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Top Daily Deals - June 15th!



WHAA!!!! Half Off and amazing reviews on This Mini Cordless Chainsaw!! I have heard amazing things about these small but mighty mini chainsaws! My little trees in the backyard need a haircut and thinking this is just the thing to do the trick! Ad


RUN LIKE THE WIND because these won't last too long!!! @LovedByJen's Veva Air Purifier is dropping like it's HOT! She has 4 of them and says they are the absolute best!! 50PUREAIRTCP is Working on both the smaller and the larger one (this is the smaller, which is still good size) and looks to be working on multiples!!! Ad


My youngest is in the "I do it myself" phase and that includes getting himself dressed for the day. The only problem is he is not tall enough to grab the hangers so he pulls his shirts off so hard it breaks the hangers! So many broken hangers!!! I grabbed this set not too long ago because I was in desperate need of more!!! On drop for a pack of 60!! Ad


I have been seeing these EVERYWHERE and now look at this drop with clippable!! Would love to know who has used these! They seem amazing!!!! You just stick them on your forehead, they are made with Hydrolyzed Collagen and Vitamin E that fight against wrinkles and smooth fine lines! Ad


If you like being surprised and amazing jewelry...this is for you! The Summer Uncommon James Mystery GOLD Item is around 70 percent off what it normally is with UNCOMMON20 at check out!!! I have done the mystery item twice now and got these amazing earrings last time and necklace (I get compliments every time I wear them!) and I am definitely going back for more! No idea what you will receive (usually a necklace or earrings)! That is the fun part!!! If you have done this before I would love to see what you got!!! ad


Super waterproof and super fun!!! Now you can be poolside and playing cards with these waterproof playing cards! Ad


AWARD WINNING!! and now on LIGHTNING!!! This Grace & Stella Rose Water Facial Spray not only smells delicious but it gives you a natural glow, makes you feel refreshed and has hyaluronic acid to keep your face hydrated! Let me know if you have tried this....I am intrigued! Ad


I know I have had these on school supply lists in the past, so they are great for the classroom...AND I love organizing with these! Always come in handy for linen closets, storing toys, storing crafts and more! ad


The LOWEST by far for these highly reviewed slippers!! They have a fluffy faux fur inside to keep your toesies all nice and warm and a memory foam sole to keep them comfortable! Dropping so low with 50R36JG7 at check out! Ad


BRING THE HEAT with you!!! No microwave in worries!!! You can heat your lunch while out and about! Hits the perfect temperature in 10-25 minutes! At its LOWEST EVER! Ad


Sandproof, Waterproof, and big enough to fit all your "stuff"!! This Large Zippered Beach Bag is HALF OFF at check out!! I have my eyeballs on that striped one!! Ad


Crocs and Pokemon!! Best of both worlds for a kid!!! This huge set of 47 shoe charms (no duplicates!!) is dropping with 8QUNMI4E at check out!! Great way to personalize those clogs with some of their favorite Pokemon characters!! Ad


I have a serious problem with running over the garden hose with the lawn mower! This is two summers in a row! So if you are anything like me, it is good to have a couple of back ups! This Flexible, no-kink, lightweight garden hose with Sprayer Nozzle AND a storage bag is dropping at check out! Ad


Calling all crafters!!! EVERYTHING is so much cooler when it glows in the dark!!! Glow in the dark yarn is half off at check out!! Ad


HOT DEAL AND LOWEST EVER!!! Now I just think these are so NEAT! They are modern looking, dimmable, you can adjust the light color temperature and has a timer, app and remote that comes with it! This Bladeless Ceiling Fan with Lights is on drop with a clippable!! Ad


The cutest little shoes for summer!! (and the easiest for little ones to get on themselves!) These Kids Slip-On Canvas Shoes are dropping at chkout!! Don't have to worry about tying laces either!!! Lots of colors and different prints to pick from! Ad


Now for the ADULT Nike Popular Crew Socks!!! 6-Pair for 19!!! Any grade school or high schoolers needing some new socks for the new school year? Now is the time to snag them!


YOU GUYS!! These Birkenstock White Clogs for 19!! Aye Caramba!!!! ad


Who else is on board with swim board shorts?? Yes, they are great for paddle boarding, jet skiing and boating, but they are also perfect to throw on over any swimsuit for a little extra coverage while you are running around after the kiddos! These 5" Swim Shorts are UPF50+ and have a built in liner! Dropping with XP295RZP at check out! Ad


Elongated SportsBra Tanks are HALF OFF!!! These sleeveless workout tops are made with sweat wicking materials and are buttery soft! Perfect for your hikes, walks, yoga or whatever you like to do to move your body or you could easily wear them as a layering piece or summer top!! Dropping at check out! Ad


For sure my husbands go to!! He absolutely loves these Under Armour Athletic Tees! Seeing this huge drop on this Steel Light Heather color, but let us know if you see any other colors dropping too! Ad


It is almost embarrassing how many times I have fallen asleep reading and woken up to my Kindle hitting me in the face from dropping it! You can hook this to a hammock, your bed, an end table...just about anywhere!! And read or watch hands free with this Magsafe Gooseneck Device Holder! On drop with a clippable!! Ad


Saw that my son's tower fan is DROPPING BIG TIME with the Limited Time Drop, Clippable and G27BIWGL at check out! This one is so quiet, comes with a remote, oscillates, has a timer, 3-modes AND an LED display! SOOO good!! We are a big fan family here, everyone has their own fan in their room! Ad


My husband and I spent a lot of time between sports games working on our landscaping and I ended up blowing through a pair of mine!! Love that these are touchscreen and have the durability of leather! Dropping at check out!! Ad


So sleek and modern looking!!! This woodgrain Color Ceiling Fan with a Dimmable LED Light and 6-wind speeds is dropping with the coupon! It also has a remote it can be controlled with too! Ad


You know where to find me all summer! Just give me a book, a cup of coffee and no need to bother me! This Hammock WITH STAND and support up to 600lbs is dropping at check out!! I could see this one going pretty quickly! Ad


Back to school shorts for the kiddos!!! Get FIVE pairs for 31!! My boys live in athletic shorts so it never hurts to stock up!! Ad


Anyone going on a Magical Trip soon?! These Mini Backpacks are dropping at check out!!! SOOOOO many to pick from!! Ad


I was obsessed with Muslin swaddles when my boys were little and now they have these Muslin Crib Sheets!!! Soft, airy and breathable!! Set of two Muslin Crib Sheets for HALF OFF at chkout! More colors to pick from! Ad


I am totally digging this!! Be able to work, read, game with ease from your bed, couch, floor or wherever with this handy dandy Lap Pillow!! This could be a great addition to a dorm room too!! Dropping with the "redeem" button! Ad


Not only for football!!! This could easily be used for baseball, soccer, hockey or just about any sport! This 7x7 Target Practice Trainer easily folds up into a carrying case and is at its LOWEST! Ad


These planters make me smile every . single . time!!! The cutest little face planters are half off at check out!! And the plant they chose to put in this one is so on point giving him a cute little hairstyle! Ad


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