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Top Daily Deals - July 6th!

Updated: Jul 7





Never have I EVER seen my ON Cloudnova shoes on DROP!!! SOOO RARE!!! And some other amazing colors too like an all white pair!! RUN RUN RUN!! Dropping 25 percent!!! (These are my absolute favorite pair, so no judgement on how dirty these are! :) ) ad


Give me ALL the cooling blankets!!! Ever since having my third child I have been a hot sleeper, never used to be! No matter what the temperature is outside I still need a blanket!! This is the best of both worlds! Keeps you cool with its Q-Max technology, but still a lightweight blanket! HUGE clippable on top of the drop! Ad


Loving that print on the right, but you should see all the others that are dropping to 11 at check out too! Sandproof, Waterproof and what you want to be carrying at the beach, pool or on a boat! Ad


PLANT MOMMAS!! Here is a special and gorgeous way to display all your plant babies!! This 7-Tier Hexagonal Plant Stand is at its lowest! Ad


I am without a doubt grabbing this one....I just need help picking the color! I am between all of them! I couldn't resist this cute swimsuit, the ruffle sleeves and that clippable! Ad


Are you kidding me!! 22 for these Adidas Women's Sneakers!?? Wowza!! Head to check out and use CELEBRATE to watch them drop! ad


Oh my goodness!!! If you want to make your child's day...grab these color changing cups! Seriously though! My oldest got a color changing cup from a birthday party he went to and my boys fought over it constantly because that was all they wanted to drink out of! I got the ones on the left a couple of weeks ago and they are a huge hit!! The boys are drinking so much water and are having a blast with the color changing! The set of the ones with straws and lids on the right are dropping at check out! Ad


I got my oldest a pair of these swim trunks with the compression liner and now all my boys are wanting these! My son told me these are sooo much more comfortable than the mesh liners! Dropping with 8EHPABWS at check out! Ad


And there are so many different colors and designs to pick from! These Solar Hot Air Balloon Lanterns would be so neat lighting up your yard at night! Select the one you love, grab the clippable and watch the rest drop at check out! Ad


I admit, my body is getting old! We have been on a board game kick with our kids and we always sit on the floor around our coffee table. Guys! It hurts!! These floor cushions are looking mighty fine right about now! Get a set of two on drop with the clippable! Ad


Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Lightweight, Retractable/Expandable, No-Kink, Thickened Leak-Proof WITH Spray Nozzle!! This 100ft Garden Hose is dropping with 50C4FLJA at check out! Ad


I have been needing to grab some pillows and covers for my outdoor furniture! Cozy it up a little bit! This set of four waterproof, outdoor pillow covers are on a huge drop with a clippable to go with it! Ad


I absolutely love the simplicity and the stacking bracelet look!! So adorable!! I am not sure what has gotten into me lately but I have been wanting all the jewelry!! (this one included!) Dropping with clippable and 502QSXJW at check out! Ad


Lots of socks today!!! These four pair of soccer socks are just 6!! We start soccer season for all 3 of my boys here in a little over a month! This will be the first time my 3year old is playing! :) He is super excited! Ad


Now this is a cutie!! I am all about these ruffle sleeves!! This One-piece is waist slimming with the rouching and tummy control fit and has the cutest tie back! Certain sizes are dropping to 11, while others have a clippable and are dropping to 13! Ad


Back to school find!! These Bento Lunch Boxes made my life so much easier last year! I have similar ones and I filled both of my boys containers the same they brought them home and I threw them in the dishwasher...easy peezy!!! No bags to worry about and nothing got smashed! These are microwave and dishwasher safe and now on drop! Ad


These Women's Athletic No-Show Socks are not only at their lowest ever, BUT they have Compression and Cushion! Great sock for working out or when you are on your feet for long period of time! Made with an athletic material to keep the sweat away! Ad


Free Your Hands!!  This Water Bottle Holder not only allows you to have free hands but it also has storage for keys, cards, phone and more!! Perfect for those walks, hikes, errands and more!! On personalized initial tumbler holder also comes with straw toppers and two accessory chains for your tumbler!! Ad


How fun are these for a playroom or a kids room to store Barbies, Legos, socks and more! These Cotton Rope Storage baskets come with three in a pack and are now at their lowest! Ad


These are the BEST!!! If you have a KitchenAid stand up need this little guy!! This Flex Edge Beater Attachment is dropping to its lowest! It scrapes the sides of the mixing bowl so nothing gets caked on or left behind while mixing! Ad


OH GOODNESS! Six Pair for less than a dollar each! These no show, non slip invisible low cut socks even have arch support! Ad


I just got another Cotton Rope Basket just like this a couple of weeks ago and I will say...these things are GLORIOUS for laundry hampers or storing toys!! They are so durable!! This beauty is at its lowest! You can throw blankets, books, stuffed animals or anything in these! Ad


Who has a July birthday here!?? This set of 4 Happy Birthday Wrapping Paper Rolls is at its lowest! I swear I never have wrapping paper when I need it! Grabbing this set! Ad


It doesn't get much better than machine washable kitchen runners...except for when it comes with THREE machine washable runners! Non-Slip, super soft and machine on drop! Ad


Reminds me of Whac-A-Mole! This Interactive fun Pop Up Animals Toy works on fine motor skills! It has music and sounds and looks like so much fun! Ad


Which is your favorite?? Print or Solid?

These just took my favorite pillow slides and mixed them with the trendy double buckle look and I am in LOVE!!! And all these fun colors too!!! On drop on a bunch of colors and prints! Ad


I kept seeing these pop up around the holidays last year and now my neighbor has his set to red, white and blue for the 4th of July and I think they are just so neat! Imagine not needing to climb a ladder every year to put up Christmas Lights and having built in decorations for any holiday year round!! These Permanent Outdoor Lights can be set to any color and with the press of a button! Now at its LOWEST! Ad


We use our backpack cooler all the time!! We take it on roadtrips, to the lake, pool, to the soccer fields! It comes in handy when you need to keep some items cool but don't want to haul around a huge cooler! We are going to pack ours up today and head to a friends house who lives off the lake and enjoy more fireworks and BBQ today! Dropping big in these two colors! Ad


Back to School Find!!! The Under Armour Hustle Backpack is on DROP!!! My oldest has a similar Hustle backpack and he will be taking it to school this year for his second year! Still looks great!! It even has a pocket on the bottom to put shoes so you could use for sports or gym backpack too! Ad


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