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Top Daily Deals - July 3rd!




Stain, paint or leave it its own beautiful natural self! This Solid Pine Adirondack Chair is 69 percent off!! YES...that is pretty amazing for this chair!! Its heavy duty construction is made of kiln-dried pressure treated pine and weather-resistant! ad


SOLAR Globe String Lights!!! GENIUS! And it comes in a 2-pack with 72-feet of lights total!! It is time to start getting those decks and yards in tip top shape so you can enjoy it in the summer and these would be such a neat addition! These Outdoor, Waterproof String Lights have 8 lighting modes and are on huge drop with a clippable!! Ad


BOY OH BOY!!! This is crazy low!!! These Pop-Up Canopies are just the thing to protect you from the weather and keep you cool and dry!! Dropping to 39!!!


QUENCHERS ON DROP.....UNHEARD OF!!! These three 40oz. Quencher are dropping to 36!!! I promise you, this won't last too long!! ad


I saw my friend do this for the first time a few weeks ago and kicking myself for not thinking of this when my boys were younger and played with theirs! This Pump for Kids Water table is dropping with clippable and 50LICYVI at check out! Ad


!!! Run like the WIIIIIND!!! Crazy good for this size!!! The Keter Marvel Plus 71 Gallon Resin Deck Box is on drop with a clippable!! Who else has a lot of outdoor "stuff"! We have 2 deck boxes that we store a bunch of our boys outdoor toys in and their water bounce house! Great for pool items, gardening items and more too!! Ad


Now this is pretty neat and no drilling required!! We put in sliding drawers in our kitchen cabinets for our pots and pans and also our pantry and SOOO glad we did! These are expandable too, so they will fit different cabinet widths! Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


These ALWAYS go so jump on it! The coolest little gadgets I got my boys and nwo down to 11!!! Not only are these watches walkie talkies, but they are compasses, night light, magnifier and they tell time!! They do all the things (especially keeping those kids busy and having fun!) I especially love walkie talkies because it gets my kids playing a game all TOGETHER! Dropping with 8ELDW8YN at check out!! Ad


These would be soo pretty for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings or even decor around the house!!! If you have any parties coming up....take a peek at these adorable bud vases!! Now have a clippable! Ad


My kids had this one as babies and honestly, anything with a flashlight my kids go crazy over! The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight helps baby learn colors, numbers and animals!! Now at its LOWEST! Ad


LEFTIES!!! This Rawlings Baseball and Softball glove is reaching its LOWEST EVER!! The righties glove is on drop too, but not like this one! Grab it to finish this season or next! Ad


8 FOR 11!!! My boys lived in these their first year!! Just love these neutral colors too because you can put with any bottoms! Perfect set to add to a baby gift!! Ad


From 18months all the way to 5T!!! These THREE The Children's Place Tee's are down to 7!!! There are even more sets that are dropping too!!! Ad


The cutest little turtle dude for your yard!!! AND he uses his solar power to light up!! Dropping by half at check out! Ad


You will want one of these babies for all of your outings this summer!! Trust me!! This small but mighty portable handheld fan has a great battery life, puts out some major air and is safe and durable for little hands!! It really is the neatest!!! Dropping with KUE5J86Y at check out for the blue! Ad


I have 3 car kids definitely know how to trash a car. I am VERY optimistic that these will help!!! Great for roadtrips or in my case anytime we get in the car! It is waterproof inside as well and leak-proof! Dropping at check out! Ad


!!! UMM...WHAT???!! A 50" Smart TV for 189!!! Looks like Prime Days maybe starting a little early for some things! Other sizes are dropping too, even the huge 70"! Ad


Must have for travel!!! This thing is amazing!! This foldable 3-in-1 Charger is so low!!! Takes up minimal space and you can charge all 3 (watch, phone and headphones) at the same time!! Now sooo sooo L0W with the clippable and the rest at check out!! (Works on red!) Ad


LOWEST EVER!! So tempted to start stashing away for Christmas!!! This LOL Mega Ball Magic with 12 Collectible Dolls, 60+ Surprises, 4 Unboxing Experiences, Squish Sand, Bubbles, Gel Crush, Shell Smash and Limited Edition Doll is DROPPING like its HOT!!! This was a huge gift last Christmas!! ad


I kept seeing these pop up around the holidays last year and now my neighbor has his set to red, white and blue for the 4th of July and I think they are just so neat! Imagine not needing to climb a ladder every year to put up Christmas Lights and having built in decorations for any holiday year round!! These Permanent Outdoor Lights can be set to any color and with the press of a button! Now at its LOWEST! Ad


HOT HOT HOT!!!  This Outdoor 5x8 Waterproof Plastic Straw Rug is 19!!!! I have one of these waterproof straw rugs and this is our second year with it...I still love it!! Very lightweight and perfect for camping or the RV, and sooo easy to clean off!! Ad


You all had some great suggestions to me "What are some of the easiest house plants to keep alive?" question the other day! I saw a lot of snake plants, ZZ Plants and well...fake ones! :)

PLANT MOMMAS!! Here is a special and pretty way to display all your plant babies!! This 6-Tier Metal Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand is at its lowest! Ad


Lots of you have been asking about these and I have been wondering about these too!!! So, who has one!? This Self-Cleaning Litter Box is at its LOWEST!!! You plug it in and let it do its thing and even control it with the app! Holds up to 10-days!!! If you have one of these, let us know what you think!! So curious, as I have a smelly cat and need some help!! Ad


And you GET THREE!!! These Square rope Baskets are perfect for organizing closets, toys, nursery items and more! These Decorative Storage Woven Rope Baskets are half off! Ad


Saw this on the mover and shakers list and thought it was such a great little message that a lot of us need every once in a awhile! Would be such a great decal for a little girl's mirror! This "You look amazing" mirror decal is on drop! Ad


HOLY COW!!! Ever since getting our utility wagon a month or so ago, we have taken it just about everywhere! With three boys, we have a ton of things! We have used it for sports weekends, at the lake, while working outside and it would be great for camping too!!! This Folding Wagon is at its LOWEST! Ad


If you are needing a Chair ball for kids for your classroom or for at home...take a peek at this! Down to its LOWEST!! This Alternative classroom seating is better for posture and sitting comfortably with their feet on the ground! Ad


This large Toy Storage Box with lid and wheels is at its LOWEST!! Don't have small kids? You can use this for so many other things too! Like a storage basket, laundry hamper and more! Ad


Fun way to get creative this summer!! This GLOW IN THE DARK (my kids love anything glow in the dark) Rock and Shell Painting Craft Kit comes with everything you need to get creative! Comes with things like googly eyes, gems, stickers, glitter glue, lay props, brushes, paint and more! Dropping with the clippable! Ad


This would be great for dorm rooms....or my closet!  One can never have too many I right?? This legging closet storage organizer, or you can use it for shorts, tanks and more is dropping by half with clippable and 40OKRV5Q at check out! Ad


 You get SEVEN!!!! Seamless and comfortable!! These No-Show Undies can easily be worn under leggings without lines!! Dropping at check out! Ad


Ohh my goodness!!! These 4-tier collapsible storage bins are dropping real low with the clippable!!! AND they are on wheels! Great for storing toys, use in the storage, for arts and crafts, blankets, towels, bed sheets or in your closet! Ad


I grabbed these for last school year and I never once got the dreaded note that they were broken!! I count that as a WIN! I saw that these are on HUGE DR0P right now and thought I would share with all the mommas needing to grab some for the upcoming school year! Ad


Here is one for all my crafters!!! A bag that you can store your Cricut in AND all its accessories that go along with it! It travels easily and nothing is sprawled all over a table! Sounds like a dream right?? YES!! Now at its LOWEST! Ad


It mops...IT DOES IT ALL!! Everything you need and love in one Shark VACMOP Pro Cordless Vacuum Mop! Its powerful suction can vacuum up all those crumbs and dirt and your kids and pets leave behind and the spray mopping will scrub off the stuck-on grime and leave your floors sparkling! On drop!! Ad


Nice drop on this Inflatable Water Tummy Time Mat! Fun way to develop and strengthen those back, neck, shoulders while the baby enjoys the bright colors and the "swimming" fish!! Ad


NOW 59!!! This 6in1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for hard floor and carpet with HEPA filter is dropping with clippable and the rest at check out!!! Lightweight with powerful suction that is ideal for carpet and pet hair! Ad


Meet one of my best friends!!! The Handheld Clothes Steamer!! I have had a similar one for about 5years now and still love it to pieces! I have not picked up my iron since getting it and it is so easy to travel with too because of its size!! Ad


LOWEST EVER!!! This Craftsman 20V Max Impact Driver Kit comes with a Battery and Charger too! Our impact driver is our most used tool in the house and would be such a great gift for a first time homeowner! Ad


HOT HOT HOT! My 8" Fire Tablet is dropping to 54!! Which is BANANAS! These are the best for kids on road trips (just like the kids version but put parental controls on it!) and they are so easy to use to browse the web or watch a movie or two!! Let us know if you are able to snatch one up!! Ad


The coolest thing since sliced bread!! I have had these in my cart forever!!! And when I saw it drop, I grabbed it so quick because I knew my boys would love it! You can paint without the mess! You place the brush on whatever color you want and it lights up that color, you put it to paper and MAGIC! You can even use your fingers for finger painting too!



In the classroom, or at home....there are so many places that this cart could get some use! It has 3 tiers with lockable wheels and mesh bottom shelves! Arts and Crafts, books, diaper changing station, laundry room...use it everywhere! Dropping with R55PN49Y at check out! Works on black and white. Ad


Rare Drop!!! The Dyson Airstrait Straightener is on DROP!!! Go from wet to straight styled and dry in no time and without the heat damage! And it does it all with just a high pressure air! It is so neat! My hair stylist used one on my hair the last time I got it done and it is so neat! It wasn't frizzy and had a smooth lightweight feel to it! Ad


I grabbed one for myself!!! This gorgeous, lightweight, breathable zrayon Derived from Bamboo Bedsure Cooling Waffle Blanket is dropping with clippable and GBQ7C858 at check out! This pretty color goes with just about everything and makes an amazing summertime blanket!! Working on taupe in the queen and king size! Ad


Love how this stores the Toilet paper too! We had a Pedestal Sink in our last house, so this was a must to store our toilet paper and also cleaners for the bathroom because we didn't have a place to put it under the sink! This Toilet Paper Holder Stand and Cabinet is on drop with a clippable on top of that! Ad


I love my blankets, even if it is 100 degrees outside!! These Q-Max Cooling Blanket is a lightweight blanket that is breathable and to help keep you cool and without night sweats! This QUEEN Size Cooling Blanket is on drop with a clippable on top of that! Looks like most sizes and colors have clippables! Ad


Camping, party, or just having a picnic at the playground! These Elastic Waterproof Picnic Table Covers are great to enjoy a meal outside! Not sure how long that clippable will be there with the drop! Ad


Working out from home just got a tad bit easier! This 25-in-1 Multifunction Home Workout Set stores easily and can strengthen everything from legs, arms to abs and back! It comes with the ab roller, resistance bands ,door anchor, pilates bar, wrist and ankle straps and more! It is even color coordinated to help you target certain muscles! Ad


My amazing toiletry bag always comes in handy big time for those weekends away!! It is the only toiletry bag that I have that can fit my tall hair care products in!! They all go in the big pouch with all my little things like toothbrush and contacts in the smaller pockets! Love this one!!! Dropping by half! Ad


I can't believe my eyeballs?!? This one is LOW!

These Pikler Traingles are so fun!!! We got this similar one for my little guy's first birthday and ALL my kids still use it!! They use it for Obstacle courses, slides and of course the Floor is Lava is always involved with this! Dropping with clippable and Z8I65P9X at check out! Ad


AHH!!! Now 14 for a Queen Bedsure Duvet Insert Comforter!!! This comforter has amazing reviews and is dropping with 5MYCMUEL at check out!! Ad


These usually FLY! We use our backpack cooler all the time!! We take it on roadtrips, to the lake, pool, to the soccer fields! It comes in handy when you need to keep some items cool but don't want to haul around a huge cooler! Dropping big in these two colors! Ad


These would fit just about any style in your home and for 39 for BOTH! Beautiful Farmhouse Ceramic Table Lamps for Bedroom, Family Room, Living Room and more!!! And they have 3-different color temperatures! Dropping with HFI5AGIW at check out! Ad


These boots were made for walking...walking straight into my life!! How fun are those metallic ones though? Dropping with coupon and the rest at check out! Ad


My husbands birthday is coming up and so tempted to slip this in with his gift! This funny Back & Body Hurts Soy Wax Candle is dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


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