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August 18th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!!

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


I LOVE a good value pack!!! Especially on something you can never have too many of! The Duracell AA and AAA 56ct. Pack is 44% off!! ad


Good reviews too!!! Get 36 PAIR of Hoop Earrings for 37% off with coupon!! around $13!!!! ad


Okay this is so neat!!! Mini Portable Sticker Printer with 3 Rolls of paper is 44% off!!! Connects to Bluetooth and you can print straight from your phone or tablet! ad


Amazing reviews on this one!! 12" Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress with 100 night trial AND 10 year warranty is 25% off AND has a stacking $20 coupon! ad


WOW!!!! This Ninja Warrior Kids Course is 57% off AND has a stacking 10% off coupon!!! ad


HOLY MOLEY!! Large Capacity Storage Bag organizers are 50% off AND have a stacking 30% off coupon!!! ad


Silk Satin PJ's (a group favorite!!!) are 36% off!! (ad)


Desk Organizer with 5 upright sections, double tray and sliding drawer is 37% off!! ad


At its LOWEST ever!!! This large garage sports equipment organizer and storage is 15% off! ad


How handy is this?!? 4" Folding Memory Foam Bamboo Fiber Cover Washable Mattress is 35% off!! So easy to pull out for guests and camping!! ad


These are the BEST Burp Cloths!!! Get a pack of 10 Muslin 100% Cotton Burp Cloths for 33% off! ad


This Rooftop Carrier Cargo Bag is 56% off!!! ad


WOWZA!!! This Hiboy Electric Scooter is $200 off PLUS another 6% off coupon stacking! This scooter can reach up to 19mph!!!! ad


NICE!!! These Adjustable Dumbbells are 48% off!!! (Ad)


This CUTE Rib Knit Maternity Dress is 38% off!!! ad


Ohh my goodness how sweet is this pup!!? This Elevated Cooling Dog Bed is 33% off!! ad


Set of TWO Power Strips with 6 Outlets and 2 USB Ports is 40% off!!! (ad)


HOT DOG!!! This Robot Vacuum with Mapping Navigation is 50% off AND has a $50 coupon!! ad


Huge reviews on this Broom and Dustpan set!!! Now 50% off with the coupon!! ad


AHHH!! This 11x11 Cool Spot Instant Gazebo with Mosquito Netting is down to $135.99!!! ad


Waterproof Pack of 4 Airtage Keychain Holders are 61% off!!! Easily put on backpacks, keys, purses, luggage...ALL the things you need to keep track of! ad


The BEST!!! They stay together AND are dual sided!! These magnetic Measuring Spoons are 63% off!!! (ad)


Pack of 6 Clear Pantry Storage Organizer Bins are 40% off!!!! ad


Stair Stepper with Resistance Bands is down to $59.49!!!! These are great if you don't want a huge machine taking up space but still want a great workout!! ad


TRIPLE Discount on this Double Sided Cooling Blanket!!! Not sure how long this will last! It is 22% off + $10 coupon + another 5% off with CQM38NQQ at chkout! ad


These are great for just about everywhere but especially for traveling!! This Power Strip with Outlets and USB Ports is 45% off!! (ad)


These pretty Solar Pathway Lights are 25% off AND have a stacking 30% off coupon!! ad


Quick Frozen Slushie Maker Cups are 37% off!!! ad


NICE!!!! This 24Pack of Mason Jars with lids and bands is 42% off!!! ad


Karaoke Machine!!!!! I know Kristen has this one and her boys love it!! It is 21% off and has a $20 coupon!! ad


Now this looks fun!!! This Commuter Electric Scooter is 42% off and can reach 15mph!!! ad


WOAH!!! HURRY ON THIS ONE!!! This Car Battery Jump Starter is 61% off AND has a stacking 20% off coupon!! ad


WOAH!!! 304K REVIEWS!!! This RENPHO Smart Scale is 49% off!!! It tracks BMI, Body Fat, Body Composition and more!!! Or you can use it just to weigh yourself 😆ad


GOING FAST!!! This 6in1 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum with LED Display and 3 power modes is down to $75 with drop and coupon!!! ad


GOING FAST!!! This XL heating Pad (Machine Washable too!) is 49% off!! (Ad)


OHHH MAN!!! Love Shacket Season!!!! And these adorable ones have a drop and a big 30% off coupon!!! (ad)


Holy Bologna!!! These Luxury Silky Soft Wrinkle Free 6 Piece Bed Sheets are 63% off!! (AD)


Adjustable Standing Desk Office chair is 43% off!!! ad


Camping Fan with LED Lantern, USB Charging Port, hanging hook AND 4 speeds is 39% off!!! ad


Awesome Reviews!!! 2 in 1 Folding Walking/Jogging Treadmill with remote is 42% off!!! ad


NICE!!! This Orthopedic Pet Bed with Washable Cover is 44% off!! ad


Non Shedding Fluffy Area Rugs are 20% off WITH a stacking coupon!! ad


Compatible with Alexa and Google!! This 5 Piece SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System is 35% off AND doesn't require any contracts!! ad


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