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Top Daily Deals - July 1st!

Updated: Jul 2




#ad WOWZA!!!! On drop with even more off with HELLO30 at check out for new customers!!! Our most loved GCI Chair now with a Leg Rest!!! The GCI Outdoor Legs Up Folding Lounge Chair is the ultimate relaxation chair and it folds up so easily and has backpack straps to carry it wherever you go! So easy to carry and so easy to relax in!!!


#ad My Tan-Luxe Self-Tanning Drops are on HUGE DROP!! AND you can use HSN2024 as a new customer and get even more off! I just started using these....guys I am impressed! These tanning drops deliver a natural looking tan within 2-4hrs and it is so easy to just add these to your existing body care routine! All you do is add drops (more drops = darker tan) to your favorite moisturizer, mix together and apply to your skin! I went to the lake over the weekend and was able to have a natural looking glow without all the harmful rays! My goal this summer is to stay out of the sun, so I am ALL about the natural looking self-tanners!


#ad AHHH!!! I am so excited!! I have one on the way and I can't wait to try it out! The Shark SmoothStyle Heated Comb and Blow Dryer Brush Bundle is ON DROP!!! AND if you are a new customer, you can get even more off with HSN2024 at check out!! Take damp hair and transform it into a Salon style blowout! Or take hair that has been in a ponytail or a bun all day and smooth out those creases with the heated comb mode! use both modes to volumize or smooth and straighten without the heat damage!


Here is my sign to STOCK UP!!! Nope, Snail Mucin is not for everyone (it took me awhile to try it but so glad I did) but I LOVE THIS STUFF and I couldn't tell you which COSRX product is my favorite!! It hydrates like nobody's business, smooths and brings dull and damaged skin back to life!! Ad


Have a Bogg Bag, but not a fan of the lack of pockets?? THIS!!! You set this organizer inside your Bogg bag and VIOLA!! You have a built in organizer!! On small drop, but these things have been hot hot hot lately!! Ad


Honestly, besides the color....there really isn't too much of a difference between fit and style! Sooo cute with the feminine pleated pocket on the side that makes them have a skirt look! They do have a liner inside too on both! The ones on the left are half off at check out right now too! ad


Another great dorm room find! These can be used for clothes or just all the stuff you need to store without a place to store them! They are so versatile because you can hang them up, or just set them on a table and use as a storage basket! Dropping at check out! Ad


#ad Good Golly Miss Molly!!! This Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven will make you never want to eat out again!! But seriously Kristen's Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven makes some mean pizza's and so much fun to make with the kids too! Use it as a pizza oven, smoker, dehydrator, Broiler, Bake and more! From Pizza to can do just about anything! AND if you are a new customer, use HELLO30 for another $30 off!!


For the just in case!!! This Car Safety Hammer can break through a window with minimal effort, cut a seat belt and can easily be stored on your visor of your car and be there when you need it! AND it has a seatbelt cutter on the other side! HALF OFF at check out!! Not sure if any of you follow The Car Mom, but she swears by these and that is where I first heard about these! Ad


I got my oldest a pair of these swim trunks with the compression liner and to be completely honest, I think my husband was a bit jealous.  My son told me these are sooo much more comfortable than the mesh liners! These Mens Compression Liner Trunks are dropping at check out! Ad


Tight on space? Or needing something for a dorm room!!? This collapsible laundry basket comes with TWO in a pack and is dropping at check out! When you don't need it, fold it up and slide it under your bed, or next to the washing machine! Ad


We always have a box of these at home! We have been replacing boards and re-staining our deck and these have come in handy for sure! Box of 50-gloves is dropping with O3OMKSVR at check out! And these are made of Nitrile and are latex-free! Ad


Now these are looking soooo close to the more pricier brand!! There are sooo many colors to pick from! Normally I go with black bottoms on everything, but lately I have been trying to venture out....which would you go with??!! These athletic shorts with built in liner is dropping with the clippable!! Ad


#ad Ninja has officially outdone itself with this one...GUYS!!! If you are thinking about getting a have to peek at this!! This Ninja Woodfire 7in1 Electric outdoor Smoker AND AirFry Grill is on drop with another $30 coming off with HELLO30 at check out for new customers! This thing can even handle a crowd! Fitting up to 30hot dogs, 2racks of ribs and a 9lb brisket!! And the food!!! YUM!!


Get 3 for 13!!!! These girls biker shorts WITH POCKETS are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! The newest athletic wear trend!!! Ad


MY DYSON IS ON MAJOR DROP!!! The Dyson vacuum just got BIGGER AND BETTER with my Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum! Favorite features are the LCD screen that shows battery life! more speed cleaning not knowing how much juice you have left! And also the larger bin and cleaner head! With 3 kids in the house and lots of crumbs AND a long hair cat, the larger bin and fewer times I have to empty it out makes vacuuming a lot more enjoyable! on Drop! ad


My youngest and middle have a little kids camping chair very similar to these that they love getting out and sitting in! Easy to get in and they can actually carry their own chair! And in my experience, they actually prefer carrying their "little chair"! Dropping to 15 in both! Ad


I had a lab that loved to play fetch....that ball though gets so gross! All slobbering and wet! This Chuckit! Ball Launcher is on a HUGE drop with a HUGE clippable!!! No more slobbery fetch! Just put the ball in the launcher and toss! It is so much easier on your arm too! Ad

Chuckit! Balls still on drop!


The infamous Snackle Box that we are seeing EVERYWHERE is on DROP!!!! Love this idea for packing snacks on the go, for car rides, playground trips, plane rides, or even at home to make snack time a little more fun!!! Dropping at check out! Ad


You all have been waiting so patiently for a drop on these guys!!! These Rubber Totes are sooo soo similar to the Bogg Bags!! NOW HALF OFF at check out!! Ad


My mesh beach bag is dropping by half at check out!!! I grabbed this 2yrs ago for our Family trip to Florida and soooo glad I did!! It is cute! Holds a lot of things and so easy to store in a suitcase for a trip!! I get so many compliments on it when I use it! Ad


It is a 2-in-1!!! Straighten and curl your hair with just this one tool!!! This Airflow Styler Curling iron and straightener has 360degree vented cool air to promote long lasting curls!! Dropping big time with clippable and WEXKNXZO at check out! Ad


This really is the CUTEST!!! I grabbed this adorable Sloth Plant Hanger for my son's teacher gift because she loves sloths AND loves gardening!! I added a little card to her favorite place and it made the best little gift! It truly is the cutest little thing! Dropping at check out! Ad


Well I am going to need the flamingo ones in my size for sure!! These CUTE Toddler Slide Sandals (Size 3 Toddler - Little Kid 13) are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! ad


This is INSANE....16-piece Kids couch!!...YES...16!!! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it! This Modular 16-Piece Play Couch is DROPPING BIG with clippable and the rest at check out!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


Not only do I think this LOOKS darling with the braided barrier around it, but I love the versatility of it! It can grow with your child from tummy time to seated play!! This Baby Play Mat is dropping by half at check out! Ad


If you know a little girl who loves dressing up and playing with her dolls....check this set out!!! This one has clothes, shoes, glasses, purses and even more accessories that can be stored in the closet with the little hangers it comes with! All of this is dropping at check out!! Ad


This Water Flosser is definitely something I should have gotten a lot earlier!! IMO it feels like it is doing a better job than the ol' fashion floss and it is so easy to use! The pink version of my Cordless Water Flosser is dropping with TTAU85CG at check out! Ad


How precious is this pink!!! LOVE THESE!!! The platform sole, the color....LOVE!!! Now on drop!! ad


I don't know if any of you are looking for a new washing machine...BUT I ran into this Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washer and had to do a double take!! Crazy low for one of these! ad


Looking very much like the big brand!!! And there are lots of different colors too! Men's Sizes 4-12 soccer cleats are so low!!! Wishing my oldests foot was just a tad bit bigger right now!! Ad


#ad GO SO FAST!!!! I have the mum version of these for fall and I really want to get my hands on this set for the spring and summer!! These Wicker Part Set of two Faux Ficus Garden Spheres are SOOOO LOW!!! Snatch them up quick!!!


Soccer season is just a little over a month away for us! I will have three playing this year!! Grabbing a size 4 for my two younger boys!! If you are unsure what size you need, I know here we play with size 4 up until the age of 12 and then jump to a size 5 soccer ball! Ad


Now this looks too perfect for my youngest to help get ready for preschool!! AND it will keep him busy and learning...WIN WIN!! Preschool Montessori Busy Book is dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Great activities in these like matching, body parts, letters, numbers and more!!! Ad


Now these are very comparable to the popular BOGG Bags that everyone has....except no holes! This X-Large Waterproof Beach Tote can hold an incredible amount of things, can easily be washed off and is perfect for pool, sports days, picnics, camping and more! Ad


YOU GET TWO!!! Great length, zippered pockets, built in liner and I love the hemline on these!! These Athletic shorts are dropping at check out!!! Ad


It is Bogg Bag Season for sure....I am seeing these everywhere!! Take them to the ballpark, field, beach, lake, pool....wherever you take them you won't lose your phone anymore!! These Bogg Bag Phone Holders are dropping at check out!! It pops right into the side of it and VOILA!! No more lost phone!! I could see this working great for pool keys, money, cards too! Ad


I think I have been spoiled by pockets in leggings. You can slide your phone in there, card, random things your child wants you to hold onto...they are the best!! Dropping like crazy on these High Waisted Tummy Control Leggings with pockets! Ad


My boys STILL use their hooded towels from when they were babies! These make amazing baby shower gifts because you can never have enough! This set of 3 is dropping to just 10!!! Ad


hese would look great in a linen closet, playroom or even a nursery! you can use these just about anywhere!! This SET OF 5 Woven rope Baskets are only 13!!! Ad


RARELY see a DR0P on these String Light Poles, but here we have a large drop and bringing it to its L0WEST EVER!!! This 9ft String Light Pole can hold your string lights up making it easy to decorate your outdoors wherever you want! Grab all you can! Ad


One of the prettiest diaper bags I have seen!! Pretty enough that after my baby outgrew a diaper bag, I would use it for travel!! Has a tablet pocket, luggage strap, a wet-dry bag to put those diaper blow out clothes in, open pockets for things like burp cloths, bottles and more! Lowest ever!!! Ad


Honestly, I know these are probably used mostly for camping....BUT with the few tournament days I have had with my oldest this year, how great would this be to lay on in between games or when you cant leave the fields!? Right?!? This Inflatable Car Mattress comes with an air pump and is at its LOWEST!! Ad


GORGEOUS!! How pretty would these be either side of your front/back door or garage...or even on a shed!! These Exterior Wall Lights are at their LOWEST!! Ad


What are you growing in your garden bed this year!! These raised Wooden Vegetable Garden Beds are dropping low!!! Love the look of these wooden ones!! ad


EEEKK!!! Canopy or no canopy...the choice is yours!!! Kristen's floating inflatable island with removable canopy would be so much fun in the pool or lake! AND couldn't you just imagine yourself lounging and watching a movie on a projector from one of these!! On Massive drop!! ad


My biggest complaint about most sandals is the lack of arch THESE walking flip flops are orthopedic sandals with Arch Support and Flat Feet Pain relief!! At their lowest in black! Ad


Never have I seen one this low that has a Bounce house, playhouse with balls, double basketball hoops, slide, splash pad AND come with the blower!!! Now THIS is amazing!!! We just had our inflatable bounce house out the other day and my boys spent the entire afternoon playing on it! They went to bed so easily that night too! :) So extremely low for this!!! Might not last all that long!! ad


SOLAR String Lights!!! No worries!! Get those decks and yards in tip top shape so you can enjoy it this summer and add these! They would bring some warmth and fun to any yard! These Outdoor, Waterproof, Shatterproof String Lights with 5-lighting brightness levels and a remote! Ad


You can adjust your memory pillow to compliment your sleeping style!! Whether you are a stomach, back or side this Cool-Tech Bedsure Memory Foam Pillow had layers in the inside that can be taken out or put back in to give you the support you need at night! Half of with clippable and 8C32XTFC at check out! Ad


TRAEGER Grills and Smokers are DR0PPING TO THIER LOWEST!!! This was my husband's Christmas gift last year and he has been giddy about it ever since! We have been getting bulk meats and I will honestly say whatever comes off of there... Holy Cow it is the best! Ad


BACK IN STOCK! So pretty!! And you get TWO!!! These Modern Table Lamps with USB Chargers and night light built in! The frosted glass bottom lights up for a nice night light at night, or the main lamp for when you need more light in the room! Ad


Okay...this is SOOO COOL!!! No ice need at all!!! This 12Volt Car Refrigerator Dual Zone with Freezer is on drop with a MASSIVE clippable!! Adjust the temperature of both sides right from your phone or from the LED touch display! Amazing for camping/road trips AND it has wheels and a USB charging port built in!! NO ICE NEEDED!! Ad


Boost your Wifi up to 1200sq. ft.!!! and you can connect up to 30-devices to it!! Letting you have that fast Wifi coverage wherever you go in your home! Now super LOW with the drop and clippable on top of that! Ad


My inner child is bursting at the seams with giddiness over the rug on the left!!! AND my adult self just wants to cozy up on this rug on the right!! Some amazing drops (and some clippables) on these MACHINE WASHABLE Plush Shag rugs!!! More sizes dropping too!! Ad


LOWEST EVER on the Ninja Foodi Smart XL 7in1 Indoor Grill!!! I have the 6in1 Ninja Foodi on the left and when I say the best food comes from this thing...I meant it!!! You will never taste chicken so juicy!!! And it even leave grill marks!! You set the time/temp (based on what it says in the booklet it comes with) and just forget about it until it beeps!! Ad


AHHH!!! Yup...I am grabbing this one!!! The Children's Place Boys Multipack Straight Leg Jeans are on LIGHTNING!!! Varying by size, but dropping up to 66 percent!! Ad


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