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Top Daily Deals! - June 24th

Updated: Jun 26




These ALWAYS go super fast!!! So be quick all of you cleaning feens! This might be an upgrade from cleaning with my husband's old undershirts ! These are so neat! These magical Damp Duster Sponges are made with a special sponge material and super absorbency to remove dust, debris, hair and stains from all corners of your home! You can clean blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, air vents, sofas and more with this one sponge! Ad


How happy are we now that they have this popular chair in GRAY!!! If you have any colors in this I would LOVE to see pictures!

This one has been flying like Hot Cakes!! One of the Hottest chairs out there right now the Beautiful Drew Chair by Drew Barrymore is an AMAZING price for the quality, size and look you get!! About to redo our office/playroom now that our basement will be the new playroom and I am picturing one of these in the new office! ad


I haven't seen this many of our favorite products in one spot in a long time and they are BOGO!!! All that you see here and SOOO much more is dropping at check out when you add 2 or more! This is also a great way to test out to see if you like these popular products too! ad


AHHH!!! Girl Mommas!! These popular and CUTE Cotton Girl Dresses are 4.99!!! Sizes usually go fast on these, so if you have your eye on one of their many prints...SNAG IT! ad



No heat damage!! Curl, Volumize, Smooth, Dry all with this Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System! Kristen has it and says it is by far the easiest and fastest way to curl and style her hair!! It is so crazy that you can do everything with this one tool and not worry about damaging your hair!! You get to pick FIVE attachments and build your own bundle! Use FLEX at check out and watch it drop!! ad


It is Bingo, mixed with matching and it is SOOOO much fun!! we have the original one, but now that I see they have a sight words and numbers one, I gonna have to snatch those up!! One of our favorite family game night games just because everyone from my 3yr old to my husband and I can play along and have fun!! Now on LIGHTNING DROP!! Ad


This is CRAZY!!! You get 3-pair of Biker Shorts for 13!!! If you don't want the pockets they come out to be a little lower than that! These are all made with a buttery soft, stretchy, comfortable athletic material!! Ad


BIRKENSTOCKS THAT ARE 60 PERCENT OFF! And in TWO colors!!! Hot Diggity Dog!! Falling in love with the Taupe ones! ad


Time for some back to school shoes!!! These Under Armour Preschool Outhustle Shoes are half off in this color!! ad


My Hobnail Glasses came in and they are just as good as the Pottery Barn ones!!! I am obsessed!!! I now have the lowball and the taller version as well! A very similar 8-pack of Hobnail Drinking Glasses are at their LOWEST! Ad


Are those pockets I am seeing??! WOOT WOOT!! Give me all the ruffles and all the half off's...this dress is CAH-UTE!!! Ad


WHAA!!!! Two Batteries and DROPPING LOW!!! This Mini Cordless Chainsaw with 2 Batteries, 2 chains, safety gloves and more is dropping at check out! Does anyone have one of these!....We have been doing a ton of work in our yard and do have a large chainsaw, but I am very afraid to use that one! :) Ad


Study from your bed, work from your couch, sit on the floor in comfort!! This Lightweight reading Pillow with back support and storage pockets are dropping with clippable and 35ZMANKV at check out! Ad


I don't even know what to say about this but....SO COOL!!! Would make such a great gift to anyone into LEGOs! This Building Block functional Coffee Mug is dropping with the double clippables!! Ad


Now this is not something I have seen before!!! They took our favorite magnetic blocks and made them foam!!! Now they can float in the bathtub!!! HOW FUN!!! Scrub a dub dub!! These blocks are dropping with clippable and 20K875VT at check out! Ad


DOUBLE DIP on this kid's science experiment set with the two clippables! My oldest is all about making volcanos and mixing all the things together to see what happens so I'm sure he'd love doing this kit! Perfect for those too hot or rainy days inside!! Ad


Ohhh I am digging these!!! Everything from the pockets to the cinching around the ankle!!! These lightweight, UPF50+, quick dry cargo joggers are dropping a BIG amount with the drop and A37GTPGL at check out! Ad


Who else is on board with swim board shorts?? Yes, they are great for paddle boarding, jet skiing and boating, but they are also perfect to throw on over any swimsuit for a little extra coverage while you are running around after the kiddos! These 5" Swim Shorts are UPF50+ and have a built in liner! Dropping with clippable and JWKQCR2B at check out! Ad


These highly rated ballet flats are dropping like nobody's business!!! All the colors you need to go with just about any outfit in your closet! Dropping with LO6ZT5UJ at check out! Ad


Exactly what I have been working on with my 5yr old! There are 62-pages of Educational and fun handwriting, math, matching, patterns and more!! Comes with dry-erase markers, eraser, double-sided booklet and box to store it all in! Half off with 50ZUEHQ4 at check out! Ad


Looks like they switched to a 40% off coupon now for the queen size! FOR TWO!! I just got some new pillows yesterday because can you ever REALLY have enough pillows in your house?? These Oeko-Tex Down Alternative Queen Pillows are half off and just 14!!! Ad


The prints on these!!! TOOO Cute!!! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it! This Modular Play Couch is DROPPING BIG at check out!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


We have pull-out drawers in our pantry and sooooo happy we went that route when we redid it! Makes it easier to see what is on the shelf and to reach what you need! This 2-pack Heavy-Duty No Drill Pull Out Drawers are half off at check out! Ad


The happiest little planters I ever did see!!! Do they get any cuter than this??? BOTH are dropping by half at check out!! I know lots of you have these, if you have any pictures to share I would love to see them! Ad


How fabulous do these look!! These Linen Looking 2-Panel Set Curtains are Dropping by half with the "redeem" button!! 5 Different shades to pick from and lots of lengths! Ad


It is not too late to grab one of these Bamboo Charcuterie boards for your July 4th festivities!! It also comes with a knife set and detachable side tray too!!! Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


Now this is pretty neat!! We put in sliding drawers in our kitchen cabinets for our pots and pans and also our pantry and SOOO glad we did! These are expandable too, so they will fit different cabinet widths! Dropping with clippable and MYRKMVI8 at check out! Ad


Easy to slide on and the best for pool season!!! The cutie patootie Toddler Slides are dropping at check out!! Even more prints to pick from! Ad


Dare I say I love the green more than the pink!!! Both are absolutely adorable though!! These Tummy Control, Slimming Suits with Adjustable thick straps are half off at check out! Ad


I am in love with the new platform sandal trend!!! And was shocked to see these Steve Maddens so low!!! Snatch these up quick!!! ad


Celebrate the 4th with the cute oversized America Tee's!! They are made of a high-quality cotton blend and look so soft!! 3 colors to pick from! Ad


This is CRAZY TOWN!!! HOLY COW!!! This 8-pack of Solar Deck lights are dropping low with the clippable and the rest at check out! We just started replacing our deck and have been looking for something just like this! Ad


BACK TO SCHOOL FIND!! These Bento Lunch Boxes made my life so much easier last year! I have similar ones and I filled both of my boys containers the same they brought them home and I threw them in the dishwasher...easy peezy!!! No bags to worry about and nothing got smashed! These are microwave and dishwasher safe and some even come with ice packs and 2-packs too! Dropping at check out! Ad


Look at these Reviews!!! The popular Wavytalk Professional Iconic Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator for Curly Hair is dropping big time with clippable and ZTHBR7O2 at check out!! I don't know about you, but I have had my hair dryer FOR YEARS! I never think to replace it until I see something like this and then once I get a new one it is night and day difference in how fast my hair dries! Ad


These pack up so small too making it so easy to travel with!! These extra large, quick drying, sand proof blankets really are the best!! Not only are they amazing for the beach, but they are so compact and travel so easy that I keep one in the car for sitting in the grass at soccer games, picnics at the playground and more!! Dropping even more with the clippable and the "redeem" button!! Ad


YAY or NAY!?? These platform clogs are dropping by half with the clippable and the rest at check out!! I think I am digging these!! Ad


The hemline on this tunic top!!! Love how it is a little longer in the back for a little extra coverage! This top comes in a handful of colors and great for everyday! Ad


HOT DOG!!!! @TheWayIWearIt's Chaco Slides are dropping to 12 with PARTYINTHEUSA at check out!! How stinkin' cute are the color of these!!! ad


These buttons are darling!!! Such a great summer top if I do say so myself!! This top in 11 colors/prints is dropping to its lowest at check out!! Ad


I would of had so much fun with this as a kid!! This Twin Size Loft Bed has a ladder to get up and a fun slide to get down!! These lift beds are perfect for smaller rooms because you can set up reading nooks, play areas, study areas underneath the beds!! BOTH colors on large DROPS!! ad


WAIT..WAIT!!!  This one comes with a little bounce house too!?? Hands down one of the best things we got for our boys last summer!! Got us away from the heat and they had so much fun together playing! Our Inflatable Water Bounce House got soooo much use last year and it is the same this year! This Water Inflatable has a bounce house, slide, basketball, water canon (my boys favorite), splash pool and MORE! ad


FOR BOTH!!! Everything you need in a travel cosmetic bag!! This initialed Makeup Bag set is dropping with the clippable and 50B8J23U at check out! Ad


Grab your is time for Karaoke!! Let's hear what your go to karaoke song know you have one! Kristen's Karaoke Machine is dropping with 22FNWARB and the clippable. It has 2 wireless mics, Portable Bluetooth Speaker System and LED lights to make it even more fun!! Ad


People are going crazy over these Tumbler Ice Cube Trays and I will say....they are pretty stinkin' cool! Pour Water into the silicone tray and freeze. Use all three cubes to completely fill your 40oz. tumbler with ice!! Perfect fit! Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


WOAH WOAH!!! Not sure how long that clippable will be there!!! If you are looking for a gorgeous runner....THIS!!! This pretty vintage runner with neutral colors is dropping BIG!! The 5x7 is also on drop, but no clippable! Ad


Are we loving the criss-cross applesauce style or the 2-band style more?? BOTH are hitting their LOWEST EVER!!! Have always loved the braided look and have them in a heel, but don't have the flat sandals....yet!! Ad


These are SOOO NEAT!! Your kiddos can practice writing their numbers, letters, math and drawing and after 30min. the ink on the page disappears! So you can do it over and over again! MAGIC INK!! For half off you get 4 books, a pen with refills and a portable bag to put in all in and store! Ad


HOT HOT HOT!!! This Reversible 5x7 Waterproof Plastic Straw Rug is 18!!!! I have one of these waterproof straw rugs and on year two...I still love it!! Very lightweight and perfect for camping or the RV, and sooo easy to clean off!! Ad


Not only fun for the tub, but also fun for the pool!!! This Set of 9 bath toys are dropping to their LOWEST!! It comes with a neat waterfall station, boats, whale spoons and stacking cups! Ad


LOWEST EVER!!! This Wrangler Tote Bag WITH Wallet Set is dropping by HALF!! This one has some beautiful blues and grays in it!! And I can't believe you get the wallet with it too!!! Ad


Use it as a window perch OR an elevated bed!!! This wood and metal adjustable cat bed is dropping to its LOWEST EVER!! I just love how it is dual use! Ad


What in the cuteness are these little guys!?? These solar outdoor turtle garden spotlights are dropping to their lowest!!! Can you think of a cuter way to spotlights your home, garden or pathway?? Ad


My mom was in town the last couple of days and she started talking about how she is really needing more pj's, so I went to my dresser, pulled out all of my Ekouaer jammies to show her how amazing this brand is! The fabric is lightweight, bouncy and the comfiest in the world! This PJ Set is dropping with clippable and LKSBJONE at check out! Ad


Farmhouse Modern and an easy way to update any room!! I recently changed the lighting in a couple of room and OHH MAN!!! I can not even believe how much it gave my room a facelift!! This neat semi-flush mount ceiling light fixture is dropping with the double clippables! Ad


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