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Top Daily Deals - June 22nd!

Updated: Jun 22




Holy Cannoli!!! If you ar a size 5-7 or 10....RUN!! My Reef Cushion Vista Hi Sandal's are sooo stinkin' low!! These are hands-down the most comfortable slides I have!! (size up if you are between sizes)! They have arch support and in my opinion as comfortable as wearing a tennis shoe! These are for sure my go-to sandal this summer! Thank you @TheSwipeLifeSisters for the heads up! ad


HOT DOG!!! The Ninestar 13gallon AND 2gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can is dropping low!! I am going to spare you a picture of my trash can  but we have an older style of Ninestar Motion Sensor Trash Can that we have had for YEARS! Pretty sure we are going on year 8! It works great, especially when you are slicing and dicing in the kitchen and you need to throw things away but your hands are all gross! Just hover your hands over the sensor and it pops right open! Ad


You know about me and Melissa & Doug....hands down my favorite toy brand! They always have the neatest concepts and imaginative toys! This Wooden Sensory Surprise Box for babies is no different and would be a great little gift for the littles! Ad


MY DYSON IS ON MAJOR DROP!!! The Dyson vacuum just got BIGGER AND BETTER with my Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum! Favorite features are the LCD screen that shows battery life! more speed cleaning not knowing how much juice you have left! And also the larger bin and cleaner head! With 3 kids in the house and lots of crumbs AND a long hair cat, the larger bin and fewer times I have to empty it out makes vacuuming a lot more enjoyable! on Drop! ad


Now these are so pretty with the lace!!! This 6-pack of undies are on major drop with a clippable! Ad


Gamer's Desk!!! And it comes with RGB lighting and a remote! This Large desk is great for office work or gaming and comes with a headphone hook and a waterproof surface! ad


We have a backyard that gets a very, very large mud spot in it every time it rains. When we had our dogs, every single time they came in from outside we had to wipe their paws. This would have come in handy to just have hanging by the door! This is super absorbent and can quickly dry your pet after a bath, swim or just a trip outside!! Ad


These would fit perfectly in an apartment or a smaller kitchen nook or, if you have one, a basement for some extra seating! The Nathan James Viktor 3-Piece Dining Set with Marble Top is on a huge drop!! Ad


Someone PINCH me!! Oh my LOWNESS!! This treadmill stores easily and you can work, read, watch television as you get your steps in!! Has an LED to get all your distance, calories burned and speed information too! Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


With Pockets!!! These are a tad longer for those who like the length! They have a high waist and perfect for working out or wearing out and about! Lots are pairing with an oversized tee these days! Dropping with the "redeem" button! Ad


Are you kidding me!??? HOW NEAT IS THIS!!! And the drop on it!!! This won't last! This Weathered rustic Oak Console Table with Tempered Glass Shelf is down to 80!!! It has an LED light that changes to whatever color your would like AND IT HAS A CHARGING STATION BUILT IN!! Hurry and snag it! ad


My kids would never find their hidden Christmas gifts again with a bed like this!!! This gorgeous D PU Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with LED Lights and Hydraulic Storage System is dropping massive on the queen size! Also dropping in black too, but just a tad bit more than the white! ad


HOW CUTE!!! These High-Waisted Wide Leg Palazzo Pants would be such a cute option over a swimsuit, out and about or just lounging at home!! Dropping at check out! They have pockets and are made of a stretchy athletic like material! Ad


DOUBLE DECKER and COLLAPSIBLE!! This Heavy Duty Wagon can go on any terrain to sporting events, to the garden, beach, camping or wherever!! Favorite part about these...It has a crate on the bottom so nothing will fall out, and a 36gal. capacity in the upper level! It can hold your canopy tent, your cooler, lawn chairs...up to 500lbs of stuff!! DROPPING with 9X4BKDS7 at check out! Ad


A Gnome Statue for all my Gnomies!!! These Solar Garden Gnomes sure will bring some cuteness to your garden! Dropping at check out! Ad


I grabbed a set of Acrylic Markers a few months back to decorate my sons Pinewood Derby car and we have used them a ton since then for fun projects! One of my go-to's (when I have run out of ideas on how to entertain my kids :) ) is to have them go outside and pick out a rock and then have them decorate with these acrylic markers! They have fun and stay busy for awhile!! We like to go to trails and set them along the trail too for someone else to find! You can do so much with these markers because they work on wood, metal, rocks, canvas, plastic, paper, fabrics and more! Dropping at check out! Ad



Lightweight, Retractable/Expandable, No-Kink, Thickened Leak-Proof WITH SPRAY NOZZLE!! This 100ft Garden Hose is dropping by half at check out! AND they Also have a 50ft and 75ft option too if you are needing something a little shorter! Ad


I was just thinking last weekend that I need to replace mine because it has seen better days!! These Initial Doormats are on one amazing drop with the clippable and 501FJWTU at check out! AND it is working on all letters and sizes! Ad


OHHH MY GOODNESS!!! Down to 19! These highly reviewed 2-Drawer Nightstand with fabric bins are dropping low! Ad


Must have for travel!!! This thing is amazing!! This foldable 3-in-1 Charger is so low!!! Takes up minimal space and you can charge all 3 (watch, phone and headphones) at the same time!! Now sooo sooo L0W with the clippable and the rest at check out!! (Works on red and blue!) Ad


The birds with be hanging with their gnomies in your yard!! These glass and metal Gnome Bird Baths are dropping by half at check out!! Easy to clean and the bowl can also be used as a feeding tray too! Ad


BACK TO SCHOOL FIND!!! These Bento Lunch Boxes made my life so much easier last year! I have similar ones and I filled both of my boys containers the same they brought them home and I threw them in the dishwasher...easy peezy!!! No bags to worry about and nothing got smashed! These are microwave and dishwasher safe! Ad


All I can say is....WOW...water shoes sure have come a long way!! These are actually cute!!! They are men and women's and have a wider toe, breathable material, featherlight and quick dry! New boating shoes anyone?? Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


:) !!! I want a pair!! These adorable Hand Holding Socks are DROPPING by half with 50GBE7JX at check out!! You get TWO pair too!! I might be stashing these away for a White Elephant gift!! Ad


OHH Boy!!! Give me all the ruffles!!! These are adorable!!! These Ruffle Sleeve Tops are dropping with clippable and HJYTVYOU at check out! Ad


I think I just fell in love! LED Full Body Mirror, Bluetooth Speakers, Temperature Display, Time Display....ALL in a Jewelry Cabinet!! Where in the world has this been all my life! On drop with a clippable! Ad


Still Seeing an insane clippable on this Kids couch!! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it! This Modular 12-Piece Play Couch (YES....12!) is DROPPING BIG with Clippable!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


Yup...definitely went through my fair share of these when my dogs were puppies! Who uses these for their pups?? This bundle of Dog Potty Pads are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


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