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Top Daily Deals - June 20th!




INSANE!!! Lots of you have been eyeing these outdoor gazebos and I ran into this pretty one and it is one of the L0WEST I have seen!!! It does come with Curtains with a double roof structure for better air flow and galvanized iron frame to make it durable!! Great way to add a little shade and upgrade your yard!! ad


WOAH!!! Under Armour Polos for 14!!!! This Semi-Annual Event is HOT HOT HOT!!! Stock up on all the favorites!!! Go Go Go!!! ad


WOOOHOO! This always FLLLYY! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it!  This Modular 12-Piece Play Couch (YES....12!) is DROPPING BIG with Clippable!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


If you can see past the poor photoshop on the right, you will be able to see how genius this is! :) This cool little gadget pops right into the side of your Bogg Bag and holds your tumbler! No spills and hands free! AND it has a little pocket to put your phone, keys or cards!! Ad


Grabbed this one in the black and white!!! In love with the ruffles and you can wear this top with just about everything this summer!! These cutie patootie tops are half off at check out! Ad


Anyone else use these on outfits too? :) Or is that just me? This Double Sided Tape is always handy to have!! This stuff is heavy duty and multipurpose that can be used on rugs, posters, pictures....or clothes! Every 4inches can hold 6.5lbs!!! Dropping at check out! Ad


Let me introduce you to one of my favorite makeup tools!! My MSQ Eyelash Separator Comb is on DROP!! I apply my mascara and then run this bad boy through my lashes to catch all the clumps and flakes and to separate my lashes! No more stick together lashes!!! Ad


A good one to keep your kids brains moving and grooving during the summer months!! This Matching and Spelling Game uses these flashcards to practice spelling and letter recognition! Dropping by half with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


You gotta love these big brand looks for less! These double buckle summer slides are sliiiidding into my cart as I type! :) Dropping to 8!!! ad


We had the 2-piece yesterday in this style and now the 1-piece (which I think I like even more!)!!! These Tummy Control, Slimming Suits with Adjustable thick straps are half off at check out! Ad


The cutest little turtle dude for your yard!!! AND he uses his solar power to light up!! Dropping by half at check out! Ad


What do you all use your wet/dry bags for!?! You can use these for so much!

I have a set so similar to these that I take to the pool to put all the wet clothes in them afterwards!!! They work AMAZING!! I also used to keep these in my diaper bag for any clothes after a little blow out!  2/3packs of Wet/Dry Bags are dropping with the "redeem" button!! Ad


It is swimming season!! Grab some of these swimming vests for the kiddos!! I love that these have adjustable shoulders on them too! Gives it a more snug and customized fit! HALF OFF at check out!! These do come with capes as well...although not recommended to wear in the water, only for outside fun! Ad


You all seeing those reviews?? AND that giant clippable is back!!! It looks like all sizes and colors have a clippable now, either 40 or it is on drop with a 30 percent clippable! Now is a great time to start replacing those old dingy bed sheets!! Ad


These Popular Braided Sandals are now dropping at check out! There are 4-colors to pick from! I have the braided heels that I wear a ton in the summer and thinking I need these too!! Ad


HOLY COW!!! Ever since getting our utility wagon a month or so ago, we have taken it just about everywhere! With three boys, we have a ton of things! We have used it for sports weekends, at the lake, while working outside and it would be great for camping too!!! Can hold up to 220lbs! This Folding Wagon is at its LOWEST! Ad


NOT ONE TO BE MISSED!!! I grabbed well...A BUNCH yesterday!!! School shoes are marked off my listed!! CRAZY, INSANE DROPS on BIG BRANDS for Men, Women and Kids!!! GOOOO!!! Filter by size!!! ad


Someone PINCH me!! Oh my LOWNESS!! This treadmill stores easily and you can work, read, watch television as you get your steps in!! Has an LED to get all your distance, calories burned and speed information too! Dropping with clippable and 504AHJWC at check out! Ad


And now I know why they are trending right now! OHH MY...JUST 8????! They look like my pair of Swift Runs!! I am sure sizes won't last!! ad


FOR BOTH!!! Everything you need in a travel cosmetic bag!! This initialed Makeup Bag set is dropping with the clippable and 40OOU972 at check out! Ad


They think of everything these days!!! A Charging station BUILT INTO this amazing 5-tier bookshelf!! It also has a cabinet on the bottom to hide things you don't want out in the open! :) Dropping with the "redeem" button! Ad


The Infamous Beauty Brands Liter Sale is BAAAACK!!! This is definitely the time to stock up! Shop brands such as Joico, Hempz, Kenra, and more! Liters as low as 18 and up to 70 percent off!!! Best time to grab a few bottles that will last you until next year! ad


Summer is here and, at least here, I try to get my kids outside as much as I can with bikes, soccer, baseball, scooters and playgrounds! So, you are gonna wanna have one of these at arms reach!!! I grabbed a first aid kit a couple of weeks ago and sure enough, that day I needed a band aid for a fall on the splash pad!! This Band-Aid First aid Kit is on drop with an extra S&S clippable! Ad


Now THIS is how you updated your entry way!! This beautiful Semi-Flush Mount Crystal Light Fixture is dropping like crazy with the "redeem" button!! Loving the black accents on this too!! Within the last year I updated my entryway light and completely changed the feel of my entry and brought it to the 21st century! Ad


SOLAR String Lights!!! No worries!! Get those decks and yards in tip top shape so you can enjoy it this summer and add these! They would bring some warmth and fun to any yard! These Outdoor, Waterproof, Shatterproof String Lights with 3-lighting modes and a remote are dropping with RKBCBMMZ at check out!! Ad


Beautiful Washable Rugs (YES!! MACHINE WASHABLE!! My Favorite!) Are DOUBLE DIPPING with the clippable and the rest dropping at check out!!! These come in. bunch of sizes, but you can get this 6x9 pictured for 69!! Ad


Sooooo, sooo similar to the AirTags....BUT soooo much less!! Put these on your luggage when you travel, on your kids at a busy theme park, in your wallet, on your keys!! Always keep track of your things! It hooks up to your phone through the "Find My" app (just like AirTags) and through that you can track these Air Trackers! Dropping low for TWO with the clippable and 30NQ7RC8 at check out! Ad


HH!!! The popular Under Armour HeatGear Women's Leggings are DROPPING like its HOT in select sizes!!! STOCK UP TIME!!! Ad


Anyone have Kids going to college in the fall and needing a new laptop?? GUYS....I don't know if I have seen a MacBook Air LOWER than this! THIS IS INSANE!! I switched to a MacBook Air about 6months ago from a PC and it was such an easy transition, plus I love how it integrates so easily with my phone and other apple products!! Comes in 3-colors!! ad


Legos and can't get much better than that! This Minifigure Lego Puzzle is on drop!!! Ad


WOOT WOOT!!! Where are my HydroFlask folks?? This gorgeous Lupine All Around Travel Tumbler is on rare drop!! Ad


How are these so stinkin' adorable!! The avocado...the watermelon...I want a matching one!! :) These Girls swimsuits are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad boys would go absolutely BONKERS over these!! Who else thinks that Bluey is as much an adult show as it is a kids show?? I love it! These Bluey twin sheet sets are on drop! ad


Look at these Reviews!!! The popular Wavytalk Professional Iconic Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator for Curly Hair is dropping big time with clippable and I7ZS3XXO at check out!! I don't know about you, but I have had my hair dryer FOR YEARS! I never think to replace it until I see something like this and then once I get a new one it is night and day difference in how fast my hair dries! Ad


The SOFTEST blankets under the sun! Barefoot Dreams blankets on drop!! I was gifted a Barefoot Dreams baby blanket at one of my showers and I was hooked!! I now have robes, sweaters, socks and blankets because I can't get enough of the super soft material!! They make the best gifts too!! ad


PEACE, LOVE AND AMERICA!! You can't get anymore patriotic than this!! This Huge 8ft Inflatable is half off at check out!! Ad


HOT HOT HOT FIND!!! Now I just think these are so NEAT looking and could elevate the look of a room!! This Modern Low Profile Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with 3-Light temperatures and 6-speeds is half off at check out!! Ad


They had my at ribbed!! These popular jumpsuits in a ribbed, stretchy, soft material is dropping with B63KB4NY at check out! Ad


Yup...definitely went through my fair share of these when my dogs were puppies! Who uses these for their pups?? This bundle of Dog Potty Pads are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


I love my Beats Earbuds, and have been wanting a pair of these Beats Studio Pros for awhile now!! On MASSIVE DROP in all of the colors! These Noise cancelling Over-the-ear Headphones are perfect for drowning out the noise around you while you work or working up a sweat listening to your favorite music at the gym and so much more!! Ad


This would be a dream to have my shoes be this organized!! This 12-Pack of clear plastic containers for shoes, purses, hats and more is half off with 50V7XJ4L at check out! Ad


Even on Split King AND Twin XL (for all those looking for dorms)!! Looks like all sizes in Bright White, Beige and Black are dropping with clippable and XAJZ2YDC at check out on these Bedsure Hotel Luxury Cooling Bed Sheet Sets! AND they have AMAZING REVIEWS!! Let us know if you SCORE!! Ad


Pretty nice sized clippable on the popular Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Mist Spray! This Lightweight Thermal Spray detangles, smooths, softens and eliminates frizz and resists humidity! I am in the midwest and holy humidity folks it has been brutal already this summer! Ad


What dorm room is complete without one of these??! This Portable Mesh Shower Caddy has AMAZING REVIEWS and has an added clippable!! It has 8 pockets to put everything in from hair brush to shampoo and conditioner and its waterproof!! Ad


These really are the very, very best!!! And if you are grabbing things for a dorm room...add this one to the list!! They will need it! My Power Strip Surge Protector with Fast Charging and USB Ports is dropping low!! Ad


Look how low AND how cute!!! These flare pant and top set is dropping low with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


LOWEST EVER!!! This Calphalon 15-piece Knife Set is made with SharpIN technology! So neat because every time you remove or replace your knives, they are automatically being sharpened! This gorgeous set is made from high-carbon and are built to last!! Ad


I heard from LOTS of you during my potty training journey with my youngest a few months ago about potty seats being game changers....What about these Bamboo Toilet Stools?? It looks nice, kids can use it to climb up and it gets adults into the "right position" for an easier time! Dropping at check out! Ad


One of my favorite handbag brands...they knock it out of the park every!! Stylish and the quality is ALWAYS uh-mazing!! These beautiful Cluci Crossbody's are with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Who has a dog that loves to swim, but you may not trust them enough in lakes or oceans!?? Keep those pets safe this summer with life jackets!! They have sizes XSmall to 2XLarge to fit every size dog and they have a handle and reflective strip to keep them safe! Lots of different styles to pick from too! HALF OFF with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Not only is it pretty, but it doesn't take up as much space as 3-separate raised garden beds! Made from natural wood, this durable planter can house your vegetable plants, flowers, herbs and more! Dropping with the "redeem" button! Ad


WOWZA!!! Under Armour for the Back to School win with not only clothes but backpacks too!!! If you are ahead of the game and already looking for a backpack for the new school year....Under Amour has what you need for as low as 22!!! As you can see, we took full advantage and grabbed the Hustle Pro Backpack! And now I am going back for that one for 22!!! Let us know if you get one!! ad


The cutest little shoes for summer!! These Kids Slip-On Canvas Shoes are dropping by half at check out!! Don't have to worry about tying laces either!!! Lots of colors and different prints to pick from! Ad


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