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November 17th - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!


GO GO GO GO!!! Now 33% off AND has a stacking $40 coupon!!! UNDER $150!!! ad


How cute!!! Get both of these 3ft Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Trees WITH PLANTER BASE for $55!! AD


WOW!!! 28% off with a stacking $30 coupon!!! This Digital Picture Frame comes out to $48!!! Makes for an amazing gift!!! ad


I even love playing with these!!! They are soo much fun and my 2, 4 and 7 year old ALL still have a blast with these!! Magnetic blocks are now 40% off with a 20% off coupon AND press "redeem" for another 10% off!!! ad


After all the shoe deals we have had lately....I am thinking a need a second one of these!!! Now 54% off on this massive shoe rack organizer!! ad


Umm What?!? Now 50% off drop + 30% off coupon + 5% off when you press "redeem" on the product page!!! This HEPA Air Purifier is L0W!!! AD


These Mini Portable Fast Chargers are perfect for stockings!!! Now 36% off with a stacking 30% off coupon!! ad


AHHH!! How cute!!! I picked up a couple of these at Target but these are so much less and look identical!! This 4 Pc Tabletop Christmas Tree Decor is now HALF OFF!! ad


I know I need one of these!! Now 34% off for this Sports Equipment organizer!! ad


GOING FAST!!! This Adjustable Weight Bench is now 48% off!!! AT ITS LOWEST!!! ad


Gaming chairs are now up to 48% off!!! This one even has a footrest!! ad


NICE!!! This GLOW IN THE DARK!! Modular Kids Play Couch is down to its LOWEST EVER!!! ad


This Clay Bead Bracelet Making Set is now 60% off!!! It comes with EVERYTHING!!! ad


Drones for older kids and adults!!! Now 49% off with a HUGE $100 coupon!! It has GPS auto Return, follow me, 4k camera and comes with TWO batteries!! ad


Now this looks fun!!! Kids Handheld Portable Video Game Player is now 33% off!! Only $28!!! ad


5pc Character Bedding Sets are on LIGHTNING DEAL!!! This Bluey one is REAL cute! ad


GO QUICK!!! This Magnetic Min World Set (looks like Minecraft to me!) is 40% off with a 10% off coupon!! PLUS press redeem for another 5% off! ad


They look so real!!! and perfect for Centerpieces and decor!! This Pack of 10 Remote Flameless Flickering Candles are now 33% off!! ad


Holy Cow!! How Cool!!! This Router Engraving Machine is now 25% off and at its LOWEST!!! ad


IT IS BACK!! HOT D E A L (literally )!!! We had a school Bonfire a month or so ago and someone brought theirs like this....amazing!!! It had a fire going in half the time of the others AND there was no babying it to get the fire blazing! This Smokeless Portable Fire Pit is on a HUGE LIGHTNING DE4L DR0P! ad


GOING FAST!! This Portable Monitor is 55% off with a stacking $20 coupon!! One of my favorite purchases ever!!! Love my dual screens! ad


Rotating Puzzle Table with drawers!!! Now 15% off with a stacking $30 coupon!!! ad


AHH!!! This Mini Cordless Chainsaw with battery is now 40% off!!! ad


NEED!!! This Luxury Towel Warmer is now 32% off!! ad


RUN!!! Nugget Countertop Ice Maker with a HUGE $90 coupon stacking on top of the 10% off!! ad


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