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Top Daily Deals - July 10th!


Walmart Deals Going On Now!



Back to school find!! Nike Joggers are dropping to as low as 12 with EXTRA25 at check out!! Comfortable and stylish and trendy!!! ad


Oh Goodness!!  ON Cloud Cloudeasy Sneakers for 89!!! Unreal! Lots of sizes right now on the left pair, limited on the black pair but I know this will go quick!! ad


#ad AHH!!! The back to school stock up event you all have been waiting for!!! Under Armour's Semi Annual Event is going on NOW!!! They have are favorite styles for up to HALF OFF....PLUS another 25 percent coming off of that with EXTRA25 at check out!! I mean....take a peek at these prices!!! Everything from cleats to joggers for the whole family!


!!!! AHHH!!! New Markdowns and sizes still there in this beautiful color on the left and limited on mine on the right!! I have three pair of these ON Cloudnova sneakers and LOVE THEM!!! They are my everyday shoe because of how comfortable they are! Snag a pair of these On Cloudnova Women's Shoes on drop! ad


You know where to find me all summer! Just give me a book, a cup of coffee and no need to bother me! This Hammock WITH STAND comes with a pillow and a hanging pocket to keep your favorite reading material and other things you want to keep close by! ad


Now this is what I am talking about!! An umbrella to keep the sun off, storage cooler to keep all my snacks and cool drinks within arms reach and a double chair to keep my kids close! This Costway Portable Folding Picnic Double Chair with Umbrella is on drop! ad


Is this blowing anyone else's mind?? I had no idea this was a thing until recently!! My husband loves trying new drink concoctions and this would be an amazing gift for him!! He has a sphere ice tray he uses now, but how much easier would this be!! SO COOL!!! This Frigidaire Gallery Touchscreen Artisanal Sphere Ice Maker is dropping! ad


Take a peek at the pockets too!!! These big brand inspired running shorts have built in liners and a pocket large enough to fit a phone, keys, cards and more!! Dropping with 505F1EHU at check out! Ad


Crazy low!! Anyone have Kids going to college and needing a new laptop?? GUYS....I don't know if I have seen a MacBook Air LOWER than this! THIS IS INSANE!! I switched to a MacBook Air about 8months ago from a PC and it was such an easy transition, plus I love how it integrates so easily with my phone and other apple products!! Comes in 3-colors!! ad


Take a peek at these adorable Kids Buckle Sandals! Loving the ones on the left!! Sizes are 6 Toddler - 4.5 Big Kid!! On drop with the rest dropping at check out! Ad


How PURfect are these! You get your pick between the gray and white kitties or the vacation kitties!! These Heavy duty, non-scratch, reusable Kitten kitchen sponges are dropping at check out! Ad


You get BOTH!!! And now dropping by Half at check out!! Such a fun set for the kiddos, or adults like me :), this Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Net set with balls is just the thing to add to your pool! Ad


Take it to the beach to collect those seashells or keep your pool toys in here! These Initialed Mesh Beach Bags come in pink and red are dropping big time with the clippable and 50RXIJCF at check out! Ad


Hands down my most worn slides in the summer!! Might not be everyone's cup of tea...but they sure are mine! So comfortable and the BEST pool shoes!! The Pillow Slides are with XWTCHQDH at check out!! Now 11! Ad


OHH Boy!!! Give me all the ruffles!!! These are adorable!!! These Ruffle Sleeve Tops are dropping with clippable and SHFNUPHO at check out! Ad


Just about everything you need for your college bound kid!! This 14-piece set comes with a comforter, sheets, laundry bag, towels and so much more!! There are three color sets to pick from...all with that giant clippable! You could easily put a duvet over this comforter too to add even more color and personality to it or a fun blanket! Ad


I live in seamless because I live in leggings! And I feel like there is no bunching going on when I wear them! And no one likes their undies in a bunch! This pack of High waisted, seamless undies are dropping with WZ7SRVJX at check out! Ad


My set is not exact, but so similar and I just went on a roadtrip in it this 2-weekends ago and wore this! The MOST comfortable!! The Anrabess 2-Piece set with Wide Leg pants is dropping at check out! You could easily wear together or separate! Ad


So similar to the popular Katchy Indoor Insect Trap!! These things work!! You plug it in and let the light attract and trap those flying insects like gnats (tons of gnats), mosquitos, flys and more!! Dropping at check out! Ad


These make the best gifts! My son got a similar one a year or so ago and he went nuts over being able to use the screwdriver to take it apart and put it back together! This Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Bulldozer STEM toy is at its lowest!! Ad


They are so pretty though with their Non Slip colored base!! Down to the lowest they have ever been, the Ello Airtight Food Containers have locking lids and even come with labels too!! Ad


So, So excited about this one!! Thinking right now is the time I grab for my oldest for Christmas!! Lots of amazing drops on Nintendo Switch from the consoles to the games! ad


If fuzzy wuzzy was a bear....he would be wearing this ultimate, dreamy, fuzzy sweater of mine! I am not sure if this is an off-season find or a pre-fall find but whatever it is, it is so worth it! So cozy and comfortable and not scratchy at all! Dropping with OE75V6GR at check out! Ad


My goodness, my goodness!!! This Raised Garden Bed with Steel Cable is at its very lowest and if that wasn't good enough....they added a clippable too!! I might try to pretend I have a green thumb and start a garden with this drop! Ad


Sounds like a lot of you guys have beach trips coming up!! For those that have a beach vacay planned, where are you going?! Beach Toys for the kiddos!!! These are even fun for the littles to take to the pool! This large set of Beach Toys with a mesh bag to carry all the buckets, shovels, watering can, molds and more in! Ad


Yes...even the Twin XL for those dorm beds!!! These mattress pads make a huge difference! My mom slept on a bed in our basement when she came to visit a couple of weeks ago and that mattress is OLD (like 12 years old) but we have a great gel foam mattress pad on it! She was asking me all about where we got our mattress and pad the next morning! She slept like a baby! Ad


Was just looking at new lamps because my youngest, yet again, broke another lamp in his room!! Suggestions for unbreakable lamps welcomed! :) This beautiful arched industrial Floor Lamp is at its lowest!! Ad


Get out of town!!!! You get 30 for 7!!! I did a very similar cabinet pull in my kitchen and couldn't be happier!! They give my kitchen a more up to date and modern feel!! Great time for a easy cabinet update!! Ad


Just grabbed two sets of these because seriously...where in the WORLD do our socks go?! If you have a 6-8year old you can get these 20 pairs of socks for 7!!! Ad


Had one of these and used it with each one of my boys and HIGHLY recommend it!! Not just great for nursing, but for contact naps so your arm doesn't fall asleep, steading your baby when they are practicing sitting independently, tummy time and so much more!! This Boppy Nursing Pillow is amazing!!! Ad


Fun Gift Idea!!! This Nail Polish Set comes with fun bright, vibrant nail polish, glitter powder, false nails :), nail decals, files and all the fun stuff to pamper those little nails! Dropping with the clippable! Ad


We RARELY see Dyson Vacuums under 200!!! The Dyson Big Ball Turbinehead Canister Vacuum is DR0PPING L0W!! It weighs just 1lb, so it can be used just about anywhere!! Upstairs, downstairs, on the stairs! And you can empty out the canister with an easy click of a button!! ad


Do we have any gymnasts needing another leotard?? Or have a niece like mine that likes to just wear these around everywhere she goes? This leotard is dropping big time in varied sizes and has a clippable to go with it!! Ad


Another Dorm Room Find!! These bedside caddies aren't just for dorm room beds though! Attach it to a stroller, hospital beds, top bunk beds and more! Dropping with clippable and 5POC6ZX6 at check out! Ad


Couldn't be happier with the outdoor rug that we got last year!! It warms up the space, so easy to clean and lightweight enough that it easily folds and you can take it on the go, perfect for an RV!! These Waterproof Outdoor Rugs are dropping big time!! Ad


TWINSIES!! I have been loving this jumpsuit lately! So comfortable, so cute and it has a cinchable waistline with the drawstring! I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago! Dropping big with the clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Keep that bible safe and looking pretty cute too! This adorable floral bible cover zips all the way around the bible and also comes with highlighters and tabs! Ad


My boys go through batteries like they go through snacks! Never have enough in our house! The Energizer 24pack of AA batteries is on Drop along with a bunch of others!! ad


These were amazing during our Potty Training adventure!!! I gave them a shot because and am still so impressed!!! They are absorbent enough that if he has an accident he knows, but it is not running down his leg! The pack of 6 is dropping at check out!! Potty Training Must have!! (This is the same brand just different print!) Ad


Work Smarter not harder! Now THIS is what my kids should be wearing inside the house! Trick them into doing some cleaning this summer while they are home! Ad


Same brand as mine, just in the midi length!! The gorgeous style on the left is dropping at check out! I am even thinking about adding this purple to my collection! Huge fan of this brand and the quality!! These swiss dot dresses are all that and a bag of chips! Ad


I have heard so many things about the CaraVe Sunscreen and have been wanting to get my hands on some!! The CaraVe Hydrating Sheer Sunscreen for Face and Body is now at its lowest ever!! Filled with Zinc Oxide, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamides to keep your skin hyrdated and protected from the sun without it being heavy and greasy! Ad


Never have I ever seen one of these!! It is a beautiful Outdoor Porch Light with a GFCI Outlet built in! Plug in those Christmas Lights, those security cameras and more! And it has a motion sensor and has dusk to dawn activation!! Don't forget the clippable! Ad


HOT DOG...this one is at its lowest!!! Game Changer right here!!!! A Robot Vacuum that can hold up to 30-days worth of dirt and debris!!! !!! This Shark AI Ultra Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is on HUGE DROP!! I just wish this could follow my kids around the house! Ad


!!! Back to school shorts for the kiddos!!! Get FIVE pairs for 30!! My boys live in athletic shorts so it never hurts to stock up especially the way they play and go through clothes!! Don't forget the clippable! Ad


The name of the game this summer is Keep Them Busy!! This Toddler Busy Book is jammed pack with activities to improve fine motor skills, life skills like buttons, zippers, clasps, shoelaces and more, animals, weather, letters, numbers and so much more!! On drop with clippable!! Ad


Kristen's (really pretty purple) Echo Pop is on a Huge drop!! Small compact smart speaker with full sound!! Ask Alexa to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts, connect bluetooth, control smart device in your house such as plugs or lights, have Alexa set timers, check the weather, read the news, re-order paper towels, make calls, answer questions, and more....this little thing can do SO much!!

More Amazon Devices Here


WOAH!! 2-Pack of these highly rated Performance Tech Men's shorts are down to 14, and the green and blue set are now 10! These have a 4-way stretch and a ultra-lightweight and breathable athletic fabric!! ad


Ohh Baby!! I think it is time for me to update my Fire Stick!!! We are seeing lots and lots of crazy drops on the HD, 4K, Lite, Cube and more!! Simple and amazing way to simplify how you watch TV! ad


We are seeing so many Prime Day drops already!! Including @TheMommyMardown's very cool Echo Show 15!! I still can't even believe how cool these Echo Shows have gotten! You can put your whole family's calendar on the screen, watch TV while cooking, make your grocery list, display photos and more! ad


Time to stock up!!! Lowest ever for the Set!!! The Biolage Full Density Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Set is on drop!!! Lots more Biolage dropping too!!! Ad


UMM...WHAT???!! A 50" Smart TV for 189!!! Looks like Prime Days might be starting a little early for some things! Ad


Big ol' massive drop on my Echo Show 5!! I have mine set up in the kitchen so I can listen to the news in the morning, music while I am cooking/cleaning and it is set up with my Ring Camera and alerts me when someone is at the door and actually shows the camera footage!!! It is capable of so much more too!!


!! Oh my LOWNESS!! This treadmill stores easily and you can work, read, watch television as you get your steps in!! Has an LED to get all your distance, calories burned and speed information too! Dropping at check out for you! Ad


My oldest has a birthday coming up next month and grabbing this because his one request for every birthday is a pinata and goodie bags! This super fun pack of party favors comes with sunglasses, crazy straws, bubbles, snap bracelets and more that would be perfect for pinatas and goodie bags!! Always nice to have things besides candy! Ad


I know, I is July and pumpkins are not on anyone's mind right now but these are adorable! These light up Wooden Pumpkins are dropping at check out! I am secretly so excited for fall to be here already! Ad


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