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Today's Top Ten!!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Today’s Top Sellers (so far!)

  1. This is CRAZY PANTS!! The 3-pack deaI is BACK in the Lavender and the Lemon Verbena Scent!! GO GO GO!!!  You all know I am a huge fan of Mrs. Meyer's!!! Get THREE. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner Spray for !!! Yup, just snatched another one of these REAL quick in the Lemon!!! L0WEST ever!! Mrs. Meyer's always has the best scents!! 

2. You know when you see something for the first time you think is so interesting and then it starts popping up everywhere!! This is one of those things! So crazy!!! A dietitian I follow was talking about hers yesterday and the benefits and now here is one 75perc. 0ff with qpon and 50B66FCD at chkout! This castor oil pack helps with liver detox, hormone balance, anxiety, stress, pain and more!! So So cool!! Ad

3. Double stack on the upgraded version of my bluetooth speaker!! Puts out a lot of sound!!! The new one is also supposed to be waterproof! (ad) Use: 50VFBZC7

4. Dual Tip Acrylic Markers--70% off when you clip the coupon and use UXICXKC2 at checkout! Ad Shop here-->

5. This Surge Protector/Multi Plug Outlet Extender with Night Light is on a BIG 60% Price Drop! Ad Shop here-->

6. I promised a member the other day that when I saw an Android charger deaI I would let everyone know because Android users need phone chargers too!!! And fun fact: the new iPhone uses the same charger too! This 2-pack of Fast Chargers are 65perc. 0ff at chkout! Ad

7. Desperately need to reorganize and clean out my bathroom so I am so excited to get mine together and into action! Set of TW0 Under the sink organizers are HALF 0FF with qpon and when you press "redeem"! ad

8. Oral Care Travel Toothpicks Sticks 6-Boxes (300pcs) with Portable Case--40% off when you use RIJA4D2Z at checkout! Ad

9. YAY!!  I have been waiting for a new deal on this Dish Soap Set! Both Kristen & I have this exact one & we loveee it! Every time we post it, it ends up being a top seller! Grab it here HALF off with the BIG qpon !  here’s an IRL picture of both mine & Kristen’s!

10. Car Chap Upright Lip Balm Holder (the Original, made in USA)--Just $8.99! Ad

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