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Afternoon Amazon Deal Round Up!

  1. Golfers!! Be quick!! This highly rated two wheel golf push cart just dropped to its lowest & most others I see are quite a bit more! No telling how long this drop will last! (ad)

  2. 10 pairs of Women's socks for only 6.30!! Shop here-->

  3. Toddler and Kid's Snow Bibs- only 13.60!! Shop here-->

  4. Just in time for warmer weather!! This highly rated reclining lounge chair with pillow just dropped to its lowest ever!! Only 57.20!! Was over 82!! Shop here--> (ad)

  5. We had similar shag rug when my boys were little...added some cushion for them as they learned to walk and us as we sat on the ground and played with them.  This solid grey rug just hit its lowest ever and is at an excellent p r i c e for a 7'10" x 10"! (ad)

  6. Love a good criss cross waist!! They don't dig in and are so comfortable!! These Athletic High-Waisted Dolphin Shorts with Zipper Pockets and Liners are 40perc. 0ff at chkout!! (ad)

  7. LED Camping Lantern set of 4 is dropping by HALF! (ad)

  8. Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles this summer!!! My two youngest can never get enough bubbles!! This fun Automatic Bubble Machine is HALF 0FF at chkout! ad

  9. TOP SELLER!! Stainless Steel Hat Organizer (2 Pack)--Down 26% to its LOWEST PRICE!! Ad Shop here-->

  10. Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!!! Good Morning Everyone!! I know we have a few people in this group have some chickens!! This Egg Cleaner is made of Silicone effortlessly cleans the dirt, feathers and other nasties away from the eggs!! Now 40perc. 0FF at chkout! ad

  11. Well this is BANANAS!!! and looks like so much fun!! This Intex Inflatable Floating volleyball Net with Inflatable Ball is on huge DR0P!! ad

  12. What a fun way to elevate that garden!! These Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pumps are DR0PPING 50perc. when you press the "redeem" button! This neat little fountain comes with 6different nozzles to produce different spray shapes! ad

  13. This Crochet Kit for Beginners is dropping by HALF when you apply N68AB8L5 at checkout! (ad)

  14. Barbie Gymnastics Coach Dolls & Playset is now HALF off & down to less than 12! (ad)

  15. Couldn't be happier with the outdoor rug that we got last year!! It warms up the space, so easy to clean and lightweight enough that it easily folds and you can take it on the go, perfect for an RV!! These Waterproof Outdoor Rugs are 40perc. 0FF with qpon! ad

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