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Top Daily Deals - June 30th!




So pretty!! And you get TWO!!! These Farmhouse Table Lamps with USB Chargers and night light built in! The bottom lights light up for a nice night light at night, or the main lamp for when you need more light in the room!


The buckles on these Muk Luks sandals are just too cute! Several color options! Amazon suggested most of this outfit to style it with and I added in a cute purse I found for less than $10!


I'd been eyeing this top for awhile..finally grabbed it soon as I saw it's over 40 percent off! Excited to get it in, will be super cute paired with lighter wash denim!!


Ahhh!!! Boot Scootin' Boogie right into my cart!! Which one of these is your favorite!!? These Sparkly Rhinestone Cowboy boots are at their lowest ever!!! Ad


IT IS BAAAACK!!!! Muggy, hot camping season is here and the Rechargeable Portable Camping Fans with timer, LED light, hanging hook and USB Charging Ports is dropping with the clippable and TQE2LD5W at check out! Charge your phone in an instant, keep cool and have a light to guide your way in the dark. This is a must have for camping this summer! The battery life on it is amazing and has 3 fan settings too! Ad


FOR TWO!!! How cute are these??!? These semi-rimless polarized men and women's sunglasses are dropping extremely low for two!!! Ad


School Waterbottles....CHECK! These are THE BEST! My boys love the handle to easily carry it around and the straw makes it super easy to drink out of without spilling!! Stanley Ice Flows are dropping 20 percent with BRAND20 at check out! Ad


These will go fast!

The infamous Snackle Box that we are seeing EVERYWHERE is back on DROP!!!! Love this idea for packing snacks on the go, for car rides, playground trips, plane rides, or even at home to make snack time a little more fun!!! Dropping at check out! Ad


This 10-Drawer dresser is dropping so low!!! It also has EVEN MORE storage on the sides with the fabric side pockets and hooks to hang things like purses, hats and more!! ad


BOY OH BOY!!! This is crazy low!!! These Pop-Up Canopies are just the thing to protect you from the weather and keep you cool and dry!! Dropping by half in 4-colors! ad


Nerf Super Soaker....but Pool Style!!! on DROP!!!! This Nerf Super Soaker Pool Float has a Pool-Fed Mega Water Blaster on the top of it so no refilling needed!!! Ad


Time to grab all you can!!! Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles are on drop!!! Let me know what your favorite scent is! We picked some up last weekend and I grabbed this watermelon one that smells so good!! Also, the Mainstreet Bakery one is AMAZING! ad


Do we have any FRIENDS fans?? If so, what is your favorite episode??? This fun Friends inflatable couch sprinkler is on drop!!! Not many left! Ad


One for the fur babies!!! In fact, if you have a fur baby let's see those pictures below!! These amazing Chuckit! Ultra Balls are dropping REAL big with an extra clippable on top of that! Ad


Here is another one of those kitchen gadgets I had no idea I needed until I saw it! Well, I know I need one, but I didn't know they made one like this!! You just plop in the chicken, twist and done! And it is dishwasher safe! Dropping at check out! Ad


Legos and can't get much better than that! This Minifigure Lego Puzzle is on huge drop!!! Ad


Loving the cut of this athletic dress and a HUGE fan of the half off drop!! I have been wearing my athletic dress on repeat this summer... It not only looks cute, but they are also comfortable enough to run after kids in and sit through all the kids sports games!! This one is made of an athletic material and has built in shorts!! HALF OFF at check out!! Ad


I love my snacks and so do my kids! These pouches are perfect for trips to the pool, roadtrips and more!! Great size to fit all our favorite things and keep everything together! Dropping at check out!! Lots to pick from! Ad


ALL THREE!!! This Canvas initial beach bag tote with matching cosmetic bags are dropping with clippable and 50GUMFIC at check out! These would make amazing gifts too!!! Ad


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