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Top Daily Deals - June 28th!




Stylish, Premium quality Mueller Mixing bowls are dropping by HALF!!!! And looky at that pink one!!! Ad


It is back in a handful of color!!! And it is at its LOWEST EVER!! This Adjustable and Foldable Balance Beam can support those gymnasts from levels 1-7 with their Back Handsprings, front and back walkovers, mounts and dismounts and more! I had one similar growing up in our basement when my sister and I did gymnastics and we used it all the time!! Of course that was a LONG LONG time ago! Ad


It has been so wet and rainy lately that those mosquitoes have been no joke! These Mosquito Bracelets are great for enjoying outside without worrying about bugs! Especially on the 4th of July when you are outside all day! Better safe than sorry and it is so much easier and less smelly than spraying bug spray! The Clinic Mosquito Repellent Bracelet is now on LIGHTNING DROP with a S&S clippable!!! Ad


I was in desperate need of a new watch charger and found this one for 6!! I am even thinking about grabbing another one because no matter what kind of is not safe in my house. They ALWAYS go missing! This is a fast charging one too! Ad


These are the exact ones my preschool suggests we get for nap time!! These KinderMat's are on drop!!! ad


How fun are these!! These Nike Blazer Mid'77 High Top Sneakers in white and adobe red in both Men and Women are dropping to 35 with HOT at check out!! ad


The ONLY way my boys will eat an apple! We use our similar one daily and it literally just broke yesterday! Grabbing this one to replace it and knowing the KitchenAid brand will last me! The KitchenAid Fruit Slicer can cut an apple in seconds!! And for us busy moms...those seconds are precious!! Ad


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! ON CLOUD CLOUDEASY SNEAKERS FOR 68!!! This is unreal!!! On drop with even more coming off with EXTR25 at check out! Lots of sizes right now, but I know this will go quick!! ad


ATHLETA is rocking their Semi-Annual Sale right now!!! Meaning some of their best LEGGINGS, JOGGERS, SHORTS, TOPS, ATHLETIC WEAR is dropping up to 70 percent off!! ad


TWO PACK!!! My FAVORITE PJ Brand coming in with these cutie patootie I had to grab them to try for myself!! Thinking I need this purple flower set though! The Ekouaer Silk Satin PJ Set in a ton of colors and prints is dropping with clippable and UT7FR22J at check out!! Ad


No dorm room is complete without a mini fridge!! Who has started grabbing things for next school year?? This Insignia Mini Fridge is 79!! ad


!!! UMM...WHAT???!! A 50" Smart TV for 189!!! Looks like Prime Days maybe starting a little early for some things! Other sizes are dropping too, even the huge 70"! Ad


Less than a dollar per pair!!! And they have the anti-slip heel and arch compression!! These socks are made with an athletic sweat-wicking material and dropping with 50P3VH5Z at check out! Ad


I haven't seen one like this and I think I am in love! And if you hve a setup like the picture on the right....I am extremely jealous! :) This rustic caged ceiling fan has 6-wind speeds, timer and a built in light! Dropping with MOBEYU28 at check out! Ad


BACK AGAIN in a couple more colors! And it is at its LOWEST EVER!! This Adjustable and Foldable Balance Beam can support those gymnasts from levels 1-7 with their Back Handsprings, front and back walkovers, mounts and dismounts and more! I had one similar growing up in our basement when my sister and I did gymnastics and we used it all the time!! Of course that was a LONG LONG time ago! Ad


Say Whaaaa!!! !!! Sam's Club is taking 60 percent off their memberships!!! ONLY 20 FOR THE YEAR!!! What is your favorite Sam's Club goodie that you always grab! ad


ery similar to Kristen's!! This is the perfect little gadget for all your campers, hunters or as back up for when the power goes out!! This Portable Power Station Generator has a very large coupon! it has outlets, USB ports and a fast-charging port, LED Lights and can power just about anything from phones, laptops to fans, Nintendo Switches and more!! Never be out of power no matter the situation!



Now who would you invite on your Inflatable Island?? AND it has a removeable canopy!! Dropping to 59 at Sam's!! If you aren't a Sam's member worries!! The membership is 60 percent off right now! ad


How stinkin' cute are these for the pool, beach, lake or summer in general!! I would say one of the most popular sandals out there right now. These Double Buckle Sandals are dropping real low at check out!! Ad


Gnome Statues for all my Gnomies!!! These Solar Garden Gnomes sure will bring some cuteness (and laughter) to your garden! Dropping at check out! Ad


Yup...loving the look of the platform sandals these days! Dropping at check out in 4-different colors!! Ad


Is anyone else super excited that skate parks are a thing again?? We used to go to birthday parties at the skate park and sooo many school events there too!! Ahhh! So excited!

Light Up Skates!!!  These neat kids skates are dropping with IMU2793T at check out!!! Ad


Android Users....FINALLY one for you!! (and also for the Apple folks!) This portable charger can charge BOTH! It has an LED screen to show you how much battery is left too! A must-have, especially for that busy mom who always seems to be out and about and on the sidelines of sports games! Ad


I had been looking for one of these and snatched this one up real quick a couple of months ago and have used this A TON!! This Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch has a double clippable!! I attached it right to my car keys and it is perfect for those long soccer and baseball days and travel days when my watch battery starts to get low! It also has an LCD screen on it to show you how much battery is left on the charger! Ad


If you missed the Cozy Shark Wearable Blanket the other day....IT IS OKAY!!! Because now we have....Drumroll please....The Cozy Dolphin Wearable Blanket!!! Dropping by half at check out! Ad


I don't know if I have seen a neater set of diamonds paintings in my life!!! AND a handful of others are dropping too! You will have to let us know which one you end up with!!! Ad


How is this clippable still there!!! Take Advantage!! Say bye to frizz and hello to some sleek, humidity resistant, smooth, silky hair!! The smaller size of Kristen's Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is dropping by half with the S&S clippable!! and at its L0WEST EVER!! It is weightless, non-greasy and moisture resistant!!! Perfect time to grab it with this summer humidity!! Ad


This is CRAZY!!! You get 4-pair of Biker Shorts for 13!!! These are all made with a buttery soft, stretchy, comfortable athletic material!! Ad


RARE DROP on the Olaplex No.5with that HUGE S&S Clippable!! I have been using the No.4 and No.5 together for a few years now and it has changed the texture of my hair! It is so smooth and just looks and feels healthier! Ad


I never know where to start with decorating tables or shelves, but these look like a great place to start! These would look gorgeous on a coffee table or console table OR even in the kitchen and use as a serving tray! All these and more are dropping at check out! Ad


The weather is already getting REAL warm and these elevated cooling dog beds are amazing during this hot weather for your pup to lounge in the sun without getting overheated...inside AND outside! And it is so much easier on their joints too! HALF OFF with MTU44IPO at check out! Ad


These would fit just about any style in your home! Beautiful Farmhouse Ceramic Table Lamps for Bedroom, Family Room, Living Room and more!!! And they have 3-different color temperatures! Dropping with 9U477CG2 at check out! Ad


What makes for a great toddler water shoe....Easy to get on, velcro, quick dry, lightweight, sturdy bottom and low enough (only 9!) because they grow out of them so fast! These Non-Slip Baby/Toddler Shoes are half off with CR2DM8G6 at check out!! Ad


Yes, these are great when you are out and about outside....but these are also great inside the car to get extra airflow to your child! Especially if they are rear facing!! You can stand it up or attach it to a car seat or stroller!! This Mini fan is on drop! Ad


You all see that drop!? A great Utility Cart that can pretty much be used inside the classroom, at home...anywhere!! Store and organize just about anything with this utility cart! Ad


GET FOUR!!! These Men's Breathable, Moisture Wicking Boxer Briefs are at the lowest they have ever been!!! These are even made with Rayon from Bamboo, which will keep them cool too! Ad


My kids are finally out of this stage....but we for sure had some very similar to keep the food on the plate and the plate on the table! These suction silicone kids plates are at their lowest!! They are dishwasher safe and will help with your sanity!! Ad


Bugs be GONE!! I know here with all our rain lately and the humidity, bugs have been a big ol' problem! This Bug Zapper is dropping with clippable the rest at check out! Ad


You team jogger or team straight leg!!?? Ohhh I am digging these!!! Everything from the pockets to the cinching around the ankle!!! These lightweight, quick dry cargo joggers are dropping a BIG amount with the clippable! Ad


This is INSANE....18-piece Kids couch!!...YES...18!!! My kiddos have one very similar and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it! This Modular 18-Piece Play Couch is DROPPING BIG with Clippable!!! They are so much fun!! Ad


What vacations does everyone have coming up?!? Would love to hear about them! This U.S. Traveler Rio Rugged Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set is at its LOWEST EVER!! Ad


LOVE these bands!! I have 2 that are so, so similar! Same pretty speckles...different holes! They have been my go-to for the last few months since I got them! The set of two is dropping with clippable and 10J7MXN5 at check out! Ad


These are just always a great idea to have and would be great in a dorm room too! I have a bunch of these Outlet Extenders with USB-C, USB and Outlets around my house because my house is short on plugs and they are so handy! These aren't too shabby to travel with either!!! Ad



No heat damage!! Curl, Volumize, Smooth, Dry all with this Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System! Kristen has it and says it is by far the easiest and fastest way to curl and style her hair!! it is so crazy that you can do everything with this one tool and not worry about damaging your hair!! Ad


We had storms come through the other day that almost took out our umbrella on our deck! We found it over in the neighbors yard! This 9ft. Outdoor Patio Umbrella with UV Protection and Push Button Tilt and Crank is on drop! Ad


LOWEST EVER!! The Echo Pop Kids gives your kids a little more independence! They can set timers, alarms, ask for help on homework, listen to a book or story, ask about the weather! AND you have all the parental controls too with daily time limits and the ability to filter certain things! Ad


Nerf Super Soaker....but Pool Style!!! on LIGHTNING!!!! This Nerf Super Soaker Pool Float has a Pool-Fed Mega Water Blaster on the top of it so no refilling needed!!! Ad


Raise your hand if you have started back to school shoppin' yet! I came across this amazing drop on these Puma Kids Meridian Backpacks!! Dropping big time and just in time for next school year! Ad


Crazy low for this ball pit!!! My boys had one when they were younger and went crazy over it! They would practice their basketball (throwing balls into the ball pit) lay in it to watch TV and always had a blast!! This one does not come with balls. Ad


Here is another one of those kitchen gadgets I had no idea I needed until I saw it! Well, I know I need one, but I didn't know they made one like this!! You just plop in the chicken, twist and done! And it is dishwasher safe! Dropping at check out! Ad


These look mighty, mighty close to that big name brand!!! And I bet they are just as cozy!!! These Fuzzy Memory Foam Slippers are on drop!! AND if you are an 8-8.5, you will find an extra clippable in there too! Ad


Ohhh my goodness!!! The colors!!! AND they are silicone and built to last!!! This 11-piece Silicone Beach Toy Set is at its lowest! It comes in a bunch of pretty colors and not only are these so much fun at the beach, but at the pool too!! My youngest played with a bucket and shovel in the pool for 2 straight hours the other week!! Ad


Well hello there beautiful!!! This GORGEOUS 15-Piece Ceramic Pots and Pans Non-Stick Set is at its LOWEST EVER!!! Not only does it come with pots and pans it comes with 5-piece Nylon Kitchen Utensil Set! These are dishwasher safe and oven safe (up to 500)! They are so pretty I can't stand it! Ad


What a fun kit for the summer!! You can create your own popsicles by following the included recipes or just go rogue and make up your own! This Homemade Popsicle Mold Kit comes with everything you need and is on drop!! Ad


Ohhh!!! Loving this new color combo!!!! This Weekender Bag Set not only has a large bag to pack for the gym or a weekend away, but it also comes with a matching crossbody or you could use as a toiletry matter how you use it, it is pretty and so functional! Ad


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