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Top Daily Deals - July 11th!


Walmart Deals Going On Now!



I just took these out of my ears to take a picture because I saw that they are over half off and I am just so excited about these!! The most perfect and pretty everyday earrings! These huggies earrings have a clippable and use 50XMPYPT at check out!! Ad


I have heard nothing but amazing things about these sprays!! And now it is on drop WITH an extra 3.50 coming off 15!!! Use 986018 at check out! It is lightweight, smells amazing and helps rebuild dry, brittle and damaged hair from the inside out leaving you with silky, beautiful locks! ad


#ad WOAH!!! This Safety 1st Booster Car Seat is a 2-in1 forward facing car seat that has a 5-point harness for kiddos 30-65bs and can become a booster seat for kiddos 40-120lbs!! So stinkin' low!! Grab it for 34 when you are a new customer and use HELLO30 at check out!!


AHHH!!! These may go in a flash!! Squishmallows Slippers are 10 for toddler, little and big kids!! Some go up to kids 5 which is the same as women's 7!! Grab all you can!!! ad


It is like an early access to Prime Day for everyone!!! There are so many great drops on home items right now!! From decor like picture frame, plants to bento boxes, curtains and pink kitchen items!! (lots of pink!!) Ad


Love these as a PJ set, but do you see it being worn on the left as a top! LOVE! Amazing brand (I have several pairs from them!) and these pretty sets are dropping with the clippable and RLARTBTQ at check out! Ad


FLYING Like Hot Cakes!!! This set of 3 Stackable Bins with lids are dropping so low!!! These things are great for closets, toys, books and more!! Now RUN! Ad


WOOT WOOT! Big Kids Nike Court Sneakers are 39 with EXTRA25 at check out!! If you are wanting a pair yourself, convert kids sizes to women's sizes by adding 1.5 sizes!! a Big Kids size 7 is a women's size 8.5!! ad

EXTRA25 to get 25% off


WHAT WHAT!!!! The Nespresso Vertuo Pop Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker is 99!!! With one touch, whip up your favorite brew or espresso in 5-different sizes to enjoy at home or on the go!! Would be an extra special gift for that college student leaving in the fall! ad


You all are probably so tired of hearing this BUT if you have not tried Ekouaer PJ's....they are my FAVORITE!!! I have not come across a pair I haven't fallen in love with! Material is always buttery soft and quality is amazing!! These Satin Silk PJ's are dropping big time with the clippable and 7YZ49OAR at check out! Ad


HOT DOG!!! The Ninestar 13gallon AND 2gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can is dropping low!! I am going to spare you a picture of my trash can but we have an older style of Ninestar Motion Sensor Trash Can that we have had for YEARS! Pretty sure we are going on year 8! It works great, especially when you are slicing and dicing in the kitchen and you need to throw things away but your hands are all gross! Just hover your hands over the sensor and it pops right open! Ad


!!! YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! I have always been obsessed with Kristen's Nike waffle Sneakers! and HOLY COW they are DR0PPING to 46 with EXTRA25 at check out!! And with this color, you can wear them with just about anything! ad

EXTRA25 to get 25% off


Now this is INSANE! This gorgeous Costway Wooden Cabinet with drawers and shelves is dropping like it's hot!! ad


And now I want in my size! These cutie double buckle toddler slides are dropping at check out! Loving the velcro back so it is easy to get on and off! Ad


We are already seeing lots of drops in preparation of Prime Day!! Here are a bunch of Home and Kitchen items with most being at their lowest we have seen!! Ad


#ad ! The Queen of Nugget Ice Makers is on Drop!! If you love that chewable Sonic-like ice, you can now get it at home! Kristen's GE Opal 2.0 Ultra Nugget Ice Maker XL with Side Tank is full of that "good ice" that you could just munch on all day! And if you are a new customer, use HELLO30 at check out for another 30 off! It can make up to 38lbs of ice in a day and 1.6lbs in an hour! Never run out of ice, especially while entertaining this summer!


Get out of town with this!! You get 30 for 7!!! I did a very similar cabinet pull in my kitchen and couldn't be happier!! They give my kitchen a more up to date and modern feel!! Great time for a easy cabinet update!! Ad


If you are needing new kicks for the little ones these Reebok Slip-On Toddler Sneakers are 19 with COAST at check out!! ad

Use COAST on all of these for an extra 20% off!


I grabbed these for last school year and I never once got the dreaded note that they were broken!! I count that as a WIN! I saw that these are on HUGE DR0P right now and thought I would share with all the mommas needing to grab some for the upcoming school year! Ad


So much larger than I thought it was going to be! Such a nice size that can hold a good amount of snacks in each container! Can't wait to take this on roadtrips and to the soccer fields this fall on those tournament days! Would be great for camping too! Each container does come out too, so if you have a larger snack you can customize it by taking out different containers to fit everything you need! Grab the clippable! Ad


These fandeliers get me every time!! I am a huge fan of these!! (pun intended!) But really, how pretty can these get! Dropping with MOBEYU11 at check out and working on 16.5"White16, 16.5"Black14 and 16.5"Black13 Ad


My Bamboo PJ's are half off at check out!! Yes...BAMBOO!!!! And please excuse my hot-mess look, I truly do look like I just woke up! :) They are so light weight, silky soft and I don't get hot at night in them!! Ad


And even lower!!! This treadmill stores easily and you can work, read, watch television as you get your steps in!! Has an LED to get all your distance, calories burned and speed information too! Dropping with clippable and 24D9CQLK at check out! Ad


Now this one is FUN!! These fringe jackets are all that and a bag of chips! Cute way to bring some fun to your outfit and it comes in so many colors!! Loving this white!! TTS!! Dropping with clippable and the rest at check out! Ad


OHHH BOY!!! Who has tried doing this at home!? I would think it would be so much fun and great activity to do with the kids...or is that a mistake to involve the kids :) ! The 3-in-1 KitchenAid Pasta Maker Attachment is dropping with clippable and 32V48D9C at check out! Ad


7 Pair for 6!!! And they have arch compression!! These socks are made with an athletic sweat-wicking material and dropping with 50IQY26E at check out! Ad


My friend has one of these LED Bathroom Mirrors and it is so neat!! Let's just say what I usually look like in my bathroom room mirror does not reflect the same in hers ! The surrounding lights cast no shadows and gives you the best light for your makeup!! Dropping at check out! The own here is dropping to 47! Ad


Have always loved the look of the Glass Tumblers with Bamboo Lids....but these are taking them to a WHOLE new level! Glass Tumblers with Bamboo Lids and Straws are dropping at check out!! These are dishwasher safe too! Ad


Ohh how I wish I had a green thumb so I could show off my plant babies like this! This beautiful wooden plant stand has built in full spectrum LED grow lights that can be set to a timer! (Makes for a great night light too!) Dropping with clippable and 5YXRCSMP at check out! Ad


And you get TWO!! Fill this baby with candy and popcorn and I am ready to sit back, relax and enjoy a movie!! This fits right on top of the 40oz. tumbler! Comes with a matching straw and straw cover too! Ad


Works on all colors!! I gave these to my nieces for Christmas last year and they are sooo, soo cute walking around with their lipglosses and small toys in there! These Initial Belt Bags are dropping with 455Z1XRH at check out! Ad


My favorite age is just before they start to crawl!!! Ahh!! This is reminding me of how big my kiddos are getting! This neat Crawling Singing and Dancing Ladybug is dropping with XZ8AOYEJ at check out!! This little guy is an interactive toy that helps with tummy time and promotes crawling and walking! Once they get bigger it is interactive and asks questions too! Ad


Rock the Crocs!!! These Adult Crocs are dropping like crazy!!! I still can't believe how big of a comeback Crocs have made from when I was a kid to now! Ad


The only travel toiletry bag you will ever need!! And do you see that clippable!! No more tangled jewelry while traveling, you can organize it right here on the side of your bag. it has a place for necklaces, earrings, rings and more! And you can hang it up and have access to all your toiletries! Ad


WOAH! It comes with the sun hat and all!!! The UPF50 Rashguard, swim trunks and hat all for 12!! Varying by size and print! Ad


The whole kit and caboodle for half off at check out!! This even comes with the suction bowl and plate set so no more dumping food onto the ground and the silicone bibs that catch all the food before it hits their lap or floor! Some of the best feeding items I had when my boys were younger! Ad


Dorm room find!!! Or just great for any desk!! This cool desk lamp even has a built in USB Port for charging your devices and a built in organizer for all your pens, pencils and other supplies! Ad


I have never seen these anti-fatigue rugs with a beautiful print like these!! Most have been solid in color!! These anti-fatigue mats make standing at the sink doing dishes, or being up on your feet cooking dinner more enjoyable! They are heavy duty, waterproof, non-slip and if I don't say so myself....CUTE! Ad


One of the best in the game!! The T3 Smooth ID Straightener with touch interface is the LOWEST it has ever been!! Be able to tailor your heat for smooth and shiny results with less heat damage with its 9-different heat settings that automatically adjust to your hair needs! Ad


Lots of you were saying yesterday that you were still looking for patio furniture!! This is an amazing option!! Dropping so low for this 4-Piece Outdoor Wicker Rattan Conversation Set! And if this color isn't your cup of tea, there are more to pick from! ad


This would be great for dorm rooms....or my closet! One can never have too many I right?? This legging closet storage organizer, or you can use it for sandals, shorts, tanks and more is dropping by half! Ad


Shower Steamers are AMAZING!!! My mom got me a pack of these last year and they are filled with essential oils that release with the hot water and just instantly relax you!! I have grabbed a bunch since then!! I am not one for baths, so a hot shower with a shower steamer is my version of a relaxing bath! Dropping at check out! Ad


What a fun summer activity for the kiddos!!! This engaging STEM activity brings science and nature together to create a fun Glow in the dark Terrarium!! Comes with colorful sand, star and constellation stickers that glow in the dark and it grows within 3-4 days! Ad


If you are pen obsessed like me...this one might be right up your alley!! This metal organizer has 10-compartments with 1 drawer for organizing! Ad


Lock in on this drop! Grab it now, and once available it will ship out!! This is the Lowest this Sharper Image Personal Space Heater has ever been! Great for those cold offices!!! Ad


These High Contrast Toys work so great for tummy time! This set of 3 High Contrast toys all crinkle and make different sounds to keep baby interested and having fun!! At its lowest!! Ad


How beautiful are these...and you get TWO!! Modern look with the ability to charge all your devices from them with the USB ports and Outlets! Just touch to turn on and choose between the 3-color light temperatures!! Dropping with 38OECTUL at check out! Ad


Great little set for the littles!! And I love that they are board books! No more ripped pages! My boys love these books still and my oldest started practicing reading with these too! This set of 4 Little Green Board Box are on drop! Ad


I would think that this would make camping a little more well.....comfortable!! This double Camping sleeping mattress is at its lowest ever!! AND it has a built-in foot pump!! Ad


LIGHTNING!! The Bostitch Electric Pencil Sharpener is dropping right in time for back to school! Lots and Lots of school supplies dropping right now!! Ad

All School Supplies


Who has camping plans coming up!?

Muggy, hot camping season is upon us and these Rechargeable Portable Camping Fans with timer, LED light, hanging hook and SOLAR Panel is dropping with the clippable and JZAPAZN9 at check out! Charge your phone in an instant, keep cool and have a light to guide your way in the dark. This is a must have for camping this summer! Ad


GUYS!!! This Portable Monitor is on a drop with a huge clippable!! One of the lowest I have seen! This isn't my exact one, but it is sooo similar! I take this whenever I travel because I am so used to working on dual screens, and when I don’t have my second screen I feel like I am so lost!! Would make such an amazing gift for someone who travels or just needs a more efficient way of working!!! Ad


Lots of you were asking about fans the other day! What are we thinking about these modern Low-Profile Ceiling fans?? For those who have them, what do you think? They have a dimmable LED light, remote and app controlled! I think I love them and the modern look!! Giant clippable on this one! Ad


We have had a couple of these pop up recently and I am so intrigued by these!!! This Self-Cleaning Litter Box is at its LOWEST!!! You plug it in and let it do its thing! Holds up to 14-days!!! If you have one of these, let us know what you think!! So curious!! Ad


This Rare Drop is still going!! The Dyson Airstrait Straightener is on DROP!!! Go from wet to straight styled and dry in no time and without the heat damage! And it does it all with just a high pressure air! It is so neat! My hair stylist used one on my hair the last time I got it done and it is so neat! It wasn't frizzy and had a smooth lightweight feel to it! Ad


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