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Top Daily Deals - July 9th!


Walmart Deals Early Going On Now!



#AD !!! I grabbed some new backpacks the other week for my boys, but now there is even more coming off with EXTRA25 at check out!! Under Armour for the Back to School win with not only clothes but backpacks too!!! If you are ahead of the game and already looking for a backpack for the new school year....Under Amour has what you need for as low as 20!!

EXTRA25 on all of these


I went to 4th of July party at a friends place this past weekend and all 6 of us moms were all wearing Reefs!! So many amazing styles and the most comfortable sandals I have owned!! Reefs for the whole family are on drop!!


You all see that CLIPPABLE!? A great Utility Cart that can pretty much be used inside the classroom, at home...anywhere!! And it is PINK!! (also on white too) Store and organize with this pretty utility cart! And this one has a drawer!! Ad


Great colors and loving the flowiness of these athletic Skorts!! I have been wearing athletic skirts all summer because they are so comfortable and look so cute!! These are dropping big with SYRFLU42 at check out! Ad


Summer camping and football tailgating!! This Blackstone Tabletop Griddle with carrying case is all you need to whip up those burgers and dogs!! Dropping big time!! ad


I can't believe my eyeballs?!? This one is LOW!

These Pikler Traingles are so fun!!! We got this similar one for my little guy's first birthday and ALL my kids still use it!! They use it for Obstacle courses, slides and of course the Floor is Lava is always involved with this! Dropping with clippable and 24XNG1ZN at check out! Ad


This would be perfect for a bedroom!! It has fun LED lights (could be a great night light), 6 drawers to fill with your things AND a charging station so you can plug in all your TV things and not see a bunch of cords on the ground! Dropping so low at check out! Ad


What teacher, mom and crafter dreams are made of!! And all the colors are dropping!! This Costway 15-drawer Rolling Storage Cart can hold school supplies, crafts, clothes, toys...just about anything and everything!! ad


Our FAV' Top Brands of Mascara are on drop at Ulta!! These three are the ones I have been obsessed with lately! Would love to hear with brand is your go-to right now! ad


#ad You get TWO!! How fun are the swirls on my Improvements 40oz. Double Wall travel Tumbler?? My favorite part about these are obviously the colors (more to pick from too!), but also how you can use the straw or close that up and sip from the side! Keeps cold and hot all day and leak resistant!! Get an extra 10 off with HSN2024 as a new customer!


#ad Here is a goodie!! Birkenstock Yao Adjustable Slide Sandals are 30 off! Loving the color options these come in and they make such a great summer slide!! Dress them up or dress them more casually, these Birkenstocks are the sandals of the summer!!


These are so fun and there are a couple different styles to pick from! Who else is on the Platform Sandal train?? These cute sandals are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Amazing reviews on this one!! Kristen's really neat Mini Ice Cube Tray comes with a container so you can store all the ice in too! These are the perfect chewable ice size!!! Grab that clippable and the rest will drop for you at check out! Ad


Couldn't be happier with the outdoor rug that we got last year!! It warms up the space, so easy to clean and lightweight enough that it easily folds and you can take it on the go, perfect for an RV!! These Waterproof Outdoor Rugs have a double clippable and work on all except for the 9x12! Ad


Grabbed one of these the other day and why do the smallest, simplest things make me so excited!! Large enough to fit just about every phone and you can even attach your sunglasses to it, put your money, cards, or pool card in there! My Bogg Bag Phone Holders are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out!! It pops right into the side of it and VOILA!! I don't have a Bogg Bag and it fits perfectly on mine! Ad


I know...I know...we really don't want to think about going back to school right now especially those teachers...BUT LOOK!!! This gorgeous Teacher's 2024-2025 Planner is HALF OFF with that clippable!! Ad


Grabbed one of these gems yesterday to take to the playground, tournaments weekends where we need snacks between games and my personal fill with candy for movie nights! Dropping with the clippable and the rest at check out!! Ad


Can't stop won't stop on these Electric Spin Scrubbers!! You should see these things in action!! No more breaking my back while cleaning my shower/tub/floor/car anymore!! This Electric Spin Scrubber that is very similar to mine is dropping with clippable and 5TDKQ6YQ at check out!! It also comes with different replacement heads so you can get into every nook and cranny!! Highly recommend these!!! Ad


These caught my eye and now I can't stop thinking about how funny...but genius these are! Dig in the dirt to plant flowers, pull weeds easily and they have great reviews! Ad


I absolutely love the simplicity and adorable little leaves on these initial bracelet!! They are adorable!! I am not sure what has gotten into me lately but I have been wanting all the jewelry!! (this one included!) Grab the clippable and 50A4TKNJ at check out!! Ad


These popular Platform Sandals in ALLLLL these different styles and colors!! YES PLEASE...just grabbed one of the double buckle ones myself!! I am all on board with the platform sandal trend going on right now! Dropping with the clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Camping, party, or just having a picnic at the playground! These Elastic Waterproof Picnic Table Covers are great to enjoy a meal outside! Unreal drop with that clippable! Ad


Off season find!!! and honestly, one of my absolute FAVORITES!! You don't even want to know how many times this was worn last fall and winter...I am a tad embarrassed!  My Oversized pullover sweater is dropping big time with the clippable and the rest at check out!! grabbing another color in this for sure! Ad


Some of you may know of the Katy Trail, but those who don't it is a very long trail that goes through Missouri and it just happens to go right by my house. I have been seeing these E-Bikes everywhere!! They look extremely fun!! Crazy drop on this guy right here!! ad


Play this at the beach, lake, park, tailgates or in your backyard!! This fun Kan Jam Disc Toss Game illuminates and lights up so you can even play in the dark!! So easy to take wherever you go to and make any game exciting! Ad


I mean...C'Mon with this one!!! LOVE!! The eyelet details, the scalloped sleeves! Dropping like crazy when you pick the one you love on the first page, grab the clippable and then watch it drop at check out! Ad


This really is the best! Muggy, hot camping season is here and the Rechargeable Portable Camping Fans with timer, LED light, hanging hook and USB Charging Ports is dropping with the clippable and G0O0DDAY at check out! Charge your phone in an instant, keep cool and have a light to guide your way in the dark. This is a must have for camping this summer! The battery life on it is amazing and has 3 fan settings too! Ad


Great little Boho Summer Dress!! You can wear with white sneakers or sandals!! My Boho Summer Vintage Floral Dress is dropping with the clippable and J2NCRXKF at check out! Sooo many pretty ones to pick from! Be sure to let us know which you end up with! Ad


I kept seeing these pop up around the holidays last year and I saw on last week that my neighbor has his set to red, white and blue for the 4th of July! I think they are just so neat! Imagine not needing to climb a ladder every year to put up Christmas Lights and having built in decorations for any holiday year round!! These Permanent Outdoor Lights can be set to any color and with the press of a button! Now at its LOWEST! Ad


I grabbed this the other day for our smelly cat, Maple! Lots of you were saying you love this litter and I actually have been loving it too! Get TWO boxes of the Fresh Step Outstretch Kitty Litter with Activated Charcoal for its LOWEST ever!!! Ad


Super duper low for this Mongoose Rise Freestyle low that it has reached its lowest ever!!! Amazing reviews and such pretty colors on this one!! Ad


Don't mind me, I will be over here stocking up for school lunches and snacks!! This 40-pack comes with our favorites like Doritos, Fritos, Lays, Cheetos and more!! I try to keep bags like this in my car to keep away the hangry kids! :) Ad


I know that these are some wish lists!! AND if you know someone who has been looking at these, no is the time to snag them!! The Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio and more is at its LOWEST EVER!!! So RARE!! Ad


Now this looks too perfect for my youngest and middle to help get ready for preschool and Kinder!! AND it will keep them busy and learning...WIN WIN!! This Learning Workbook is filled with handwriting practice, learning numbers, letter and more! 50EBJ5LP at check out! Ad


Use it as a water table or inside to built on and the middle opens up to store all the pieces in! MOM WIN!! This Grow with Me Build and Splash Water Table is at its lowest! Ad


Crazy good!! Especially if you are looking for a new laptop for your high school or college student!! This Lenovo 15.6" IdeaPad has up to 10hrs of battery life and makes multitasking a breeze with its speed and efficiency! ad


I have seen these on a lot of my teacher friends classroom lists!! These Number Blocks MathLink Cubes Activity Set is on drop with a clippable on top of that!! So great for counting, linking, matching and fun math games!! Ad


Start them young at the grill!! This adorable Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill Kitchen Playset is easy to push around with its built in wheels and comes with over 12 accessories for grilling fun!! Ad


WOAH!! 2-Pack of these highly rated Performance Tech Men's shorts are at their lowest! These have a 4-way stretch and a ultra-lightweight and breathable athletic fabric!! Ad


And there are so many different colors and designs to pick from! These Solar Hot Air Balloon Lanterns would be so neat lighting up your yard at night! Select the one you love, grab the clippable and watch the rest drop at check out! Ad


WOAH THERE!! My husbands Apple AirPods Pro's are at their LOWEST!! This is the 2nd Generation with 2x More Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, Adaptive Audio and more!! My husband uses these everyday for work to block out boise around him, take phone calls and listen to music!! Ad


I will drink Iced Coffee, but I will always prefer hot over cold...even in the 100 degree weather! And I like it HOT! This Coffee Mug Warmer has 2-temperature settings to keep your tea, coffee or even candle (yup! works for that too) heated!! Does have an auto-shut off! Ad


If you are looking for a solid wood end table with amazing reviews here it is!! And it is on LIGHTNING!!! Ad


H0T HOT!!! Now I just think these are so neat!!! A couple of different pretty styles to pick from! Dropping at check out! Ad


Light it up and lay out! This Light Up Pool Float with UPF50+ Canopy is just the thing you need to relax this summer! It has the cupholders, it has the handles and it is solar and comes with a remote! Big ol' Clippable and 1585Z1UC !! Ad


Baby Frida really is one of the best brands out there for baby supplies and make like...REALLY great baby shower gifts!! This set comes with a soap rinser that will keep water and suds out of baby's, bath soaps and a skinsoother! We STILL use a very similar cup to this that I got 8 years ago for all 3 of my kids because do not like any water touching their eyes!!! Ad


My youngest and middle are so much more into their scooter than they are riding their bikes! We have loved the Razor brand over the years!!! And this 3-wheel Razor Jr. Lil' Kick is great for the littler riders who might not have the balance down just yet! (Even though my 5 year old still loves riding our 3-wheeled scooter up and down our street!) Ad


WOOHOO!!!! These are GOOOD!!! The Lusaka 10pc Eyeshadow Stick Sets are dropping at check out!! These eyeshadow sticks are soft and creamy and glide right on, leaving you with amazing color! Lots of color sets to pick from too so you can grab the ones to make your eyes pop!! Ad


I have never seen these anit-fatigue rugs with a beautiful print like these!! Most have been solid in color!! These anti-fatigue mats make standing at the sink doing dishes, or being up on your feet cooking dinner more enjoyable! They are heavy duty, waterproof, non-slip and if I don't say so myself....CUTE! Ad


I am in love with the new platform sandal trend!!! And was shocked to see these Steve Maddens so low!!! Snatch these up quick!!! ad


Non-Slip, washable and not to mention a pretty Ombre Chenille Set! AND you get TWO!! These have quick absorption, non-skid backing and you can throw them into the washing machine whenever you need to clean them! Ad


Take a Peek at this drop!!!  AND a swimsuit with nice coverage on the backside!! So hard to find these days, I just can't get on the cheeky suit trend. This One-Piece Suit with tummy control and ruching is on drop! Ad


There is something about this new platform sandal trend that I just can't get enough of! These cuties are dropping like nobody's business! Varies by size and color, but lots of big drops!! Ad


Have you all been eyeing the Tineco Wet/Dry Vacuums?? I am seeing some HUGE clippables on these!! We are taking out carpet and putting down new flooring in the next couple of weeks and have been wanting one of these once we have our new flooring in to make it easier to keep clean! Ad


Designed to be fun and educational for the littles!! This Montessori Preschool Busy Board works on holidays, planets, numbers, letters, shapes, colors, weather, seasons and so much more!! They also can practice their line tracing, drawing and handwriting skills! Ad


I have been doing my own nails at home for awhile! Don't get me wrong, I love getting them done but have found with having my 3 boys and not too much time on my hands, it has been a lot easier to just do them myself! This Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light comes with everything you need for a pretty nail color refresh!! Ad


Summer weather can be no joke and these elevated cooling dog beds are amazing during this hot weather for your pup to lounge in the sun without getting overheated...inside AND outside! And it is so much easier on their joints too! Ad


My ultra cozy, never want to take off Oversized Zip up is on drop and at its lowest! I am wearing the Khaki color here in a size small! Love the oversized look and this has always been my go-to to throw on when I get chilly! Ad


My dog always loved laying outside in the sun and honestly I didn't know they had dog beds made for outside besides the elevated ones! These Orthopedic egg Crate Foam Dog bed with Washable Oxford Fabric Surface is waterproof and perfect for outside!! Ad


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