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September 8th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


52k reviews!!! This Large Dog Tactical No Pull Dog Harness is 15% off!! ad


12 Piece Astercook Knife Set is 33% off and have a $5 stacking coupon!!! ad


TOOO CUTE!!!! This 7 Piece Dinosaur Sheet Set for kids is 25% off!! ad


GNOMES!!! This Solar Gnome Garden Statue is 40% off with another stacking 10% off coupon!! ad


How handy is this!!? This Airline Approved Pet Travel Bag and Organizer is 20% off!! ad


HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!! Do you see how large this blanket is!!?? This 10ftx10ft blanket is 36% off with a stacking $10 coupon!! ad


These are sooo handy!!! This Cordless Mini Chainsaw is 36% off plus another 10% off stacking coupon! ad


YAY!!! The larger one was on deal earlier, now the small room Air Purifier is 43% off WITH a stacking 30% off coupon!!! ad


Set of TWO! Memory Foam Gel Infused Cooling Pillows are 41% off!!! ad


This Posture Corrector for men and women is 39% off with a stacking 5% off coupon!!! ad


This 7 Piece Packing Travel Cube Set is 67% off!!! ad


6 pair of no show socks for $11.99!!! These have a no slip silicone backing AND have 52k reviews!!! ad


Laser Hair Removal with Cooling Technology is is 21% off with a stacking $15 coupon!!! ad


CHECK THIS OUT...Ending so soon!!! This fun and crafty activity Peel & Press Foil Fun for kids is 32% off and it is NO MESS! AD


Great for a little exercise when you don't have a lot of space and fit perfectly under your desk at work! Comes with resistance bands too!! Now 46% off! ad


GOING FAST!!! This Under the Desk Treadmill running and walking pad with remote and LED Display is 55% off and $179.99!!! ad


GO GO!! This Heated Bleacher Seat with battery included is 42% off!! ad


Encanto Dress Up Costume is 30% off for Mirabel and is 15% off for Isabel!! ad


36 Shuttle Art Dot Markers with 135 Activity Sheets is 23% off!!! My boys love painting with their dot markers!! ad


GOING FAST!!! Large Room Portable Dehumidifier for bathrooms, basements and more! is 26% off!! ad


Stackable Water Bottle Organizer (yup...needing one of these!) is 38% off!! ad


Portable Camping Fan with LED Lantern is now 48% off!! ad


I fully support this message! "There's always space for new shoes" !! This 9 Tier Large Shoe Storage Rack is 31% off with coupon!!! Holds up to 55 pairs of shoes!! ad


Tooo Cute!!! This Large Woven Cotton Rope Kitten Basket is 44% off!! ad


My goodness!! I could have used one of these last night Not sure what my deal was!! This Cooling Blanket for Hot Sleepers is 45% off!! ad


GOO FAST!! This Dry/Moist Vacuum Sealer is under $24!! ad


Not sure why we have a floating person BUT this Queen Air Mattress with built in pump is 36% off!! ad


12 piece geometric cute Kitchen Knife Set is 40% off AND there is a stacking $5 coupon!! ad


The best traveling item!! This 3in1 Charging Station for multiple devices is now 20% off!! folds easily for easy packing and traveling! ad


Ahh!!! So many people have been looking for that "Sonic Ice" Here it is!! The HiCozy Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker produces ice in as little as 5 minutes and holds up to 28lbs of ice!!! Now 25% off! ad


Will definitely be needing this one this fall!!! This folding Stadium Seat with cupholders is 20% off with a stacking 5% coupon!!! ad


WOAH!!! This Smokeless Wood Burning Fire Pit is 57% off!! ad


These popular Running Shorts with liner and pockets are 38% off!! ad


This Large Room Air Purifier is 50% off AND has a stacking $20 coupon!!!! ad


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