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Top Daily Deals - July 5th!




Any guesses as to what we are going to do today!! Just grabbed this one the other day and it is still on drop! This one comes with a little bounce house, a slide, a basketball hoop, water canon, splash pad AND can be used wet or dry! We have gotten so much use out of our inflatable bounce houses and water slides this summer!! ad


#ad This one is so good!!! Pick between the Original, SPF or Ultra-Rich Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and get one massive drop if you are a new customer with HELLO30 at check out! Just use just a small amount of this day time moisturizer, my your face instantly feels hydrated and smoother without the thick or oily feeling of lotion. It is ultra-lightweight, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and layers perfectly under makeup!


 I grabbed a few pairs of the Running Girl SportsBras when my mom was raving about them! Guys....she was absolutely right! I have been wearing these non stop!! My new go-tos! There are a handful on Lightning and lots on drop!! ad


Which reminds me, I need to run one of these through my washer today! On LIGHTNING!! We throw one of these Washing Machine Cleaners in every single month and I feel like it really makes a difference! Ours gets a musty smell every once in awhile and this gets rid of it! HUGE Reviews on these too! Ad


OH MY!! Now this....this is something! Wrangler Sling Bags are dropping to 8! This is INSANE! There are so many color to pick from! All the deets below!

Grab the Clippable and use HIPSLING at check out! Ad


Our very well loved Igloo Water Jug is dropping to its lowest in the gray and blue!! These easily hang from chain link fences (baseball) with the hooks on the handles and keeps drinks cold to last throughout games!! Ad


So RARE to see these on drop! Take a peek at this gem that Wear It For Less Group found! 🤩 And in IN BLACK too!! I have three pair of these Align Leggings and they are so soft, so comfortable and feel like literal butter on your skin!


These have the built in shorts AND the zipper pockets on the side! There are sooo many colors to pick from! I usually gravitate towards the blacks and pinks, but this green is giving me all the feels! Dropping at check out! Ad


Ohhh!! I love them together AND separate!! And the initial necklace has a 2inch extender on it to change up the length and look too! This Layered Initial necklace is dropping when you click on the item, grab the clippable and then watch it drop at check out! Ad


Who else is on board with swim shorts! Love the idea of chasing after kids without having to worry about coverage!! And these are great for boating, jetski's, kayaking, paddle boarding and more! These swim shorts are dropping with J4RYA9Z4 at check out! Ad


These Children's Place Jelly Sandals are Dropping like it's hot in the Big Kid Sizes!! Other sizes are dropping as well, just not as much! Who else had a pair of Jelly Sandals growing up!?? Ad


Was literally just thinking yesterday about how we needed to replace one of our bike helmets as my kids rode their bikes on our street! Such a great drop on this youth helmet! Looks like both blue and green are dropping on the medium size which is recommended for 8-14year olds! Ad


This stuff is magic and nothing to be scared of!! I have been using Snail Mucin for almost a year and it has completely changed my skin!! It is hydrated, smooth and has given a little brightness to my skin!! I hands down recommend!!! This Snail Mucin Serum is dropping with clippable and 73NR5OFL at check out!! If you haven't tried it before, don't worry...It isn't slimy at all and doesn't have a smell...but it works so well!! Ad


Lots of you were asking about fans the other day! What are we thinking about these modern Low-Profile Ceiling fans?? For those who have them, what do you think? They have a dimmable LED light, remote and app controlled! I think I love them and the modern look!! Giant clippable on this one! Ad


NOW 59!! This 6in1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for hard floor and carpet with HEPA filter is dropping with clippable and the rest at check out!!! Lightweight with powerful suction that is ideal for carpet and pet hair! Ad


Dorm Room Find!! Extra Thick Pillow Top Bedsure Mattress Pad is dropping by half with the drop and 5BD8NNYI at check out! A good mattress pad makes a worlds of difference, especially when you are talking dorm mattresses!! Ad


I am loving this swim dress! Get amazing coverage, but still look absolutely adorable! It has tummy control, a tie-knot waist, adjustable straps and is too cute!! Dropping with clippable and 302KULML at check out! Ad


Team Pink or Team Black...or just team really cute initial beach bag!? And look at all the pockets on this thing!! Dropping with clippable and 45IK7QBO at check out! Ad


Snatched this one up!! I have been meaning to grab one of these ever since my oldest sister was telling me how gross her brushes had been when she cleaned them and how much of a difference it has made in her makeup since cleaning them! Dropping when you click on the item, grab the clippable and then watch it drop at check out! Ad


One thing that we have done in our home for some simple upgrades was change out all of the old door handles and put these Matte Black Modern ones in! These very similar ones to the ones we have are dropping big time for all pack sizes and colors (except 1-pack in dark!). They even have some with the lock if you are needing those that are dropping as well! Ad

No Lock- Clippable and MGD7L4X8

With Lock- Clippable and 8D6F3BZV


What are some of your summer temperatures you are having right now? We have had a little rain so the heat isn't unbearable right now but so muggy! This neck fan sounds like the most perfect thing to get us through summer without melting!! Dropping with MA66XJYJ at check out!! This is crazy low and perfect for those hot baseball games, gardening in the sun or really anything outside in the 100-degree heat! Ad


Okay..this is FANTASTIC!!! This Stand up Weeder Puller Tool is as easy as Centering Over the Weed, Pressing it into the ground and then pulling up the weed with root and all!! Perfect time to grab one of these!!! My yard is in desperate need right now after a couple of days of rain we have had! Dropping at check out! Ad


Take your hot glue on the go....PINK hot glue!! Great for the classroom or crafts at home!!! The cord usually drives me crazy because it is never long enough and gets in the way and always knocks over the hot glue!! This Cordless Hot Glue with fast preheating and smart power-off and is dropping with clippable and WLC5W858 at check out! Ad


It is BAAAACK!!!! Muggy, hot camping season is here and the Rechargeable Portable Camping Fans with timer, LED light, hanging hook and USB Charging Ports is dropping with the clippable and G0O0DDAY at check out! Charge your phone in an instant, keep cool and have a light to guide your way in the dark. This is a must have for camping this summer! The battery life on it is amazing and has 3 fan settings too! Ad


This is beautiful!!! And it is working on other colors and sizes too!! (the ones that it works on will show both clippables. I will list all the color/sizes below!) This 3pc Bedsure Farmhouse Comforter Set is dropping with both clippables! Let us know what color/size you get!

Twin Size: Linen,Green, Pumpkin, Terracotta, Grayish Blue, Mineral Blue,Taupe

Full Size: Beige, Warm Tan, Linen, Sage Green,Pumpkin,Terracotta,Mineral Blue,Taupe

King Size: Linen, Pumpkin,Terracotta

Queen Size: Linen,Grayish Purple,Sage Green,Pumpkin,Terracotta,Grayish Blue,Mineral Blue



You know where to find me all summer!  Just give me a book, a cup of coffee and no need to bother me! This Hammock WITH STAND and support up to 600lbs is dropping at check out!! Ad


It can't just be me...ribbed makes everything instantly better! Maybe a texture thing, but I think it makes it so much more comfortable! These ribbed biker shorts are dropping low! Ad


These are so similar to the Stasher bags that I have! I LOVE these!! They are dishwasher, freezer safe and last a long time! I sent my kids snacks for school in these everyday for the last 2 years and they have held up so great! Awesome back to school find!! Ad


And you get TWO!!! These spill-proof Silicone Sippy cups not only come in cute colors but they have a grooved body for easy gripping, double handles for little hands and are dishwasher and microwave safe! Ad


And you GET THREE!!! These Square rope Baskets are perfect for organizing closets, toys, nursery items and more! These Decorative Storage Woven Rope Baskets are on drop in the black and gray! Ad


Not only would it help organize your makeup, hair care or even desk items, but it would look so gorgeous sitting there too! This rotating organizer is dropping by half! Ad


How fun!! I want one for myself! This RGB Gaming Oversized Mouse Pad has 15-light modes and even has a built in USB port! The USB port can easily charge your phone or you could plug in your mouse and keyboard into it if you need to charge them up! Ad


Get a cosmetic bag that opens all the way up....seriously, you will love it! I have one so similar that opens like this and it is so neat how you can lay it flat and see everything inside! Less digging through your makeup to find what you need!! Ad


I will take one of the runners...AND the kitchen please! :) This beautiful Machine Washable runner is dropping by half!! Ad


Free Your Hands!!  This Water Bottle Holder not only allows you to have free hands but it also has storage for keys, cards, phone and more!! Perfect for those walks, hikes, errands and more!! On one huge drop! Ad


Such a gorgeous set of Sterling Silver Love Knot Post Earrings!! I would wear these as an everyday set!! Down low, low, LOW!! Ad


All my dino lovers!! This Set of four dinosaur puzzles are dropping by half!! These always make such great presents too! Ad


No more deformed under garments!! This Silicone Washing bag keeps the shape, especially the ones. with underwire!! Dropping with 50DGIZ3O at check out! Ad


Who needs a little elephant friend for their garden! I am feeling like I need this little guy on my front porch! This Solar Garden Elephant Statue is dropping at check out! Ad


LOVING THIS!!! This Slip Ribbed Knit Dress can not just be worn on its own, but how adorable would this look with a blazer, cardigan or jacket over! Or even a jacket tied around the waist with sneakers! Dropping with clippable and GGTYSYB5 at check out! Ad


These cutie patootie toddler and little kids slides are sure to put a smile on any dino lovers face!! Massive drop on these guys!! Click on the one you like, grab the clippable and then watch it drop at check out! Ad


Oh my goodness! This little guy is too cute!! I feel like I need this little frog in my life! This Solar Garden Frog Light is dropping at check out! Ad


Well I am going to need the flamingo ones in my size for sure!! These CUTE Toddler Slide Sandals (Size 3 Toddler - Little Kid 13) are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


My oldest has a birthday coming up next month and grabbing this because his one request for every birthday is a pinata! This super fun pack of party favors comes with pull-back cars, sticky hands, pop-it bracelets, mini skateboards, snap bracelets, fidget spinners and more!! Little kids dream toys! Ad


This would be great for dorm rooms....or my closet! One can never have too many I right?? This legging closet storage organizer, or you can use it for sandals, shorts, tanks and more is dropping by half! Ad


LOWEST EVER! Easily clean off your driveway and pile up those leaves with this Lightweight Cordless Leaf Blower! It comes with a 20V battery and charger too! So easy to whip out, clean up and put away! Ad


LOVE my GCI Freestyle Rocker, but so wish it folded up like this Rocker Camping Chair! It would be so much easier to carry! The GCI Outdoor Rocker Camping Chair is the lowest I have seen in a long while!! Ad


Just took mine out yesterday to make a dip for the 4th!! Can't get over how pretty this set is! The Crockpot Designer series 7-qt Slow Cooker AND the 16oz. Little Dipper warmer is dropping low with SAVE20 and TAKE15 at check out! ad


Are you all seeing how insanely low this baby is?? The Sunjoy Durable Steel Frame 2-person Outdoor Swing with Canopy is 64!! Name a better way to relax outside? ad


In our last house we had one of these to keep all of our spices in and baking supplies!! They work great to create more space in that pantry! This over the door pantry organizer rack is dropping to its LOWEST ever!! Ad


In a lake, river, pond or maybe even in a pool...whatever floats your boat! This Inflatable 2-person boat with oars is on one pretty amazing drop! And it comes with a pump too! ad


Use these as an outdoor trash can or use it as a package drop on your porch! This Keter 38-gallon can with lid is at its LOWEST ever!! Ad


Must-Have for this BBQ season!!! This super popular Food Network 17-piece BBQ Tool Set is dropping real low with SAVE20 at check out! It has every single thing you need to fire up the grill and cook your meats to perfection! It even has a digital thermometer fork!!! ad


Did you do any entertaining yesterday or are you having people over this weekend? How gorgeous is this 8-piece metal conversation set!! Would love to have this on my deck! This pretty set is now on a big drop! ad


For those who have a cat, what is your favorite go-to kitty litter that helps with odor?? Get TWO boxes of the Fresh Step Outstretch Kitty Litter with Activated Charcoal for its LOWEST ever!!! Ad


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