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May 28th - DAILY DEALS!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.


I never have them when I need them....BATTERIES!!! We go through A TON at my house!!! SOOOOO many DR0PS on Energizer today!!! ad


My hubby is ALWAYS needing more of these!!! UNDERSHIRTS!!! These Fruit of the Loom Men's Eversoft Stay Tucked Crew Tee's are DR0PPING L0W with C0UP0N! And you get SIX of them! ad


IT'S BAAAACK!!! BARF...anyone else having a flying critter problem right now! ...but yes, I would say they work! We have a very similar Insect Trap that, as you can see, works very well! You just plug it into the wall and it attracts the flying bugs and traps them on the sticky pad! No buzzing, no zapping! 60perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and HPPX28IO at chkout! (works on all except 2pack)ad


SOLAR String Lights!!! GENIUS! It is time to start getting those decks and yards in tip top shape so you can enjoy it in the summer and these would be such a neat addition! These Outdoor, Waterproof, Shatterproof String Lights with 3-modes and a remote is 65perc. 0FF with 5N286W3U at chkout!! ad


SAY WHAAA??? That is a little over $2 A PIECE!!! TCP Assorted Girls Leggings are DR0PPING big time!! ad


If you are going on vacation and needing a tote bag or a nifty little bag to take to the beach....looky here!!! This Large Water Repellent Zippered Top Tote Bag fold up teeny tiny, making traveling with it a breeze!!! And it comes in really pretty colors! DR0PPING 55perc. 0ff with NTBIK6AX at chkout! ad


I have always loved the look of Wall Sconces for lights in a home. It gives a warm farmhouse feeling and they always turn out beautiful, but I have always been nervous about the wiring! Not with these!!!! These battery operated (or your can hardwire them!) Dimmable Wall Sconces can be placed in a bedroom, either side of a fireplace, a bathroom....really anywhere to warm up a space!! 65perc. 0ff with DSGEJ5IZ at chkout!



The most adorable measuring spoons I ever did see!!! These cactus ceramic measuring spoons that come in a pot are 60perc. 0FF with C0UP0N and 50GF99W6 at chkout!! Dishwasher safe and a great way to add a little fun to your kitchen! ad


H0W NEAT IS THIS!!! This 25W Solar Powered Fan with TW0 Fans is perfect for those chicken coops, greenhouses, sheds, pet houses and more!! Higher Powered for Larger Airflow...especially in this summer heat that is coming our way! 60perc. 0ff with the D0UBLE C0UP0NS!! ad


If you had the chance to work from bed, would you??

I am all about this!! Be able to work, read, game with ease from your bed, couch, floor or wherever with this handy dandy Lap Pillow!! DR0PPING 40perc. with C0UP0N and 5RL9PWDR at chkout! ad


!! If you are not using a flat top brush to apply your foundation you REALLY need to give it a try!!! This thing is trending for a reason! It goes on sooo smooth, evenly... this brush is GOLD!! I actually have 2 of them, one for myself and one for applying sunscreen to my boys faces in the summer! (mom hack for you all!!) Don't forget about the small C0UP0N!ad


It is Bogg Bag Season!!! Take them to the ballpark, field, beach, lake, pool....wherever you take them you won't lose your phone anymore!! This Bogg Bag Zippered Phone Holder is 50perc 0FF with 504SQ6EH at chkout!! It pops right into the side of it and VOILA!! No are lost phone!! I could see this working great for pool keys, money, cards too! ad


Baseball and Softball season are here!!! (These could also easily be used for soccer season too!) We have already had a few rainouts, so I know our season will run a little longer than normal! This Softball/Baseball Bag is HALF 0FF with the "redeem" C0UP0N button! ad


HIGHLY recommend getting a Digital Picture Frame!! And would be such a great Father's Day gift!! I got one for my birthday last year and not only do my boys love looking at all of these pictures, but the touch screen makes set up so easy and sharing videos and pictures is even easier!! This one is sooo similar to mine and is now DR0PPING with C0UP0N and the rest at chkout!! ad


These Seamless Maternity Shapewear for dresses are DR0PPING 45perc. on sets of 1 and 2!! These have a reinforced inserts to support your growing belly while giving you a seamless look!! DR0PPING at chkout! ad



It is a phone is a is a bluetooth is an alarm is a really neat Smart Touch Light All-in-One Dual Alarm Clock!! Can be used with iPhone and Samsung and it is 50perc. 0ff with the "redeem" C0UP0N button!! ad


Would love to start making it myself, just don't know where to start! This nifty Sourdough Bread Proofing Basket Set comes with everything you need for proofing and create really pretty designs on your bread as well!!! HALF 0FF with C0UP0N and the rest at chkout! ad


H0T DE4L!!! Everyone is wanting to get those pearly whites for summer, which is funny because I have been whitening my teeth this week too! The Crest 3D Whitestrips Whitening Strip Kit 22-Day Kit is on DR0P!!! ad


We go through batteries like we go through snacks around my house!! And we are always needing more! This 32-pack of AAA Energizer batteries are DR0PPING 40perc. 0ff!! ad


Doesn't Kink...Doesn't Get Hot..Doesn't Rust...Lightweight...Very durable!!! The Metal Expandable Garden Hose with a 10function Nozzle is 45perc. 0FF in the 25//100ft with C0UP0N and the rest DR0PPING at chkout!! ad


L0WEST EVER!! I have never seen this before, but you all....this is so neat!!! The MagicMinerals AirBrush Foundation is a spray on foundation that doesn't streak or cake on and leaves you will all day foundation with great coverage that has anti-aging ingredients to smooth and leave you with bright and radiant skin! Would love to know if anyone has tried this and what your thoughts are!! ad


Dorm room must-have!! AND any home must-have!! A set of TW0 Surge Protector Outlet Extenders are DR0PPING by HALF with this "redeem" C0UP0N button!!



The sleeves on these!! AND the color choices !! These Summer tops are on DR0P!!! ad


One of the best things we got for our boys last summer!!!! Our Inflatable Water Bounce House got soooo much use last year! This Hippo Inflatable Water Bounce House has a slide, climbing wall, water cannons, splash pool and MORE! DR0PPING big!! ad


The weather is already getting REAL warm and these elevated cooling dog beds are amazing in the summer for your pup to lounge in the sun without getting overheated! And it is so much easier on their joints too! HALF 0FF with VONV5JIW at chkout! (works for all Black, Gray and Green

Blue works on 41.4"L and 49.0"L! ad


If you are an artist or have some creative kids that love to draw, paint and create masterpieces... these 6/8/12-packs of Canvases are 45perc. 0ff at chkout!! These would be great to keep on hand for summer activities too!! ad


Which style is your favorite?? Mine is the one on the left and would make pretty everyday wear earrings!!! All of these earrings and more are DR0PPING Half 0ff at chkout! ad


Amazing REVlEWS on this one!! This TENS Unit Muscles Stimulator for Pain Relief and Pain Management is 50perc. 0ff at chkout!! When rehabbing from my knee surgeries I used to do this everyday to get those muscles and nerves firing, releasing endorphins and bringing me some pain relief!! ad


I feel like I need this reminder every time I am around my little humans this summer! This Mini Positive Potato would make a great little gift for friends, coworkers or kids!! HALF 0FF at chkout!!! is really cute! ad


These pack up so small too!! Been needing a new one!! LOVE these extra large, quick drying, sandproof blankets!! Not only are they amazing for the beach, but they are so compact and travel so easy that I keep one in the car for sitting in the grass at soccer games, picnics at the playground and more!! They are the best!!! 50perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and the "redeem" button!! ad


These pretty Eyelet Embroidering Flowy Tanks are 45perc. 0ff with 33CMK6TT at chkout!! and I am telling you....SOOO many colors to pick from!!! So cute!! ad


Who else is loving this top as much as I am!! The cold shoulder, the bell mesh sleeves....! LOVE!!! DR0PPING 40perc. 0ff with H7YIGGWL at chkout! Working on all colors too! ad


What a cute and fun Hammock chair to have in your room or hanging outside!! It is pretty and would be a great place to cozy up with a book!! This Indoor/Outdoor Macrame Hammock Chair is 50perc. 0ff at chkout! Comes in Gray, White and Charcoal Gray! ad


I rarely ever see them this L0W...this one is D0WN to !! Which means it probably won't last all that long!! These are so much fun for movie nights or for an extra bed for sleepovers!! These Human Dog Beds are DR0PPING at chkout! ad


These cute little sets with the Paperbag waist shorts are 45perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and 6I4D2MC9 at chkout!! For ages 6-14! ad


Who said Hawaiian Shirts were just for the men?? This Button Down Hawaiian print and solids are DR0PPING 65perc. 0ff with C0UP0N and I83AXEEG at chkout!



These super popular, trendy 2piece GORGEOUS sets are DR0PPING at chkout!! I love the look of these and how you can wear them together or separate! I have always loved the khaki white set, but the more I am looking at the colors the more I like them!! Like this blue one on the right!! ad


If you want to enjoy any meals outside this summer without have to grab these Outdoor Fly Fans!! It keeps the pesky flying insects away while you can sit and not have to worry about a fly buzzing around your head! Keeps the flies away 2-3ft! 50perc. 0ff for a 2-pack with 50LFD2RU at chkout!! ad


A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! Do you like the left or the right more??

Both of these...and a ton of other colors and styles are DR0PPING 50perc. 0ff at chkout! ad


BIG MOVER & SHAKER!! and at its L0WEST EVER! This set of TW0 Waterproof tactical Flashlights are always a good thing to have on hand!! Waterproof LED flashlights with 5 light modes and zoomable light are on DR0P!! ad


Sets of 3!!! This Ribbed Tanks are 40perc. 0ff at chkout!! I love wearing these with high waisted shorts, jeans and skirts!! AND they work perfectly under those popular rompers!! ad


Ohhh the things we will do to keep those rays off our face !! I told you all that I am trying to take way better care of my skin in 2024....and I just may have to wear one of these while mowing the lawn or sitting sideline at the sports games this summer! No shame in my game! These stylish umbrella hats are 40perc. 0ff with the "redeem" C0UP0N button! ad


Adorable and Cozy!!! You could easily wear these to work or wear them to the beach!! A VERY similar pair to mine of these Wide Leg High Waisted Knot Pants are DR0PPING 45perc. at chkout!! (Some have a C0UP0N too!) Lots of great colors and prints! I am 5'4", wearing a size small in the Coral Orange! ad


You could say I like this stuff !! St. Tropez has always been my go to!! It gives such a natural looking tan, no streaks AND it lasts!!! Great way to get the bronzed look without the harmful rays! I use the one on the left for Express tans (2hr tan) and the one on the right for an overnight tan! L0TS OF DR0PS!!! ad


COWABUNGA!!! These Men's UA Rival Fleece Cargo Joggers are DR0PPING 65perc. in black!! That includes Tall sizes too!! ad


This is beautiful!!! And it is working on other colors and sizes!! (the ones that it works on will show both C0UP0NS!) This 3pc Vintage Farmhouse Comforter Set is DR0PPING 50perc. with the D0UBLE C0UP0NS! ad


L0WEST EVER!!! These gorgeous Ceramic Canisters with Bamboo Lids are DR0PPING 57perc.!!! I have some very similar to this that we leave on our counter with coffee grounds inside since they are airtight! YOU GET ALL THREE! ad


Love my spin scrubber, and seeing this similar one that is just ...WOW!! !! No more breaking my back while cleaning my shower/tub/floor/car anymore!! This Electric Spin Scrubber that is very similar to mine is DR0PPING L0W with C0UP0N and the rest at chkout!! It also comes with different replacement heads so you can get into every nook and cranny!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND these!! Ad


CRAZY, CRAZY!!! Get THREE Stainless Steel Handheld Pruning Shears AND it comes with a set of gardening gloves for 44perc. 0ff!! HIGH REVlEWS on this set!!! L0WEST ever!! Ad


My friend has one of these LED Bathroom Mirrors and it is so neat!! Let's just say what I usually look like in my bathroom room mirror does not reflect the same in hers ! The surrounding lights cast no shadows and gives you the best light for your makeup!! DR0PPING at chkout! ad


WHATTTT!!! A 3-PACK for under $15!!! These are great to wear with a tee or I wear them under dresses all the time!! This 1or3-Pack of Biker Shorts are HALF 0FF at chkout!! ad


I changed to Satin Pillowcases a year ago to help with my skin and hair!! It reduces breakage and frizz due to its silky texture and it is supposed to help reduce the change of wrinkles as well!! Just picked up another set of TW0 because of the 47perc. DR0P!! ad


If you have a TON of gardening and landscaping to do right now, like me, snatch up a 6-pack of these!! These Gardening Working gloves are DR0PPING at chkout for SIX PAIRS!!! ad


If you are a teacher and looking for classroom treasure box items, or a parent needing to find items for goodie bags...these multicolor Ballpoint Pens are PERFECT!! Always a favorite!! Comes in a pack of 24 and now $9!! ad


HOW CUTE!!! These High-Waisted Wide Leg Palazzo Pants would be such a cute option during the spring/summer over a swimsuit, out and about or just lounging at home!! Now 40perc. 0ff at chkout! They have pockets and are made of a stretchy athletic like material! ad


You could pack this up and take it just about anywhere!! This Double-Sided Checkers and Tic tac Toe Game is DR0PPING 40perc. 0ff at chkout!! ad


The lace sleeves on these!!! Gives it a little more sass! These pretty tops are DR0PPING at chkout! ad


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