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Thursday's Top Twelve!!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.

SO many great finds today AND we're still looking!! As of early evening these are our top sellers for today! We'd love to hear if you picked one (or more!) of these up and/or anything you want us to be on the lookout for!! :)

1. OHHH MYY!!!! Indoor winter fun, or put this aside for the Easter Basket because this Play-Doh Zoom Vacuum and Cleanup Toy is 64perc. 0ff and at its L0WEST!!! Shop here--

2. These Twistable Crayons are half off AND get TWO for the price of one!! *Add 2 to your cart-discount applies at checkout!

3. Who else has a kid who goes through an unimaginable amount of paper? This Reusable Smart Notebook could be the solution!! Currently on a HUGE 66% Price Drop!! Shop here-->

4. Non Slip Quick Dry Extra Thick Bath Mats are HALF 0FF with qpon!! I love these in the bathroom! Not only are they plush and warm but you can easily throw them in the washing machine too! 0NLY $5 !! Shop here-->

5. Price went up on this exact one shown in the picture but we found another set for less than $10!! Shop here-->

6. Columbia Boy's Fleece Jackets for only $15!! Free Shipping for greater rewards members too!!

7. My 2yr olds favorite thing right now!  He has been taking these to his brother's basketball and soccer games lately so he can "watch him". These make great gifts and would be perfect for the Easter basket! The GeoSafari Kidnoculars Binoculars is at its L0WEST!! Shop here-->

8. I know we have some Gnome lovers out there!!! and how stinkin' adorable are these 4!!! These Valentine's Day Gnomes are HALF 0FF with 50WN4LTA at chkout!!

9. In Stock!! Lysol Multi-Surface Cleaner (90fl Oz)--ONLY $5.87 when you Subscribe and Save!! Shop here-->

10. You know when you see something for the first time you think is so interesting and then it starts popping up everywhere!! This is one of those things! So crazy!!! A dietitian I follow was talking about hers the other day and the benefits and now here is one Half 0ff with qpon and IAEEXVY6 at chkout! This castor oil pack helps with liver detox, hormone balance, anxiety, stress, pain and more!! So So cool!! AND this one can heat up!! Shop here-->

11. This stuff smells amazing! The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is HALF 0FF!!! Men's is 0VER HALF 0FF!! Get your hunny the gift of smelling good this Valentine's Day!

12. Crazy....Insane D0UBLE DISC0UNT Lightning De4l on this Large Room Air Purifier!!! Act FAAAST though! Almost all claimed and these are only limited time de4ls!!!

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