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Top Daily Deals - June 25th!

Updated: Jun 26




!!! UMM...WHAT???!! A huge 65" Smart TV for UNDER 300!!! This thing is flying like HOT CAKES so jump on it!!! Ad


I can't be the only one who cuts all their kid's food with scissors! So much faster!! These scissors are the BEST!! I use mine as kitchen scissors and they have been with me through lots of meals! But obviously can be used for anything you use scissors for! :) Grab the clippable too!! Ad


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! My Cluci Crossbody Bag is on massive drop!! I am such a sling bag girl these days, especially with having 3 little ones running around! I just throw it on it is stylish, comfortable and I even forget it it there!! This one even has card slots so you won't even need to bring a large wallet with you! Mine and a bunch of others are on drop!! Ad


The back to school stock up event you all have been waiting for!!! Under Armour's Semi Annual Event is going on NOW!!! They have are favorite styles for up to HALF OFF....PLUS another 15 percent coming off of that with EXTRA15 at check out!! I mean....take a peek at these prices!!! Ad


According to my husband these batteries are GOLD! My husband is a Dewalt guy and every single one of his tools runs off these batteries, so backups are a must! Most of the time he tells me that a tool is a really great deal because it comes with the battery and he can use it on all his other tools!.....Boys math for you! Ad


I have been thinking about grabbing one of these and I ran into this drop!! Guess my mixer will be getting some clothes!!! This KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cover is on huge drop!! Ad


Was anyone else OBSESSED with gel pens when you were younger? Ohh I had a bunch and it was the only thing that I would write with in school! What a huge pack of the Zebra Doodler'z Gel Pens!!! You get 5 different types of gel too! Standard, Glitter, Neon, Pastel and Metallic!! With a S&S clippable too!! Ad


AHH!!! PINCH ME!!!! My Telena sling bag is on drop AND has a clippable! These are a little larger than a belt bag and the best part....they have card slots inside! You won't even need a wallet! Leaving you more room for all your "necessities" that you have to have in your purse! More colors on drop! Ad


AHHH!!! WHAAA!!! An enclosed Trampoline for 169!! INSANE!!! And it even comes with the ladder! Have some jumping fun this summer with this Triple Tree enclosed Trampoline! ad


But how adorable is this as a maternity jumpsuit!!! This ribbed sleeveless jumpsuit with pockets is dropping with clippable and ZV577KCQ at check out! Ad


Longer shorts!!!  And not short of any pockets either!! These 6" Quick Dry Hiking and Golf shorts are dropping with the clippable and XFKZAOMC at check out!! Made with 4-way stretch material AND are water repellent and have UPF50+! Ad


Not many left! Muggy, hot camping season is here and the Rechargeable Portable Camping Fans with timer, LED light, hanging hook and USB Charging Ports is dropping with ND9B47Q9 at check out! This one is the same brand as mine, just a different style! Charge your phone in an instant, keep cool and have a light to guide your way in the dark. This is a must have for camping this summer! The battery life on it is amazing and has 3 fan settings too! Ad


These Waffle Knit PJ Lounge Sets look GLORIOUS!!! Really Cute, especially the ones with the fun prints!!! AND it is my hands-down FAVORITE pj brand!! Now dropping with clippable and J933EZVA at check out! Ad


These are sooo cute and looking very similar to those popular Rothy's!! SIX colors to pick from!! All dropping with clippable and then the rest at check out! Which are your favorite??? Ad


Do we have any teachers here that are actually looking forward to going back to school right now??! Start organizing your year!! These gorgeous Teacher's 2024-2025 Planners are HALF OFF at check out!! Ad


This is INSANE....18-piece Kids couch!!...YES...18!!! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it! This Modular 18-Piece Play Couch is DROPPING BIG with Clippable!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


It is Bogg Bag Season for sure....I am seeing these everywhere!! Take them to the ballpark, field, beach, lake, pool....wherever you take them you won't lose your phone anymore!! These Bogg Bag Zippered Phone Holders are half off at check out!! It pops right into the side of it and VOILA!! No are lost phone!! I could see this working great for pool keys, money, cards too! Ad


It is a is a bike trailer...IT'S BOTH!!! You can use as both a stroller and a bike trailer for your kiddos!! Dropping by half at check out! Ad


For those who don't want to keep going back and forth between readers and sunglasses!! This 3-pack of Bifocal Reading Sunglasses are dropping at check out!! Ad


I am thinking my prayers have been answered!! FINALLY a basketball that my oldest can dribble inside the house without my head about to explode! But really, I am thinking a lot of you all can relate!!! Dropping with KHHEMBXM at check out! Ad


How fun!!!! This Set of DIY Paint your own Birdhouse Kits are dropping by half at check out!! My oldest made a birdhouse the last month of school and couldn't wait to put it up when he got home! He has had so much fun watching the birds fly in and out! Would be a special summer project for sure! Ad


My Bamboo PJ's are on drop!! Yes...BAMBOO!!!! They are so light weight, silky soft, the best bouncy material and I don't get hot at night in them!! Dropping with coupon and the rest at check out! Ad


HOLY TOLEDO!!! This Outdoor Patio Set is on one huge drop!!! Love the look of this!! Each piece is made of black powder-coated steel wrapped in dark brown rattan and comes with water-resistant cushions!! ad


We got you all a drop on my very cute and very loved Cluci Dual Pouch Wristlet Wallet!! And boy am I fighting the urge to get it in pink too!!! I love throwing this around my wrist and having everything I need right there! And did I mention how cute they were!!! Dropping at check out! Ad


YESS!!! Put them to work and make them earn their keep! :) This adorable All-Terrain Ride on Forklift is on drop!! It can be ridin manually with the pedals and steering wheel, or with the remote for the littles who can't yet get the concept of gas, break and steering!!! ad


Now the other set is dropping, which has multiplacation/division and addition/subtraction in the bundle! Your kiddos can practice writing their numbers, letters, math and drawing and after 30min. the ink on the page disappears! So you can do it over and over again! MAGIC INK!! For half off you get 5-books, a pen with refills and a portable bag to put in all in and store! Ad


Whether you are using this in a bird bath, pool or your kiddos water table...This is CRAZY LOW!!! These Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pumps have a clippable and dropping even more with 2C5GCFL2 at check out!! This neat little fountain comes with 6-different nozzles to produce different spray shapes! Who has tried this one in their kiddos water table! I just think that is the neatest idea!! Ad


Lots of you were asking about fans yesterday!!! What are we thinking about these modern Low-Profile Ceiling fans?? They have a dimmable LED light, remote and app controlled! I think I love them and the look!! Grab teh clippable and use 6KEW6H9K at check out! Ad


Are you all getting borderline miserable heat this week too? This portable neck fan is dropping BIG with clippable and VU5PBKSH at check out! These are a lifesaver for this heat we have going on right now! Just place it around your neck and instantly cool down when working outside, watching sports games and more!! Ad


So they didn't use a real dog for the model.... :) But we get the point right??! These cutie 4th of July Pet Dresses are dropping with Z6MV9UHU at check out!! Ad


Never eat a cold lunch again!!! The Electric Lunch Box has a clippable with even more off at check out!!! Perfect size for leftovers and warms up those meals in as little as 20min, so lunch will be hot and ready when you’re ready to eat! Ad


It's a's a hammock!!! IT'S BOTH!! and something I would greatly appreciate to lounge in with this heat!! Use ZH6P6ZJU at check out to watch it drop! Ad


It is unreal how fast kids can grow out of shoes at the toddler/little kid stage! These would also be great for an extra school shoe in preschool! I know our school has to have an extra pair of clothes/shoes on hand in case of accidents! Lots of fun colors to pick from!!! Ad


Just this past weekend I had to let one of my beloved travel mugs go so my mom could enjoy some coffee on her roadtrip back home after visiting us! Wish I had a backup of disposable coffee cups like this!!! Dropping at check out! Comes with lids, sleeves and everything! Ad


 PB&J's for lunch all day everyday around here! My kids don't like crust, love Uncrustables, but the price of those add up QUICK! So we make our own around here! This sandwich cutter and sealer is amazing! They can cut and seal any type of sandwich!! SOOO easy to use!!! Dropping at check out! Ad


And you get TWO!!! These spill-proof Silicone Sippy cups not only come in cute colors (I am a sucker for these earthy tones!) but they have a grooved body for easy gripping, double handles for little hands and have an angled straw for easier access! Ad


I am so, so, so happy we decided to switch to a Ring Doorbell last year! Not only did we not have to hardwire it thanks to the built in battery, but it was so easy to install and we were up and running within 5-minutes! The battery lasts for months and the picture is so clear!! This is the LOWEST it has ever been!!! Ad


CHARGING STATION!!...Is Always a YES in my book!!! Especially when it comes in a cute end table like this! This one comes with 2-USB ports and 2-Outlets, so you will never have to move furniture out or dive behind the couch again to plug in your chargers! Ad


LOVE the pockets on these and the A-Line hemline!! These Quick Dry High-Waisted shorts have 4-way stretch and UPF50+! The shape of these remind me of the Powersoft shorts that I have and wear all the time! Ad


BANANAS!!! You get FOURTEEN!! Run for these especially if you have a little girl that wear a medium, Xlarge or XXLarge!! Ad


Why in the world can garbage cans be so pricey!! We were trying to replace the one in our bathroom the other week and it just blows my mind! This TWO-PACK of 2.7gal Smart Motion Sensor Garbage Cans are dropping even more with 154OHCKG at check out! Ad


All about the mesh panels and the adjustable straps on this one....and the color!!! This gorgeous 2-piece suit has tummy control and comes in more colors too!! The drop varies by color and size!! Ad


Ohhh my word!! It’s baaaack!! This would make getting your steps in at home sooo much easier and this one is crazy low!! This Under the Desk Treadmill has a Remote Control and LED Display where you can keep track of your calories burned, distance, time and speed!! Grab the clippable and then Go all the way to check out to see it drop!! Ad


Camping, party, or just having a picnic at the playground! These Fitable elastic Waterproof Picnic Table and Bench Covers are great to enjoy a meal outside! Not sure how long that clippable will be there with the drop! Ad


it has been ....HOT...VERY, VERY HOT!!! We had a big play date at a playground yesterday evening and one of the parents brought a small cooler with these in it! Let's say that they were a game changer for the evening! My oldest was out there running around with one of these on his neck for almost the entire time! It cools you instantly and stays cool for hours! Comes with 4 towels in their own individual travel pouches! Ad


Are we Team Pom Pom or Team Ruffles?? How stinkin' adorable are these??? AND it comes in Twin-Oversized King (YES...even Twin XL for those dorm rooms!) Use 8CU3QWOJ at check out!!

Working on all sizes in Beige Pom Pom, White Pom Pom, Sage Green Pom Pom, Pink Ruffled, White Ruffled Ad


My neighbor was just talking about his this weekend that he uses on his open trailer too! He trimmed a bunch of his trees and bushes and loaded up his trailer and haul it off to the dump but since there were a bunch of little sticks and things that could fly out, he placed this over it to keep everything secure! This one stretches 8x12! and comes with 12 carabiners! Ad


Nothing is better than throwing your rug that your kids have their very hardest to ruin with muddy feet and spilt food into the washing machine! I have a machine washable area rug and runners in my kitchen and I wish I had them all over my house!! This beautiful Moroccan Geometric Non-Slip Rug is at its LOWEST! Ad


This Costway 4-Seat Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella is on DROP! I could see lots of outdoor lunches and outdoor play on this table! When the weather is not very good, this is a great little table to have in the playroom!! Made of wood to last years and years!! ad


Ohhh I am loving the little print detailing on these too!! These comfortable Ladies Brief Undies are dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! These are made with a blend of spandex and nylon, so they are ultra comfortable, soft and will move with you throughout the day! Ad


Ohh man!!! How adorable are the swiss dots and the ruffle sleeves!!! These flowy girls dresses have a double clippable on them!! LOTS OF COLORS!! Ad


These boots were made for walking...walking straight into my life!! How fun are those metallic ones though? Dropping with coupon and the rest at check out! Ad


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