up to 55 pairs of shoes!!! This adjustable shelves Shoe Rack is 38% off!! ad


100% Organic Cotton Sheets are up to 32% off!!! ad


Large Room HEPA Purifier with an Air Quality Sensor is 46% off AND has a stacking $20 coupon!! ad


These pretty patio sectional sets are 40% off!! Comes in 4 colors too!! ad


How cute!!! This 10 piece knife set with blade guards is 61% off AND has a stacking $5 coupon!! ad


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