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Top Daily Deals - June 14th!

Updated: Jun 16


Ohh My goodness gracious!! My favorite Telena sling bags are dropping at check out! There are even some belt bags dropping too! These are a little larger than a belt bag and the best part....they have card slots inside! You won't even need a wallet! Leaving you more room for all your "necessities" that you have to have in your purse! Ad


Now I just need to somehow line my entire closet with these to get the custom professional built in closet look! The Fleximounts Heavy Duty Clothes Rack with Three Hangar rods is dropping with the "redeem" button! All the shelving is adjustable and can hold up to 660lbs!! Ad


Which one is your favorite!?

I am not shy about my love for Cluci bags around here and I am seeing a lot I need to add to my collection!!! The Cluci brand is sooooo stinkin' good!! Quality, style...everything!!! HALF OFF all the goodies you see here at chkout!! Ad


I am sorry...I am confused! Is that REALLY a pair of Adidas Cloudfoams for 25!?? Lots of Adidas goodies dropping with OFF15 at check out! ad


Squishmallow Slippers for Kids and Adults are on a little drop and at their lowest ever!! These Squishmallows are a slippery slope! I started with getting one for my youngest for Christmas and now all my boys want everything Squishmallows!! Thinking of stashing these fuzzy, cozy slippers away for Christmas for them! Ad


Not only for football!!! This could easily be used for baseball, soccer, hockey or just about any sport! This 7x7 Target Practice Trainer easily folds up into a carrying case and is at its LOWEST! Ad


LOWEST EVER! The most adorable ombre dry erase calendar there ever was!!! I could see this on a fridge or in a locker at school! Ad


LOVE LOVE LOVE Melissa & Doug! They come out with the coolest and most creative toys for kids! We have their wooden trains like this, but I know my 3year old would be all over this construction set too! Ad


Taking a chance that my husband doesn't see this, but he will be getting a new pair of Apple AirPods Pro's for Father's Day this weekend! On drop now!! This is the 2nd Generation with 2x More Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, Adaptive Audio and more!! My husband uses these everyday for work to block out boise around him, take phone calls and listen to music!! He has had his current pair for a long time now and with him wearing them all the time, it is time for an update! Ad


TORY BURCH SEMI-ANNUAL SALE!!! An EXTRA 25 percent coming off!! I was JUST talking to my cousin about these sandals at a wedding last weekend because she slipped a pair of Tory Burch sandals on before the reception. She said it was her third pair and she wears them just about every single day! Loves them!!! ad


I would have gotten EVERYTHING Burt's Bees when my kids were little if I could! The softest 100 percent Organic Cotton! This adorable reversible Baby Blanket is at its LOWEST EVER!! Ad


Yes, you could lounge around in this adorable set, but I would be pairing that top with jean shorts or just wearing this outfit out and about! Tooo cute!!! This set is half off with clippable and 6LGIJ63Y at check out!! Ad


In our last house we had one of these to keep all of our spices in and baking supplies!! They work great to create more space in that pantry! This over the door pantry organizer rack is dropping at check out! Ad


Who doesn't love a gaming/office chair with a pillow, lumbar Support AND a built in footrest!!  Crazy how much these office chairs have these days! This Ergonomic High Back Gaming/Office Chair is HALF OFF with the DOUBLE CLIPPABLE! Ad


These remind me of my Bombas that I got for Christmas!! and MAN...I had no idea how much I needed those in my life! These HomeTop Memory Foam House Sock Slippers have a non-slip rubber sole and a fuzzy, cozy lining and they are on LIGHTNING with a clippable!! Ad


Saw these and INSTANTLY fell in love with them!! You can use them for overnight oats, coffee, ice cream, tea, parfaits and sooo much more! They all come with a bamboo lid and pretty gold spoon too!! On drop!! Ad


Sling bags are like the new leggings! Just about everyone has one and they look cute with just about everything! This Sling Bag comes in some really pretty colors and all have fun straps too! Dropping by half at check out! Ad


I absolutely LOVE these shorts, and sooo wish I would have gotten one size down! Note! If you are in between, definitely size down! These look almost identical to the FP BRAND!! Sooo cute with the feminine pleated pocket on the side that makes them have a skirt look! They do have a liner inside too! Dropping at check out! Ad


My middle has one more game and my oldest has two until the end of baseball season, but they have been loving it so much that they have been practicing every chance they get outside! We have a whole t-ball setup out there for them to practice their swings! This Baseball Tee Set is dropping with 503SCLLD at check out! Ad


Now who is having a July 4th party?? I saw a fireworks stand going up yesterday and can't even believe that it will be here in just a couple of weeks! This 126-piece July 4th Party Supply Bundle is half off with clippable and 40ZKS554 at check out! Ad


DOUBLE DECKER and COLLAPSIBLE!! This Heavy Duty Wagon can go on any terrain to sporting events, to the garden, beach, camping or wherever!! Favorite part about these...It has a crate on the bottom so nothing will fall out, and a 36gallon capacity in the upper level! It can hold your canopy tent, your cooler, lawn chairs...up to 500lbs of stuff!! DROPPING with clippable and EIZESY3E at check out! Ad


This flewwww the other day! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it!  This Modular 6-Piece Play Couch is DROPPING BIG with COUP0N and the rest at chkout!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


Grab a new belt bag for spring/summer!!! Dropping to under 6 with the "redeem" button!!!! In love with belt bags and wear mine every single day!! So comfortable to wear too, I usually even forget that it is on! Ad


It is summer, so gaming is bound to happen! I have three boys that would love this Wooden Do Not Disturb Sign! Dropping with 506MCL2C at check out! Ad


These popular Platform Sandals in ALLLLL these different styles and colors!! YES PLEASE!! I am all on board with the platform sandal trend going on right now! Dropping by half at check out! Ad


Run for this!!....See what I did there :) !

This would make getting your steps in at home sooo much easier and this one is crazy low!! This Under the Desk Treadmill has a Remote Control and LED Display where you can keep track of your calories burned, distance, time and speed!! Go all the way to check out to see it drop!! Ad


I have been loving this jumpsuit lately! So comfortable, so cute and it has a cinchable waistline with the drawstring! I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it to a birthday party last weekend! This isn't the same brand, but I do have a lot of my favorite pieces from this brand! Dropping half off with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


AHHH Just saw that my favorite Wernies Socks are on drop!! LOVE THESE!!! They even have a silicone strip to keep them on your feet and not sliding down into your shoes! Some of the Best socks ever!! Ad


We are headed to the pool today for swim lessons and then some fun afterwards! I can't ever forget the goggles!! They are a must! These Highly reviewed Swim Goggles are at their lowest!!! Ad


True Story!! The Police knocked on my door about a month ago asking if I had footage from my Ring because they had someone break into a car down the road from me the night before! did!! We caught the car and I was able to turn over that footage! My ring Doorbell is on drop and the lowest it has been in a while!!! Ad


 PB&J's for lunch all day everyday around here! My kids don't like crust, love Uncrustables, but the  of those add up QUICK! So we make our own around here! This sandwich cutter and sealer is amazing! They can cut and seal any type of sandwich!! SOOO easy to use!!! Dropping with 408I13EW at check out! Ad


The kind you can give your child without worry!! These Wheat Straw Bowls are unbreakable, reusable and microwave and dishwasher safe!! Made of high quality food grade materials and non-toxic!! These make amazing cereal bowls and come in a pack of 8! Dropping with clippable and 30X4ICRC at check out! Ad


Denim in IN!!! And I am loving every bit of it!! These fun denim button ups can be worn so many ways! Layered over a tank, tied up like what you see on the left or buttoned up like on the right! So many colors to pick from too! Dropping with GGLA584M at check out!! Ad


BY FAR the lowest I have seen these go! They are so, so neat!! This Solar Smart Bird Feeder can detect what species of bird it is and will get it all on camera for you! Great gift for those bird lovers! Dropping with clippable and 50YCR434 at check out! Ad


I so wish I was set up to have a fan outside!! This Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with light has 6-speeds and also has 3-light colors to pick from (white, warm and yellow!)! Dropping with clippable and 253AU6N3 at check out! Ad


Well...Hello there gorgeous!!! And if you are more neutral and not as bold as these colors, there are even more to pick from with more muted colors! These washable rugs are made just a little bit thinner so you can easily throw them in the washing machine and have them come out looking brand new! Dropping with the clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


These prints are adorable right?? My favorite is that tribal one on the left!! These XLarge Beach Bags are Waterproof AND Sandproof and would be the cutest thing on the beach! Dropping at check out! Make sure to pick one from that first list for it to work! Ad


Does this scream summer fun or what!? My kids definition of a good time!! We are all about the bubbles at our house! This Bubble Blower Machine with the ability to produce 5000 COLORFUL bubbles at once!!! On drop with a clippable!! Ad


You all seeing those reviews?? AND that giant clippable that is on all sizes from Twin to California King....even those Twin XL for dorm rooms!! Now is a great time to start replacing those old dingy bed sheets!! Ad


These Speech flash cards comes with over 100 flash cards and 220 sight words!! I have a child in speech right now and this is very similar to one of the tools she uses during his sessions to work on different sounds! Half off at check out! Ad


Holy Cow, what is this cuteness we have here!! Which is your fav? Moooove over for these weekender bags because they are dropping at check out! These are perfect size for those weekends away and quick trips! Ad


I have had my same silverware since I have been married and was just thinking the other day we may have to do some replacing here soon! Overtime...and between three kids we have lost and thrown away some! This black set is gorgeous and is on drop!! Ad


These are fun with their stripes and bright colors!! You can bring some color to your outfit and wear these on a night out on the town, or fill it with all your necessities and put it in the pool bag for easy access to all your things! These cute crochet clutches are dropping with clippable and L6RZLWSI at check out! Ad


Grabbing these for soccer season and well...summer in general!!! Would be so handy when we go to places like the zoo or playground in the summer! These Cooling Towels are over half off! Ad


This Kodak Dock Plus Instant Photo Printer Bundle is SO COOL!! You can charge your phone as your print photos straight from it!!! Works with Android and Apple and it comes with photo sheets!! There are so many pictures in my phone right now that I have been wanting to print off! This would make it sooo much easier! Ad


LIGHTNING AND LOWEST! I have a house full of boys and man do we go through some jerky! I love keeping these around for snacks at our house and we always have a bag on roadtrips! The Jack Link's Jerky Bold Variety Pack is on drop! Ad


Absolutely loving the look of these sleek, modern towel hooks! Not only would they look amazing in the bathroom for towels and robes, but they would also look great in an entry way for keys and coats! This six pack is dropping with F5SYA38L at check out! Nice little easy bathroom update! And adhesive, so no drill holes!! Ad


DORM ROOM FIND!!! It is a phone is a is a bluetooth is an alarm is a really neat Smart Touch Light All-in-One Dual Alarm Clock!! Can be used with iPhone and Samsung and it is half off with the "redeem" button!! Ad


I am seeing LOTS AND LOTS of amazingly popular items in this bunch!!! Craziness is happening at Under Armour!! They are taking some of their hottest items and taking an extra 25 percent off at check out! Yes!! This does include those polos for the entire family and this adorable little toddler skirt!! AND these Fly By Shorts are just 9! Great time to grab those back to school items! ad

Mens Tech Short Sleeve

Womens HeatGear Shorts

Womens Fly By Shorts


You can take these with you anywhere during the summer! Take it to those outdoor sports games, to the playground for a place to cool off or outside while you are gardening!! AND it oscillates!! Great when you have little kids, camping or just for outside when it is a scorcher out! Half off at check out! Ad



I have the same Swiss Dot Dress but in the shorter style and it is soo cute on!! Love this brand!! Their quality is always amazing and the detailing on all their pieces is perfect!! This Midi Swiss Dot Dress is dropping at check out! Ad


Popular item right now!!! This Spray Mop with three washable pads can be used on the floor, windows (we all have those hard to reach windows that we can never get clean) and walls!! At its lowest with the clippable and the rest dropping at check out! Ad


Okay...I have come to the realization that my body is getting old! We have been on a board game kick with our kids and we always sit on the floor around our coffee table. Guys! It hurts!! These floor cushions are looking mighty fine right about now! Get one or two for half off with 9X3VZFLO at check out! Ad


My kids and I went to this really neat place the other day that had a little grocery store for the kids to shop in! That was their favorite part and they spent hours in there cutting these wooden veggies for their customers and then ringing them up at the register! Not only are these little cutting veggies fun, but they work on hand eye coordination too! This play set is dropping with dorjee40 at check out! Ad


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