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Top Daily Deals - June 27th!




The HI DUDES Jackpot!!!! Men's, Women's and Kids!!! Lots of styles and colors dropping to some of the lowest I have seen! Ad


A sippy cup that grows with your child!!! These Silicone Sippy cups not only come in cute colors but they have handles for easy gripping, a sippy cup AND a straw cup for when your little one is ready to transition! Dropping at check out! Ad


Say bye to frizz and hello to some sleek, humidity resistant, smooth, silky hair!! The smaller size of Kristen's Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is dropping by half with the S&S clippable!! and at its L0WEST EVER!! It is weightless, non-greasy and moisture resistant!!! Perfect time to grab it with this summer humidity!! Ad


They are SOOO pretty!!! These Women's Converse Chuck Taylor Platform Sneakers are the lowest my eyeballs have ever seen!!! SOOOO many crazy, insane markdowns going on!!! I have gotten all of my boys back to school shoes through these drops!! Filter by size! ad


Loving the cut of this athletic dress and a HUGE fan of the half off drop!! I have been wearing my athletic dress on repeat this summer... It not only looks cute, but they are also comfortable enough to run after kids in and sit through all the kids sports games!! This one is made of an athletic material and has built in shorts!! HALF OFF at check out!! Ad


These little guys have helped me through a lot of my mistakes over the years :)!! The best kind of erasers!! The Paper Mate HUGE box of 144 Pencil Cap Erasers are on drop!! Ad


RARE DROP on the Olaplex No.5!! AND a stacking S&S Clippable!! I have been using the No.4 and No.5 together for a few years now and it has changed the texture of my hair! It is so smooth and just looks and feels healthier! ad


I am going to need a new closet with all these shoe drops!!! The Women's Nike Air Max Excee in these two colors are dropping with FLASH20 at check out! ad

More Dropping with FLASH20


I feel like I am melting anytime I go outside. Are you all getting borderline miserable heat this week too? This portable neck fan is dropping BIG with ZRT6AZSV at check out! These are a lifesaver for this heat we have going on right now! Just place it around your neck and instantly cool down when working outside, watching sports games and more!! Ad


Not only for baseball!!! This could easily be used for golf, football, soccer or just about any sport! This Hitting Practice Net with Ball Caddy easily folds up into a carrying case and is at its LOWEST! Dropping at check out! Ad


School Waterbottles....CHECK! These are THE BEST! My boys love the handle to easily carry it around and the straw makes it super easy to drink out of without spilling!! Stanley Ice Flows are dropping 20 percent with BRAND20 at check out! AD


One of the Newer Members of my husband's tool collection and probably my most favorite!! Dewalt Orbital Sander is on dropping by half!!! We are repainting and restaining our deck right now and this little guy has gotten a workout! Sooo easy to use and I can't wait to use it on some furniture that is in desperate need of refinishing! Ad


Sounds like a lot of you guys have beach trips coming up!! Beach Toys for the kiddos!!! These are even fun for the littles to take to the pool! This large set of Beach Toys with collapsible buckets and accessories is HALF OFF with the "redeem" button!! Ad


I changed to Satin Pillowcases a year ago to help with my skin and hair!! It reduces breakage and frizz due to its silky texture and it is supposed to help reduce the change of wrinkles as well!! Just picked up another set of TW0 because of the crazy drop!! Other colors dropping too! Ad


Fun with a little bit of sparkle!!! These summer sandals are adorable!!! They have a square toe and studded to give a little sparkle to them! Dropping at check out! Ad


Are you more of a shorts or a skirt kind of girl in the summertime?? I am way more shorts than skirts, but trying to change that because the athletic skirts are too cute! BOTH are dropping at check out! Ad


It is so cute!! These initial Ankle bracelets are dropping with 503ATK3F at check out! Would look look so good with those sandals this summer! Ad


Back to School Find!!! This Out of this World Fun Backpack is dropping by HALF!!! It has night light reflectivity across the front and back and is not lacking any pockets at all!!! Can fit up to a 15.6" laptop!! Ad


This is INSANE....18-piece Kids couch!!...YES...18!!! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it! This Modular 18-Piece Play Couch is DROPPING BIG with Clippable!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


WOWZA!!! These will most likely FLLLYY!!! These adorable summer shirts are dropping like....REAL low!! Clippable and Use 50HANPUW at check out! Ad


#ad THIS is what I am talking about!!! Bringing a July 4th party and summer up a notch!! this Coca-Cola Retro Slushie Maker is dropping with HELLO20 at check out for new customers! It has a detachable tank for easy cleanup and you just pour in the Coca-Cola and the machine does the rest!


Use it as a chair, hammock and more!!! This set of two versatile pool floats are half off with VKI3B82T at check out! Ad


 WITH THE CLIPPABLE!!! I love how you can pick between different colors and it has a built in charging port with 2-Power Outlets and 2-USB Ports! Watch TV in style with this neat TV Stand!!! ad


Steve Edelman Sneaks!!! And would you look at the drop on those!!! NEW MARKDOWN!!! Grab your summer sneaks today!! ad


These are amazing for those older dogs, larger dogs or just about any pet and makes it easier on the pets joints from having to bend over to eat and drink!!! This Bamboo Pet Bowl also has a 15-degree tilt option to promote easier digestion, reduce bloating and help neck strain! Ad


Sometimes the easiest, most simple things in life make a worlds of difference!! Like this!! No more guessing if the dishwasher is clean or dirty!!! At its LOWEST! Ad


Give me ALL the cooling comforters!!! I never used to be a hot sleeper, but the last couple of years I have turned into one! No matter what the temperature is outside I still need a blanket!! This is the best of both worlds! Keeps you cool with its Q-Max technology, but still a lightweight blanket! Clippable ontop of 5NRZZVSF at check out!! Ad


FINALLY!! A place to store all my snacks....I mean sheets and stuff !!! If you are short on storage this is an amazing option!! AND this Allewie Upholstered King Size Platform Bed with storage drawers is at its lowest ever!!! Ad


If you wear a size 7...RUN because they are the lowest in your size!!! More sizes on drop too in these Hi Dude Wendys!! Ad


Such a fun top that adds color!! Would look so good with white pants or skirt!! My Mock Neck Floral Print Lightweight top is dropping with clippable and and the rest at check out! Ad


It has been...HOT...VERY, VERY HOT!!! We had a big play date at a playground earlier this week and one of the parents brought a small cooler with these in it! Let's say that they were a game changer for the evening! My oldest was out there running around with one of these on his neck for almost the entire time! It cools you instantly and stays cool for hours! Comes with 4 towels in their own individual travel pouches! Ad


BOY OH BOY!!! This is crazy low!!! These Pop-Up Canopies are just the thing to protect you from the weather and keep you cool and dry!! Dropping by half in 4-colors! ad


Ohhh Boy...I couldn't tell you the last time I replaced my glass baking dishes and by the looks of them....I think it is about that time!! This set is going fast!!! Ad


Bring on ALL the educational games this summer!! We are trying to dodge the summer slump this year! This interactive educational game works on sight words, numbers and more to help build their vocabulary and understanding of each letter! Ad


I don't know if I have seen a utility cart like this one before! It has 4-tiers but you can push it all the way up against the wall! Would be such a great cart for a diaper station in your house, arts and crafts, school room and more!! Ad


DORM ROOM FIND....and those colors!!! These Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker doesn't take up much space at all, but will be your tried and true for your cup of Joe in the morning!! Perfect size for a dorm, office, apartment!!! Ad


Ay Caramba!!!  This looks like the definition of sleeping on a cloud!! Get 5" of this heavenly Memory Foam Mattress Topper for its LOWEST EVER!! All sizes on drop, with queen being the most! Ad


But those reviews though!!! If you are looking to replace your kitchen faucet...this is a great choice!!! It has a pull-down sprayer with a gorgeous High Arc with single Handle! Just the thing to bring some updates to your kitchen! Ad


Lots of amazing reviews on this guy!!! The TEEHO Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock can be opened with one of the 200-pin numbers (everyone gets their own!) for everyone from the house sitter to the child who can't be trusted with a key! Ad


I got my kindle a few months ago and OBSESSED!!! I have always loved the feel of an actual book in my hand and was hesitant about getting one, but I am a huge fan of the Kindle now!! Waterproof, can read at night without bothering the hubby and I have all my books with me when I travel! Huge Deal on the Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle!!! This one has a larger screen than mine and it has a digital notebook!!! The Scribe is the Queen of the Kindles!! This bundle comes with the Kindle Scribe, a premium pen and a Leather Folio Cover! Ad


Lots of you were asking about fans the other day!!! What are we thinking about these modern Low-Profile Ceiling fans?? They have a dimmable LED light, remote and app controlled! I think I love them and the look!! Grab the clippable and use 6KEW6H9K at check out! Ad


Lots of you have been asking about these and I have been wondering about these too!!! This Self-Cleaning Litter Box is at its LOWEST!!! You plug it in and let it do its thing! Holds up to 14-days!!! If you have one of these, let us know what you think!! So curious!! Ad


eautiful Washable Rugs (YES!! MACHINE WASHABLE!! My Favorite!) Are on D0UBLE DISC0UNT with C0UP0N and the rest DR0PPING at chkout!!! Their are 5x7 as low as 31!! Ad


For sure one of the CRAZIEST DR0PS I have seen in awhile on one of these cooling blankets!! Does anyone else have a house where it is perfect temperature downstairs, but miserably hot upstairs no matter how fans we have going! Have been eying one of these due to our AC not quite making it up to our room during the summer!! This Bamboo Cooling blanket has a massive DROP and a Clippable to go with it! Ad


If you are a fan of fun colors! This Pretty Meoky 40oz. Tumbler with Straw and Handle is at its LOWEST EVER with the clippable!!! It is Leak-Proof with the straw out, dishwasher friendly and will keep your hots hot for 10hrs. and your colds cold for 34hrs! Ad


Keeping it cool with bamboo!!! This extra thick Bamboo Cooling Pillow Top Mattress Cover will not only keep you from getting overheated at night, but also nice and cozy too!! Dropping at check out!! Ad


H0W NEAT IS THIS!!! This 25W Solar Powered Fan with TWO Fans is perfect for those chicken coops, greenhouses, sheds, pet houses and more!! Higher Powered for Larger Airflow...especially in this summer heat that is coming our way! Double Clippables!! Ad


We all know and love that special girl in our life! And in my family, I AM that girl!!! What is your favorite type of pickle!!??

Just a Girl Who Loves Pickles blanket is dropping with the "redeem" button!! Ad


I am a sucker for a bodysuit!! I have a few long sleeve for the colder months and bodysuit tanks for the warmer months AND colder months when I want to layer it! LOVE THEM!!! These CAH-UTE Puff Sleeve bodysuits are dropping at check out! Ad


This looks soooo similar to the Kendra Scott one!! I have gotten a lot of compliments on it since I got this one a couple of months ago! This Layered Double Necklace in all colors is half off with clippable and N7WLYLR2 at check out! Ad


My boys love the stomp rockets but this takes it to a new level!! This electric rocket launcher can soar to 2-different heights and up to 131feet!!! Dropping with clippable and 506KQUWT at check out! Ad


High-Waisted and buttery soft! What else could you want out of your biker shorts!!! Dropping with clippable and TUA2CQD9 at check out! Ad


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