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March's Best Sellers!

Curious what the best sellers were for the Save And Share Deals Facebook group?!

Here they are!

  1. The Sonic Ice Machine! Have and LOVE this one! Our water tastes so much better and I drink so much more of it with this nugget ice! Currently down to its LOWEST price EVER of only $148!! Shop here-->

2. Solar Eclipse Glasses- only $6.97 for a pack of 10!! Do you live in an area that will be apart of this event?! Jessica and I are states away but both will be in an affected area! Kids have off school!

3. THESE shorts!! SO good! I love the length- not too short but also not bermuda! Flattering fit and they pair so nicely with the shirt and sandals I have here! The shirt is another fave of mine! Less than 6! Not as see through as other white shirt and looser fit so it's not clingy!

4.  4 pack of girl's shorts!! Only $10!

5. These are ALWAYS handy to have!!! These Wall Charger Surge Protectors with USB Charging Ports is HALF 0FF!!

6. You should see this thing in action!!  No more breaking my back while cleaning my shower/tub/floor/car anymore!! My Popular Electric Spin Scrubber is on D0UBLE DISC0UNT!! It also comes with different replacement heads so you can get into every nook and cranny!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

7. The Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum Speeds up Drying Time, Smooths out those locks, prevents frizz and fights against the humidity!!! (No longer on sale but still a great product!) Shop here-->

8. Something I need to do more of is clean my baseboards!  This little cleaner tool will always have your back  but really! Think about how this will save your back while cleaning your baseboards and the spiderwebs out of the top corners of your room!

9. My sign to get more sheets!!!!  CRAZY REVlEWS and THAT C0UP0N!! Making these queen sheets , King and Cali King are on DR0P!! ad

10. It is just so pretty!!!! This gorgeous Hand Blown Hummingbird Feeder is 65perc. 0ff with qpon and ATOPW6D8 at chkout!! Loving the look and colors of this one!!

Thank you group member Angela for the pretty picture of this one!!

11.  My kiddos have one very similar play couch as this and love making forts, obstacle courses and even have fun setting them up as a table and eating lunch on it! They're so much fun!! This one is dropping in cart and there's a big coupon at post time!

12. Drop and coupon on this Indoor/Outdoor Egg Chair with Stand!! Looking like the most perfect place for coffee and a book to me!

13. Love this air purifier!! It is so quiet, has a HEPA Filter and LED Touch screen panel! I also love the timer function and how it can put your favorite essential oil in the top!! (been using eucalyptus a lot lately with all the congestion and sickness around my house right now)! Currently on drop AND there's a coupon!!

14. This human dog bed currently has a big $40 off coupon to clip!!

15. You see this!! IT'S BAAACCK!!!

These Pikler Traingles are so fun!!! We got one for my youngest first birthday and ALL my kids still use it!! Obstacle courses and playing the Floor is Lava always involve this! 40perc. 0FF with qpon and the rest DR0PPING at chkout!!

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