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October 2nd - LIGHTNING DEALS!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

Here is a Full List of Lightning Deals!!! (ad)

Below are some of my top picks! Please let us know if you grab anything!!!


Bamboo Cooling Shredded Memory Foam pillows are 50% off FOR TWO!! ad


OH MY GOODNESS!!! WHERE ARE MY SWIFTIES!!! This would be perfect decor and gift for all my Taylor Swift fans!! Now 18% off with a stacking 15% off coupon!! ad


Cooling Blanket is 45% off!!! ad


Clear Storage Bins are now 39% off for 8!! ad


WOWZA!!! Linked Solar Outdoor Lights in a bunch of colors and pack sizes are dropping with stacking coupons!!! These are 30% off with a 20% coupon right now!!! Don't miss this one!! ad


My kids go crazy over this one!!! This Dino Blaster Stomp Rocket Toy is now HALF OFF and under $10!!! ad


GOING FAST!!! This HEPA Large Room Air Purifier is 42% off with a stacking 30% off coupon!! ad


Christmas Idea!!! This Gold Hitting Net is 27% off with a stacking 20% off coupon!!! ad


If you are a fan of Liquid IV's or NUUN you need to try this one!! Nectar is all natural and has ZERO SUGAR in it!! (Liquid IV does have sugar unless you get the Sugar Free one which is more expensive)!! This is so much less than the Big name brands (less than $.85 a packet!) and it does the same thing!!! Liquid IV is a little too sweet for me and I think this one tastes perfect!! Now 15% off!! ad


WOOHOO!! Luxury Soft Cooling Pillowtop Mattress Pad is 38% off with a stacking 30% off coupon!! ad


Oh Hello Cozy!!! These cozy athleisure relaxed fit pants with pockets are 32% off!! ad


GOING FAST!!! This Pet Groomer and Vacuum is 47% off!!! ad


This Sonic Electric Toothbrush with replacement brushes is 47% off with a stacking 5% off coupon!! GREAT REVIEWS! ad


8 Pack of moving bags are 17% off + 20% off coupon + 30% off when you press "redeem" on the product page!! ad


This Vibration Plate is 20% off and has a stacking $10 coupon!!! Making it $65!!! ad


WHAT!!! My High Waisted Tummy Control Leggings with 42k reviews....ONLY $7.29!!! AD


Stretchy Denim Jackets are 39% off!!! ad


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