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Top Daily Deals - June 17th

Updated: Jun 18



So sleek and modern looking!!! This woodgrain Color Ceiling Fan with a Dimmable LED Light and 6-wind speeds is dropping with the coupon! It also has a remote it can be controlled with too! Ad


This would make getting your steps in at home sooo much easier and this one is crazy low!! This Under the Desk Treadmill has a Remote Control and LED Display where you can keep track of your calories burned, distance, time and speed!! Go all the way to check out to see it drop!! Ad


READY....SET...It is Walmart + Week!!! AND IT IS LIVE for Walmart+ members! Exclusive offers and 1-hour express delivery, 20 percent Walmart Cash and double the savings on gas and even more!!! If you aren't a member yet, sign up to access these now!



What an absolute STEAL-OF-A-DEAL!! This Steel Pop-Up Gazebo is dropping an insane amount!!! It even comes with weather-resistant mesh curtains to keep nature out! ad


#ad OHH MY GOODNESS!!! Get up to half off Olaplex!! This stuff has completely changed the texture of my hair. It is smoother, softer and just looks so much healthier than it used to! Put 60 worth in your cart (most are just 2 items!) and new customers can use HELLO30 at check out and watch it DROP!! For example, add the No.4 and No. 5 (normally 60) and get them both for 30!!!


#ad This Backyard Expressions 2-person Patio Glider is today's Online Special Deal!!! AND you can pair it with HELLO30 if you are a new customer and watch it drop unbelievably low!! This has the most perfect blend of comfort and style and looks like a great spot to cozy up with someone on the porch or I would totally just hog the whole thing for myself!


#ad OHH MY OHH MY!! Kristen's Shark StainStriker Portable Carpet Cleaner with Pet Mess Tool is  the LOWEST I have ever seen it go!! Going fast!! New customers will need to use HELLO30 at check out for the big drop! From muddy paw prints to crayon on the couch....this thing is the MVP! It is so amazing!! It is designed to take on dry or wet stains and even those stubborn (and have been there awhile) spots that you can't seem to get rid of!!


WOWZA!!!  This Floating Lily Pad Mat is on a LARGE DROP! The green is already gone, so hurry and catch the red!! These are sooo much fun for adults to relax on and kids to run around and do summersaults on! (at least that's what my kids do for hours at the lake!) ad


Traveling soon?? Grab a set of these!! I put my body wash, face wash, shampoo and conditioner in these and they are TSA approved size so very easy to throw in a suitcase and jump on a plane! LOWEST EVER for this set of four! Ad


This little guy has been having the best time with swim lessons this year and is so comfortable splashing in the water! With how good these reviews are, I went ahead and grabbed 3 pairs of these goggles for all my boys! They are always diving for toys and these fit amazing and I love that they come in a case to keep them safe! Ad


Well...looks like Christmas jammies are coming early this year!! Get a head start!! These HonestBaby 100 percent organic cotton Kid's PJ's are an off season SCORE!!! Varies by size and print!!! Be sure to let us know which ones you end up with!! Ad


Bugs be GONE!! Lots of people have been grabbing this one in the past month and I know here with all our rain lately and the humid conditions, bugs have been a big ol' problem! This Bug Zapper is dropping with clippable the rest at check out!! Ad


I have had my eyeballs on one of these for a long time!! This 3-Barrel Curling Iron Wand gives you soft, wavy curls with very, very minimal effort! Dropping by a lot with 7LXRE7A3 at check out! Ad


Does anyone still have their blankets from when they were kids? My sister still has hers...or what's left of it! My boys all have stuffed animals and blankets they love!!! Lots of fun and cute prints in these minky baby blankets! I am talking 20 different prints!!! All are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Burt's Bees is the BEES KNEES!! LOVE THESE PJ'S!! The softest 100 percent Organic Cotton and have always been my go-to's for jammies for my kiddos! Just grabbed a couple of pairs for my youngest!! Ad


Went to Bath and Body Works yesterday and did a TOTAL stock up on 3-wick candles!!! And I also grabbed a bunch of the wall fragrances too! Some amazing scents right now and select 3-wick candles are 10.95!!! The Main Street Bakery and the Toasted Cinnamon Sugar were among some of my favorites I picked up yesterday!! ad


If you have a little one who is hesitant about the first day of school these could ease their minds!! You both get matching bracelets and at anytime they can look down at it and think of you! Get's their mind off of the anxiousness of school and focuses their mind on home and how you are there with them! Dropping at check out! Ad


How stinkin' pretty can these get?? These gorgeous, flowy, plus-size Floral Dresses are dropping with clippable and 5BBJFBCN at check out! Sizes range from 16-plus to 28-plus! Ad


The BEST!!! I started using these about 8months ago and will never go back to the regular Dawn squeeze bottle! It makes it so easy to spray all over your pot or pan and foams up and gets to work on loosening up that stuck on food right away!! Dropping to its lowest!! Ad


 Can't miss this HOT ONE!!! The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocking Chair with Carry Strap is 30 Off for new customers with HELLO30 at check out!! My FAVORITE chair!! We have soo many sports games today and we will have ours in tow! ad

More GCI with $30 ofd with Code


I went down memory lane to find that picture and still is so funny to me! They may look hilarious, but they are as magical as they claim!! This is THE BEST sleepsuit to transition from an arms in swaddle to an arm's out one! It keeps the startle reflex at bay so they don't wake theirselves up and gives them the comfort and coziness of an arms in swaddle! I highly, HIGHLY recommend these!!! Ad


FOR TWO!! I just got some new pillows yesterday because can you ever REALLY have enough pillows in your house?? These Homemate King Size Pillows are just 16 with 9696TV9B at check out!! Ad


Just as satisfying as I thought it would be! I tried my new fabric Shaver Lint Remover on my son's favorite (and very fuzzy) Sonic sweatshirt and look how well it removed all the fuzzies!! You know how swimsuits get fuzzies on these from sitting on the concrete, this would work perfectly on those!! It is HALF OFF at check out and so worth it!! Safe enough for delicate fabrics, cordless and doesn't clog! Now I will be shaving my couch next! Ad


Hands up if you have one of these magical Water Inflatables for your kiddos!

This is hands down one of the best things we got for our boys last summer!!!! Our Inflatable Water Bounce House got soooo much use last year and already a lot of use this year! This one has a slide, climbing wall, built in basketball hoop, water cannons, splash pool and MORE! DROPPING big time!! ad


Have a Bogg Bag, but not a fan of the lack of pockets?? THIS!!! You set this organizer inside your Bogg bag and VIOLA!! You have a built in organizer!! Dropping with 50SAW81O at check out! Ad


....And now I am hungry !! Get a perfect patty every time with this hamburger press AND it comes with 100-pieces of wax hamburger patty paper! Now dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


How fun and pretty is this! This Cherry Blossom Tree Building Block Set is dropping at check out! You can have some fun building it and then put it on display for nice decor! Ad


This is beautiful!!! And it is working on other colors and sizes too!! (the ones that it works on will show both of the clippables like below!) This 3-piece Bedsure Farmhouse Duvet Set is half off with the DOUBLE CLIPPABLES! Let us know what color/size you get! Ad


Oh my goodness!!! If you want to make your child's day...grab these color changing cups! Seriously though! My oldest got a color changing cup from a birthday party he went to and my boys fought over it constantly because that was all they wanted to drink out of! I got the ones on the left just last week and they are a huge hit!! The boys are drinking so much water and are having a blast with the color changing! The set of the ones with straws and lids on the right are HALF OFF at check out! Ad


LADIES!!!! (and guys!) My IPL Hair Remover is dropping real low at check out to 35!! I have been using for months now and see a really noticeable change in grow back!!! AND the cooling feature on it is amazing!! Does not hurt at all! And it also comes with some really cool glasses to protect your eyes!! (obviously not seen here!) Ad


This one is soo, soo good!!! The material is fabulous and feels amazing on! The most perfect summer dress! My Sleeveless Knit Dress is DROPPING with 457MMJXR and the clippable! Wore this one to church last weekend! Ad


Honestly, I think I would like camping even more with these! :)!! These Solar String Lights have 8 color modes and can decorate everything from tents, camping sites, backyards, cars (I am already thinking trunk or treat) and more! Dropping with the clippable and 304R8Y4R at check out! Ad


You seeing this?!? I can't believe how low this one it!

These Pikler Traingles are so fun!!! We got this similar one for my little guy's first birthday and ALL my kids still use it!! They use it for Obstacle courses, slides and of course the Floor is Lava is always involved with this! Dropping with clippable and 22PJA5HA at check out! Ad


Our favorite singer can now decorate our crocs and clogs!! The "T-Swiftie" Shoe Charms are half off at check out! You just pop them in and you won't be able to "Shake them off"! Ad


If you have any trips coming up that you need to bring beach towels for or have a hard time carrying or fitting all your pool towels in your beach bag....this is what you need!! Seriously!! They are so absorbent, quick dry and barely take up any room in a suitcase or beach bag and are lightweight!! I took these to our Florida trip last year and this is what we use every time we go to the pool now! SIX Turkish Beach Towels are at their LOWEST EVER! Ad


WHHAAA!!! Crazy back to school shoe find!!! Kids Nike Dunks are on drop with ANOTHER 20 percent coming off with FLASH20 at check out! ad

Use FLASH20 on all of these too


HOW NEAT IS THIS!!! This 25W Solar Powered Fan Kit is perfect for those chicken coops, greenhouses, sheds, pet houses and more!! Higher Powered for Larger Airflow...especially great in this summer heat! Grab the DOUBLE CLIPPABLES!! Ad


GORGEOUS and comes in EVEN M0RE colors and sizes than what you see here!! We are dropping low on the MACHINE WASHABLE rugs! Big clippable and the rest dropping at check out! Great neutral colors and even some with bolder colors to match a bunch of decor! Ad


These would be so cute in a classroom reading corner, or a 4-seasons room in your home or in a bedroom! These Metal End tables with Fabric Storage baskets are half off at check out! They come in this pretty white, light gray and dark gray! Ad


Perfect summer staple top!! The lace detailing on the sleeve and the length is perfect for dressing up and down!! This purple is sooo, sooo pretty and they have 9-total colors to pick from too!! Now HALF OFF with the DOUBLE Clippable!! Ad


HOT DIGGITY DOG!! Keyless Entry Smart Fingerprint Door Lock is on a double dip with the clippable and the rest dropping at check out! DROPPING to 62 for this whole kit and caboodle! Open it with your fingerprint, App, Fob, physical key, or you can set up pin numbers (everyone gets their own!) for everyone from the house sitter to the child who can't be trusted with a key! Ad


What in the coolness are these?!? How stinkin' neat!!! These Meteor Shower String Lights are half off at check out!! The coolest way to decorate for July 4th if you ask me!! Ad


Whenever you need an umbrella, you never have one! ALWAYS happens to me!! For whatever reason they always disappear when I need them the most! They get lost or taken by my husband or kids! These umbrellas with lots of neat prints to pick from are half off at check out!! Ad


It is gorgeous with its sleek, modern look!! This industrial bookshelf, made of premium performance steel would be a great addition to any family room, living room, bedroom or office!!! Dropping to 49 with the "redeem" button! Ad


Does anyone else feel like they live in SportsBras?? because I for sure do! This HIGHLY Reviewed Set of 4-SportsBras are DR0PPING up to 42 percent off!! These are for High Impact Support and full coverage too!! Sizes range from Small to 3X-Large! Ad


Which is your favorite?? Print or Solid?

These just took my favorite pillow slides and mixed them with the trendy double buckle look and I am in LOVE!!! And all these fun colors too!!! On drop!! Ad


HOT DIGGITY DOG!!! Game Changer right here!!!! A Robot Vacuum that can hold up to 60-days worth of dirt and debris!!! !!! This Shark AI Ultra Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is on HUGE DROP!! I just wish this could follow my kids around the house this summer!! Ad


These are the neatest!!! Spy on your pets, get alerts on what they are up to and feed them treats to remind them how much you love them! The 360-degree Furbo Pet Camera is at its LOWEST EVER!! It will even track your pet with the camera! Sooo neat!!! Ad


Really, really liking the boy shorts on these...and how supportive these straps look!!! These 2-Piece Plus Size Swimsuits are dropping at check out! Sizes range from 14 plus-22 plus!! Ad


Chicken it true chickens like to picnic too? :) This Chicken No mess, easy to clean and fill wooden chicken feeder picnic table is at its LOWEST EVER!! Ad


These tops have been one of the most popular of the season!! You can easily wear them under those popular flowy rompers and jumpsuits, pair them with a pair of your favorite denim. or wear them casual with a pair of athletic shorts! So versatile!!! AND this set comes with THREE of them! These highly rated tops are on drop! Ad


Would you just look at these pretty things!!! AHHH!!! We very rarely see a drop on white On's!!! I am thinking sizes will go pretty fast in these Women's On Cloudrunners!! ad


You know what I like best about these tops...the length and hemline! Long enough for a little extra coverage, especially when wearing with leggings, but still fitting enough to give you shape!! These tunic tops are 9!! Ad


With the fringe and the open can't tell me this isn't the most adorable swim cover-up you have ever seen!! Eight colors to pick from too!!! Dropping at check out!! Ad


Roll it up and take your tools on the go!! This Roll up Tool Bag comes with two detachable tool pouches too! It is heavy duty and has 6-pockets to fill with screwdrivers, nails, wrenches, measuring tapes and more! Half off at check out! Ad


ALL THREE!!! Everything you need in a travel cosmetic bag!! This initialed Makeup Bag set is dropping by 60 percent with clippable and 50QDFHIL at check out! Ad


When do you all start Christmas shoppin' because this would be a good one to start with! This looks like a bigger version of ours!!! Such a huge fan of these Magnetic Tiles and with my boys having so many Hot Wheels, these City Magnetic Tiles get a TON of play!! DROPPING with Clippable and ZNYXE9ET at check out!! Ad


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