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Top Daily Deals - June 19th!

Updated: Jun 20



We grabbed one of these last year when our AC went out in the middle of the summer and we ended up keeping it because even though our house should have been built with 2 AC wasn't. Our upstairs gets very heated when the temps rise and we will cool off our rooms with this! Whatever works, right?! ad


LIGHTNING!!!! The Dyson vacuum just got BIGGER AND BETTER with my Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum! Favorite features are the LCD screen that shows battery life! more speed cleaning not knowing how much juice you have left! And also the larger bin and cleaner head! With 3 kids in the house and lots of crumbs AND a long hair cat, the larger bin and fewer times I have to empty it out makes vacuuming a lot more enjoyable! on Drop! Ad


EVEN ON CLOUD IS DROPPING!!! I grabbed these full price a couple of months ago for my oldest and it is crazy to see that they are up to 35 percent off!!! GUYS...YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS SALE!!! It is Insane!!! ad

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LIGHTNING!!! Looks like this one has been selling like hot cakes this month!!! And I can see why!!! This Plush Bathroom rug is on drop with a giant clippable to go with!! Ad


My boys favorite pool toy is on drop....and it is for the 2-pack!!! These are so fun, you can dribble, pass and dive after these watermelons!! You just fill the ball with water and is so durable!! We played hard with ours last year and it is still going strong this year! Ad


I have been using these for the last few months and I will tell you...if you ever have a monster growing on your face, these will make them disappear like magic! Works magic on those small ones too! Love that these have herbal ingredients and tea tree leaf extract in them! I put a patch on last night and woke up to a very reduced monster this morning! Amazing results with these!! Here is the crazy part....on drop and you get 132-dots for 11! Ad


Yankee Candles are taking an extra large drop today!! I JUST grabbed so many candles the other day and don't think a few more will hurt! ad


THESE DROPS ARE INSANE!!! Take a peek at the drop on these Big Kid Nike Air Max 270's!!! They even converted Big Kid to Women's for you if you want a pair for yourself! The women's size is the one next to the W!


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Traveling soon?? Grab a set of these!! I put my body wash, face wash, shampoo and conditioner in these and they are TSA approved size so very easy to throw in a suitcase and jump on a plane! These also come with small containers for lotions, spray bottles and labels!! LOWEST EVER for this set! Ad


Love how these Vinyl Record Players are becoming popular again!!  This Record Player with Built in Speakers is DROPPING big time to its LOWEST EVER!! Ad


Toddler Mommas!!! These Nike Air Jordans are 25!!! YES....25!!! You will find this black and white pair, along with the yellow and black dropping at check out!! ad


I think I just fell in love! LED Full Body Mirror, Bluetooth Speakers, Temperature Display, Time Display....ALL in a Jewelry Cabinet!! Where in the world has this been all my life! On drop with a clippable! Ad


Someone PINCH me!! Oh my LOWNESS!! This treadmill stores easily and you can work, read, watch television as you get your steps in!! Has an LED to get all your distance, calories burned and speed information too! Dropping with clippable and 504AHJWC at check out! Ad


You are KIDDING me?!? These Silk Satin V-neck Tank Tops are UNDER 5!!! 4 colors to pick from and dropping at check out! Ad


WOOOOHOOO!!!! These are GOOOD!!! The Lusaka 3 and 10-piece Eyeshadow Stick Sets are half off at check out!! These eyeshadow sticks are soft and creamy and glide right on, leaving you with amazing color! Lots of new color sets to pick from too so grab the ones to make your eyes pop!! Ad


Cluci Fashion Backpacks are dropping at checkout and they are the LOWEST I have seen these!!! Love the look of my black/beige one and of course the pink! You can use as a purse, laptop bag and it is perfect for traveling too!! It comes with a shoulder strap and isn't shy of pockets! Great brand!!! Ad


Maxi Dress season is here!!! AND this one has pockets!!! SCORE!! Maxi dresses are just so easy to throw on and they always look cute! These are HALF OFF at check out!! Ad


My go-to earrings!! I have been wearing this set on repeat and the deal on these never last!! There are amazing ones for everyday and fancier larger hoops for those nights out on the town! Get my NINE PAIR of these popular, trendy hoop earrings for 9 with 45ZVJA9L at check out! Ad


Comes in this pretty pink, yellow and gray!!! This HIGHLY REVIEWED Cooler Backpack even has a napkin pocket, Tupperware storage, bottle opener and more storage pockets!!! Dropping at check out! Ad


I was just looking up box fans the other day and WOW....I had no idea how much they were! Found this 20" Lasko Box Fan at about half the cost of the others I saw! And it looks like a lot of people are grabbing this one up!!! Great reviews!!! ad


WHAAA??! For Nike Panda Dunks!! This is BANANAS!! RAREST OF RARE DROPS!! Have no idea how there are still sizes left, but use FLASH20 at check out! Ad

Use FLASH20 on all of these too


My youngest got this Bluey Squishmallow for his birthday a couple of months ago and it is safe to say...he loves this thing! Not every day we see it this low so GO GO GO!!! Grab one for the Bluey Heeler fans!! ad


Summer Skater Dresses in our favorite character prints!!! Everyone from our girl Bluey, Barbie to Trolls, Minnie and more!!! Sizes 12months to 5T! ad


From the waistband to the back....this 2-piece suit is amazing! It is high-waisted with tummy control and 4 colors to choose from! Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


I have gotten so much jewelry lately that I grabbed one similar to this to have somewhere to store it all! This 5-Layer jewelry box comes in a bunch of colors and has a place for just about everything! Dropping at check out! Ad


Hold the phone!!! The urban Decay Wild West Eyeshadow Palette is dropping to 12!!! And be sure to take a peek at all the drops going on at Sephora now! ad


My boys love putting together these flower building sets. They even gave one to their teachers for their end of the year gifts!! These building sets are so fun to do and end up looking so pretty!!! And the best part is you don't even have to worry about watering them!! Dropping with the "redeem" button! Ad


Big brand look for less...and I am LOVING THIS SET!!! I would definitely wear both of these pieces together, and I would definitely wear them separate too! That is what is so fun about these sets! Dropping half off with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


FINALLY!!! A tumbler my husband can get behind!! This 30oz. Dewalt Tumbler is on drop!! I might hold onto this for his stocking!!! Ad


HOT DIGGITY DOG!!! Game Changer in the vacuum world right here!!!! A Robot Vacuum that can hold up to 30-days worth of dirt and debris!!! This Shark Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is on HUGE DROP!! ad


Pokemon Fans!!! Don't let the summer slump get to your kiddos! Get their mind moving and grooving with some books that they just may love if they are into Pokemon like my kids! This set of 8 chapter books are on drop!! Ad


AHHH!!! WHAAA!!! An enclosed Trampoline for 159!! INSANE!!! And it even comes with the ladder! Have some jumping fun this summer with this Triple Tree enclosed Trampoline! ad


RUN LIKE THE WIIIND!!! These are flying like hot cakes!!! These super cute Women's Nike Phoenix Waffle Shoes are dropping like crazy at check out!! ad


Goodness Gracious!!! These pretty Eyelet Sleeveless Tanks are so stinkin' low at check out!! You could easily dress this up or pair it with some jean shorts!!! Ad


WHHAAA!!! Crazy back to school shoe find!!! Kids Nike Dunks are on drop with ANOTHER 20 percent coming off with FLASH20 at check out! ad

Use FLASH20 on all of these too


If you have any trips coming up that you need to bring beach towels for or have a hard time carrying or fitting all your pool towels in your beach bag....this is what you need!! Seriously!! They are so absorbent, quick dry and barely take up any room in a suitcase or beach bag and are lightweight!! I took these to our Florida trip last year and this is what we use every time we go to the pool now! SIX Turkish Beach Towels are at their LOWEST EVER! Ad


Are you loving the button detailing as much as I am right now?? These adorable jumpsuits are dropping at check out!! Ad


DORM ROOM FIND! Everything you need for bedding right here in one bundle!! This 7-piece set in all sizes (yes...including the Twin XL!) is half off with clippable and RWIPP3B7 at check out! Comes with everything you need including sheets!!! Works on White, Yellow, Beige, Olive Green, Ivory, Sage green, Mustard Yellow Ad


My amazing toiletry bag always comes in handy big time for those weekends away!! It is the only toiletry bag that I have that can fit my tall hair care products in!! They all go in the big pouch with all my little things like toothbrush and contacts in the smaller pockets! Love this one!!! Half Off at check out! Ad


Coming in hot with one of the most popular pj set's from the best brand!! Seriously, I have 5 pairs from the Ekouaer brand and each one feels amazing on, so cozy and the material is out of this world amazing!! Get these sets for low with the clippable and D2MW29U6 at check out! Ad


Didn't think you would be waking up to snail first thing in the morning did you?? This stuff is magic though!

I have been using Snail Mucin for almost a year and it has completely changed my skin!! It is hydrated, smooth and has given a little brightness to my skin!! I hands down recommend!!! This Snail Mucin Serum is half off with UTQI2NRV at check out!! If you haven't tried it before, don't worry...It isn't slimy at all and doesn't have a smell...but it works so well!! Ad


My backpack of the summer! I have been carrying this thing around everywhere and have been getting so many compliments on it! Just last week, I took it to the zoo and 3 people asked where I got it! My large Quilted Puffy Backpack isn't short of pockets and has a spot for shoes and devices like laptops and tablets! Comes in black too! Dropping at check out! Ad


I love how they just threw this kid out in the snow and put him to work! ! At least give him a coat! This very fun Ride-On 12V Excavator is on DROP!! It also comes with a remote which is amazing when your kiddo doesn't get the whole steering thing! And now all I can think about is the Blippi song! ad


What else are we needing for the dorms??

DORM ROOM MUST-HAVE!! We all know that storage is those dorm rooms so utilize under the bed with this set of TWO under bed storage containers! This would also be great for out of season clothes, shoes or even hiding Christmas gifts! DROPPING Half off at check out! Ad


Which reminds broom has seen better days! This set, with amazing reviews, is dropping with clippable and 5TIT7TFD at check out! Ad


 Don't mind the slippers and Pj's but I had to catch him in action on his Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle!! All 3 of my boys love hopping on here! You do not have to have a tablet for it to work, they have programmed "exercises" they can do that are also so much fun!! Good way to get those little legs moving and getting energy out!!! On Drop!! Ad


So you have all of these string lights, but not an idea on how to hang them? Enter...these hooks!!! Get a whole bunch of them for half off with 50U7Y7UB at check out! You just stick them on and guide the wire through! They are transparent so you won't even see the hook! Can also use on Christmas lights and more decor! Ad


Now maybe...JUST maybe I could keep plants alive if I actually remembered to water them! :) This Solar Hands-Free Plant, Vegetable, Herb watering system is as easy as setting the solar panel where it can collect its rays through the day, set which plants you want it to water, set the timer and let it go! It even has 6 timed watering methods to pick from! Dropping with 40Q5U644 at check out! Ad


CRAFTERS!!! If you have some dark fabric you want to customize and make your is some transfer paper for that!! This Bundle of Dark Fabric Transfer Paper is half off with T6SWQNZN at check out! Ad


When we made white sneakers the trendy thing to have....I don't know if we really thought through how to keep them clean and sparkling! Great gift for dad, your teen, or yourself!!! This Shoe Cleaning Kit is dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


MEOWZERS!!! How cute is this gift set!! We all know and love those cat owners...why not get them a gift that they would love! This Cat Themed Gift Set comes with cozy socks, mug, candle. jewelry dish, bath salts, notepad and comes in a gift box WITH a card! Half off at check out! Ad


Not only for little kids and finding your way to the bathroom at night! These handy dandy night lights can give you a little extra light in a closet without turning on the light and waking the other person, outline the stairs so you don't trip and more! This set of night lights are half off with 502I6N9E at check out! Ad


Ohhh My, raise your hand if you have an olive tree in your home and love it!!! Olive Tree's are half off at check out AND you can even grab them in a 2-pack! Come in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft (Mine is the 5ft on the left!! Love the look of these trees and honestly I just want to put one in every room they look so good! I used old books to lift my tree higher in the planter basket and then topped it with Spanish moss!!! Ad


Ohh man! I am in love with this grayish olive color in these 3-piece Linen Comforter Sets!!! If it isn't your cup of tea, there is also White, Linen, Dark Grey, Sage Green to pick from too!! ALL are dropping with the double clippable too in all sizes! Ad


Bugs be GONE!! I know here with all our rain lately and the humidity, bugs have been a big ol' problem! This Bug Zapper is dropping with clippable the rest at check out! Ad


Loving the little cap sleeve action on this top!!! This one is such a great every day summer top! Dropping at check out! Ad


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