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Top Daily Deals - June 18th

Updated: Jun 19



CRAZY PANTS!!! This bring me back to the how many blankets are too many discussion! Eeeek!! I want them all!!! And for just 7!! This popular Bedsure Fleece Blanket is dropping with clippable and  5MWUMPKL at checkout! Works on colors listed below

Size: Throw XL in Linen, Light Grey, Charcoal, Black, White, Sage Green, Mineral Blue, Navy, Cream, Brown, Camel, Teal Blue, Pink, Washed Blue, Lilac Ad


This is tooo GOOD!! Buy One, Get One Half off on my Reef Sandals AND so many more popular brands for the entire family!! (I got my sandals here last year during the same Buy One, Get One sale!)!! So many brands and styles you can mix and match with! Ad


No one told me that these Squishmallows were a slippery slope youngest got one for Christmas and now he is hooked!! This adorable purple cow is now down to its L0WEST!! Hurry though!! Could end at any time! Ad


SIX JUMBO Coloring Books filled with favorite characters for half off!!! I am grabbing 2 of these and donating one bundle to our church's kids room!! LOWEST EVER for these! Ad


SUMMER STOCK UP TIME!! Grabbing a bunch for my boys!! Kids Swimsuits are as low as 4 at Old Navy! Look at those little popsicle pants for the boys!! :) ad


You love for Melissa & Doug runs deep! We have this Caterpillar Sprinkler at my moms house and the kids go crazy over it! Well....anything that involves water on a hot day my kids go crazy over! Lots of Melissa & Doug drops that include this fun sprinkler! Ad


Another sleek, modern looking fan that could update the look of a room!! AND it can be used OUTDOOR too!!! This 3-color Dimmable Light with 6-wind speeds ceiling fan has a giant clippable! Ad


When does baseball season end for everyone? We have 1 more game! For those of you with kids in select/club ball, what age did you decide to take the leap? This Franklin Sports Pitching Machine is on drop!! We have the larger one and my boys take it to the backyard all the time. It is nice because they can practice without a tee and they can hit the balls without it breaking a window! Ad


Crocs...but in a rubber tote AND a cutie patootie backpack!!! Wouldn't this make an adorable school backpack though?? They can add charms just like they do to their shoes! Both come in a lot of colors! Details below!!

Get up to 25 percent off with A9Z5D7DZBCB5 at check out!


Yes, these are a pretty penny...BUT people swear by them and it is not every day we see Le Creuset anything on drop, let alone 44 percent off!! It is wedding season and I know lots of brides have these on their registry! This 7.25qt Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven is on DROP!!! Ad


Some of the best quality lunch boxes and backpacks out there! The Pottery Barn Kids back to school items are dropping an extra 20 percent with EXTRA at check out!! These lunch boxes are dropping as low as 10!!!! ad

Use EXTRA on all these items too


These colors together remind me of a gender reveal party! These Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polishes are dropping by half!!! I have used the Insta-Dri Nail Polish for years...ever since I became a mom and needed a really quick way to make my nails look presentable! Lots more drops too! Ad


These buttons are darling!!! Such a great summer top if I do say so myself!! This top in 10 colors is dropping to its lowest!!! Ad


I feel like summer break has just started, but I am already collecting back to school items!! These gray and purple Five Star Notebooks are dropping to their lowest ever!! Dare I say stock up for the new school year?? Ad


The weather is already REAL HOT and these elevated cooling dog beds are amazing in the summer for your pup to lounge in the sun without getting overheated, especially with the canopy that comes with it! And it is so much easier on their joints too! Half Off at check out! Ad


I am officially on the Gym People train...CHOO CHOO!! And I am officially going back for more! These are so comparable to the look and feel of the Lululemon ones and the quality is just as good!! I grabbed a pair of the pocketed ones and the ones without a couple of weeks ago and have been blown away! Lots of Gym People Drops today!! Ad


AHHH!!! WHAAA!!! An enclosed Trampoline for 159!! INSANE!!! And it even comes with the ladder! Have some jumping fun this summer with this Triple Tree enclosed Trampoline! ad


To me, these look like an amazing everyday sandal! AND they have arch support!! These cushioned KuaiLu Women's Sandals are down to 13! Ad


Who doesn't love a gaming/office chair with a pillow, lumbar Support AND a built in footrest!!  Crazy how much these office chairs have these days! This Ergonomic High Back Gaming/Office Chair is 95 with the drop and "redeem" button!! Ad


Cozy up on this Outdoor Porch Swing with canopy...or relax, kick up your feet and keep the whole swing for yourself! GIANT DROP on this Gymax porch swing, especially with the included canopy!! ad


WAIT..WAIT!!! This one comes with a little bounce house too!?? Hands down one of the best things we got for our boys last summer!! Got us away from the heat and they had so much fun together playing! Our Inflatable Water Bounce House got soooo much use last year and it is the same this year! This Water Inflatable has a bounce house, slide, basketball, climbing wall, water canon (my boys favorite), splash pool and MORE! ad


#ad WOAH!! Kristen's EyeVac Home Touchless Sensor Activated Vacuum is on huge drop with another 30 coming off with HELLO30 for new customers at check out! Kristen keeps hers in the floor of her pantry where it is so easy to scoot crumbs over to it and VIOLA...gone!! Never use a dust pan again! It is so easy to use with an easy to clean 1 gallon bagless canister! Best invention for moms, hair stylists, pet owners, teachers and more!!


It is unreal how fast kids can grow out of shoes at the toddler/little kid stage! These Sneakers are DROPPING with clippable and XD5IEPQM at check out!! These would also be great for an extra school shoe in preschool! I know our school has to have an extra pair of clothes/shoes on hand in case of accidents! Ad


This is so versatile!!! Use it in the kitchen for fruit, in the bathroom for washcloths, lotions and bath items, use as an end table and you could even store diapers, wipes and more if you have babies in the house! Love that this has a tabletop too!! This rotating storage rack is dropping at check out! Ad


You get FIVE!!!! Full Coverage, with a high waist!! These Cotton Undies even go up to a size 5X-Large! Lots of color variations to pick from and all are dropping at check out! Ad


The comfort of an athletic short, but with the look of a dressier short! These are for sure a WINNER!! These High Waisted Casual Summer Shorts with pockets are dropping with clippable and CRJC7JW3 at check out! Ad


These seashell bags are always a huge hit!! Don't hit the beach without the right supplies!! All the sand toys you need in this bundle! From buckets and shovels to mesh bags and even sunglasses!!! Dropping with the "redeem" button! Ad


Two different looks, two different blues...both half off at check out! Are you team left or right?? These Dimmable Touch Lamps with built in USB ports are the most perfect thing for a side table! No more searching behind beds and couches for an outlet, just plug in your devices into your lamp!! Ad


Who knows a little girl who likes to play dress up!? I want to say at least 3 of my nieces have a mermaid costume that they wear on the reg.! This comes in sizes 2T-12yrs. and it is dropping with U5ER7FW4 at check out! Ad


Once you go Eye Massager with don't go back!!! Kristen's very similar Eye Massager is dropping at chkout!! This one even has Bluetooth Music so you can hit that ULTIMATE relaxation level!!! With the heat and massage options, it helps with migraines, eye strain, dry eye, headaches and more!! Ad


Dress it up or dress it down, either way this Lace V-Neck Summer top is adorable! On drop in lots of colors! Ad


Lowest I have seen this Solar Fountain Pump go!! This is CRAZY LOW!!! These Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pumps have a clippable and dropping even more with TY6506174 at check out!! This neat little fountain comes with 6-different nozzles to produce different spray shapes! Who has tried this one in their kiddos water table! I just think that is the neatest idea!! Ad


Who is wanting to see more Dorm Room Items?

DORM ROOM MUST-HAVE!! We all know that storage is those dorm rooms so utilize under the bed with this set of TWO under bed storage containers! This would also be great for out of season clothes, shoes or even hiding Christmas gifts! DROPPING at check out! Ad


Is it just me or are they making these organizers prettier and prettier! It is almost as if they know we will be more inclined to organize ourselves if they are pretty to look at! Three colors to pick from! These cosmetic organizers with drawers are dropping at check out! Ad


HOT HOT HOT FIND!!! Now I just think these are so NEAT looking and could elevate the look of a room!! This Low Profile Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with warm and white Light temperatures and 6-speeds is half off with clippable and 30LV86EO at check out!! Ad


The puff sleeve and lace do it again!!! How adorable would these be with white shorts or pants...or any type of denim!! These summer tops are dropping to their LOWEST!!! Ad


Who doesn't live in leggings these days?? It is embarrassing how many solid black pair I own!! This 3-Pack of High-Waisted Buttery Soft Leggings are DROPPING SOOO LOW at check out and they have such good reviews too!! Ad


Bring on ALL the fans to beat the heat! It is portable and has 3-speeds! This Portable Desk fan can be taken anywhere! To the playground, to the baseball games, on your desk at work, in the car! Dropping low with clippable and FR2HHKN3 at check out! Ad


HOLY COW!!! Ever since getting our utility wagon a month or so ago, we have taken it just about everywhere! With three boys, we have a ton of things! We have used it for sports weekends, at the lake, while working outside and it would be great for camping too!!! Can hold up to 300lbs! This Folding Wagon is dropping with 6VETKFUW at check out! Ad


Now these are looking soooo close to that big name brand!! There are sooo many colors to pick from! Normally I go with black bottoms on everything, and if not black, usually pink! And these pink are pretty cute! These athletic shorts with built in liner are on drop with the "redeem" button! Ad


This is the very first time I have seen one with the added Hummingbird Feeder on it!! They are the COOLEST birds to watch!! (IMO)! This Smart Bird Feeder with Hummingbird Feeder is solar powered with a Motion Activated Camera on it! It will even use AI Bird Recognition to let you know what birds you have flying around and eating from your feeder! Dropping with clippable and 8322ZTKU at check out! Ad


Boost your Wifi up to 1200sq. ft.!!! and you can connect up to 30-devices to it!! Letting you have that fast Wifi coverage wherever you go in your home! Now super LOW with the drop and clippable on top of that! Ad


My oldest and I grabbed this game the other week for family game night and I don't think we have laughed that hard in awhile! He loves this What Do You Meme Game and such a fun one to play with kids and adults!! There are a bunch of editions on drop! Ad


OH MY BANANA PANCAKES!!!! This is crazy pants!!! If you are looking for a White Queen Duvet....look no further! The Bedsure HIGHLY Reviewed one is extremely low with RMJYYI2Y at check out!! Ad


18x18 Pillows are what I use to add some character to my couch! I try to change up my pillow covers a lot in my family room because it gives that room a little refresh without it being a fortune. This set of two Bedsure pillow inserts are dropping with clippable and EZ9HYFSA at check out! Ad


Who is a fan of these gorgeous bowls?? Microwave, Dishwasher AND oven safe!!! These beautiful Stoneware Cereal Bowls are dropping big time with the clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Couldn't be happier with the outdoor rug that we got last year!! It warms up the space, so easy to clean and lightweight enough that it easily folds and you can take it on the go, perfect for an RV!! These Waterproof Outdoor Rugs are up to half off with the double clippables!! Ad


These carriers saved my sanity when my boys went through the attached at the hip phase! Grocery shopping...I wore them, on a walk...I wore them, cooking in the kitchen...I wore them! Love that these have different baby positions too! It makes it so much easier to hold your baby but have free hands to do what you need to do! Half off at check out! Ad


Now these are neat!! So wish I would of had one of these when my boys were younger! You can dig a small hole in the sand, place this in it, fill it with water and then sit back and watch your baby have a blast! The canopy has UV protection and folds up nice and neat for an easy carry! On drop with a clippable!! Ad


Non-Slip Velvet Hangers!!!! Now at their LOWEST EVER! I have been thinking about switching all of our hangers to these velvet ones since you all always rave about them! What are the biggest difference between plastic and velvet hangers? Ad


These bring back some memories! The Medela Milk Storage Bags are on drop!! When my boys were little I preferred this brand over the other! They were the only ones that didn't leak on me when I defrosted them! Ad


FINALLY!! A place to store all my snacks....I mean sheets and stuff !!! If you are short on storage this is an amazing option!! AND this Allewie Upholstered King Size Platform Bed with storage drawers is at its lowest ever!!! Ad


WHHAA!!!  This highly reviewed Portable Countertop Ice Maker is at its LOWEST EVER! I have to admit, I am not a huge ice person I like my water room temp (don't come at me! ) But my husband and kids are ALL about the ice! AND my kids like making their own water and water bottles now since getting our ice maker, so I see that as a huge win! These are also amazing to have during the summer months with get togethers! Ad


DORM ROOM FIND!!! Or really...everyone find!! These are ALWAYS handy to have!!! These Wall Charger Surge Protectors with USB Charging Ports is dropping low!! It even has a USB C port, or I know it as the Fast Charging Lightning Port! Charges up those devices REAL fast! Ad


What do you all do for the 4th? We are headed to the lake the weekend before and then on the 4th we have a large party with our neighbors! These fun patriotic earrings are dropping check out! Ad


Who needs this blanket?? Where are my cow lovers!??

This "Just a Girl Who Loves Cows" Blanket is HALF OFF when you press that "redeem" button!! Ad

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