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Today's Top Ten!!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Today’s Top Sellers! (so far!)

  1. My 2yr olds favorite thing right now!  He has been taking these to his brother's basketball and soccer games lately so he can "watch him". These make great gifts and would be perfect for the Easter basket! The GeoSafari Kidnoculars Binoculars is at its L0WEST!! ad)

  2. youngest is almost three and I still have those baby hairs!!  I haven't tried these but have been seeing these everywhere and thinking I need them!!! This 2-pack of Hair Finishing Sticks is  with UONFWGMK at chkout! You glide it over your flyaways and it tames those little wild hairs giving you a finished look!

3. And let's not forget that this CRAZINESS is still going!! The 3-pack deaI is BACK in the Lavender and the Lemon Verbena Scent!! GO GO GO!!! You all know I am a huge fan of Mrs. Meyer's!!! Get THREE. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner Spray for !!! Yup, just snatched another one of these REAL quick in the Lemon!!! L0WEST ever!! Mrs. Meyer's always has the best scents!! (ad)

4. Ooo yay!! Was hoping there would be a promo soon!! Just grabbed this the other day and it works so well!! I don't even have to lift my finger to turn the page now! Super easy to set up too..I thought I'd had to connect bluetooth or something, nope! Just clip it on the side of the kindle and turn it on! So cool!!

5. This Swiftie Car Air Freshener Vent Clip is down 44% to its LOWEST PRICE!!

6. This week's top seller!!! Don't miss this rare 40% drop on OnClouds!! Such a pretty color combo too!  (ad)  

7. Umm...WHAA!!! Sign me up I will take about FlVE of them! ...but seriously! 62perc. off these Hanes Women's Sports Tops!! Soft and stretchy and perfect for working out or everyday comfort! (ad)

8. Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock is 55perc. 0ff with qpon and RI34Y622 at chkout!! You can set up to 21-pin numbers (everyone gets their own!) for everyone from the house sitter to the child who can't be trusted with a key! (ad)

9. Who has been through multiple pairs of headphones for school already!!  I grabbed these at the beginning of the year and still have not gotten the dreaded message that he needs a new pair (knock on wood!!) I saw that these are on HUGE DR0P right now and thought I would share with all the mommas needing replacements! (ad)

10. Non Slip Quick Dry Extra Thick Bath Mats are HALF 0FF with qpon!! I love these in the bathroom! Not only are they plush and warm but you can easily throw them in the washing machine too! 0NLY $4/5!! (ad)

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