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Top Daily Deals - July 8th!

Updated: Jul 9


Walmart Deals Early Access Starts at 11am CT!


Sign Up for Walmart+ for Early Access Here


Walmart Deals are HERE!! Early access for the Walmart+ Members starts at 11am CT and then everyone will then have access to all the craziness at 4pm CT! Lots and lots of amazing items on drop!! If you aren't a member yet, you can sign up for half off right now! ad


So, So excited about this one!! Thinking right now is the time I grab for my oldest for Christmas!! Lots of amazing drops on Nintendo Switch from the consoles to the games! ad


You have to be kidding me with this one!!!  A Wicker Egg Chair LOVESEAT!!! And it comes with the stand and UV Resistant Removable Cushions!!! Love this!! ad


It's the most wonderful time of the year.....FOR HAIR!!!

The Infamous Beauty Brands Liter Sale is BACK!!! This is definitely the time to stock up! Shop brands such as Joico, Hempz, Kenra, and more! Liters as low as 18 and up to 70 percent off!!! Best time to grab a few bottles that will last you until next year! ad


The modern look!! So pretty!! And you get TWO!! Crazy how low these are going with the drop and the clippable on top of that! Lowest these have ever been! Ad


#ad GUYS!!! Our FAVORITE Too Faced Mascara is now 30 for four with HELLO30 at check out for new accounts!!! This is INSANE!!! The coverage, length, intense volume and deep black coloring easily make it one of the best mascaras out there!


On drop with a clippable on top of that!! This crazy cool Waterproof, Touchscreen, Smart Mirror TV acts as a mirror AND a smart TV! Get ready for the day and catch up on news, or have one next to your hot tub! It has Wifi and Bluetooth too! Ad


Yup...this one is right up my alley!! Love the neutral colors and the waffle pattern! If this one isn't your cup of tea there are a handful of others in different styles and colors! Dropping with the clippable and 25WKJMHF at check out!! Ad


GUYS!!!! My Ninja Foodi XL Dualzone 2 Basket Air Fryer is on drop, along with a couple other sizes! I will say we use this at LEAST 5 days out the week! And those dualzone 2-baskets are sooo good!! Perfect size for a larger family! This thing is the MVP in our kitchen! Ad


I saw some similar to these last year and wanted to get one for my boys and didn't, now I wish we would of had one to toss around on the 4th of July when it got dark! Such a fun summer toy! This Light Up Flying Disc is so neat!! It has 7 light modes, and 7 light colors and would be so much fun while camping or throwing around at night! Dropping with 50PN25SQ at check out! Ad

Dropping with 50PN25SQ at check out!


Okay...this is SOOO COOL!!! No ice need at all!!! This 12Volt Car Refrigerator Dual Zone with Freezer is on drop with a MASSIVE clippable!! Adjust the temperature of both sides right from your phone or from the LED touch display! Amazing for camping/road trips AND it has wheels and a USB charging port built in!! NO ICE NEEDED!! Ad


IT IS BACCCK!!! You all always bug out over this one!!

Anyone else having a flying critter problem right now! ... yes, these totally work! We have a very similar Insect Trap that, as you can see, works very well! You just plug it into the wall and it attracts the flying bugs and traps them on the sticky pad! No buzzing, no zapping! Dropping at check out! Ad


The Hot Wheels Unleashed Nintendo Switch Game just hit its LOWEST ever!!! There are also DR0PS on the Playstation and Xbox versions!!! This might be a good one to store to give out at Christmas! We are in the talks about getting my oldest a Switch for Christmas this year. Are we thinking 8 is too young for these? What do you all think! Ad


Yup...definitely went through my fair share of these when my dogs were puppies! Who uses these for their pups?? This bundle of Dog Potty Pads are dropping when you click the item, grab the clippable and watch it drop at check out! Ad


School Supply find!!! And honestly, I need to stock up on this Wite- Out for my house! Always wishing I had some of this on hand because I never have it when I need it! Ad


My oldest has a birthday in a month and we are upgrading his bike! So happy to see lots and lots of drops on Schwinn for the kiddos! Especially this 12" one with the training wheels!!! Huge drops!! ad


My go-to earrings!! I have been wearing this set on repeat and the deal on these never last!! There are amazing ones for everyday and fancier larger hoops for those nights out on the town! Get my NINE PAIR of these popular, trendy hoop earrings for 9 wit the clippable and 45YXP32D at check out! Ad


The infamous Snackle Box that we are seeing EVERYWHERE is under 14!!!! Love this idea for packing snacks on the go, for car rides, playground trips, plane rides, or even at home to make snack time a little more fun!!! Grab the clippable! Ad

Here is this one too!


What are some of your summer temperatures you are having right now? We have had a little rain so the heat isn't unbearable right now but so muggy! This neck fan sounds like the most perfect thing to get us through summer without melting!! Dropping with XWLVDDA9 at check out!! This is crazy low and perfect for those hot baseball games, gardening in the sun or really anything outside in the 100-degree heat! (works on green!) Ad


ALL THREE!!! Everything you need in a travel cosmetic bag!! This initialed Makeup Bag set is dropping by 60 percent with clippable and 505ZY2O6 at check out! Ad


If it is time to switch up that belt bag...take a peek at these!! These cute Telena Belt Bags are dropping low at check out! It has enough space for all your essentials but small enough to throw on and wear around all day!! Ad


I know with my boys, no remote has ever been safe!! How fun is this!! The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby & Toddler Toy Game & Learn Controller Pretend Video Game with Music Lights & Activities is on drop! Ad


I gave these to my nieces for Christmas last year and they are sooo, soo cute walking around with their lipglosses and small toys in there! These Initial Belt Bags are dropping with 45WVNPO2 at check out! Ad


#ad These are too cute and fun!! The Wet Brush 3-piece Disney Character Set is down to 10!! You get a Princess Wet Brush, 2 clips and a matching hair scrunchi!


!! Oh my LOWNESS!! This treadmill stores easily and you can work, read, watch television as you get your steps in!! Has an LED to get all your distance, calories burned and speed information too! Dropping at check out for you! Ad


These were amazing during our Potty Training adventure!!! I gave them a shot because of the reviews and so impressed!!! They are absorbent enough that if he has an accident he knows, but it is not running down his leg! The pack of 7 is dropping with 50ELEV6U at check out!! Potty Training Must have!! (This is the same brand just different print!) Ad


And it comes with everything you need minus the food! This Ello 2-Pack Lunch Stack Plastic Food Bento Box is dishwasher safe, air tight and is an all in one lunch box for on the go! Perfect for kids or adults!! Ad


Bring on ALL the educational games this summer!! We are trying to dodge the summer slump this year! This interactive educational game works on sight words, numbers and more to help build their vocabulary and understanding of each letter!



This would be such a fun and cute summer project! Learning how to crochet! And you end up with this cute little cows!! This Crochet Kit for beginners takes you step-by-step on how to crochet!! 50EU4O5L at check out! Ad


This is a great way to ease your child's anxiousness about going back to school! Both you and your kiddo get matching bracelets and throughout the day they can look at the bracelet and it will remind them that you are right there with them! A couple different grades to pick from and styles! Dropping at check out! Ad


What in tarnations is this genius thing! Handy Dandy that is what this is!!! This All-In-One Lantern, Fan AND Charger is dropping by half with both clippables!! Great to have on hand during a power outage, camping or just as a backup!! Ad


H0T HOT!!! Now I just think these are so neat!!! This Low Profile Flush Mount Smart Bladeless Ceiling Fan with 3-colors of Lights and 6-speeds is dropping with clippable and 153GLYL1 at check out! Ad


I have seen so many people using these heatless hair rollers on their hair and have been itching to try them!! They turn out so good!! Lots of goodies from Scunci and Conair are 8 off 25+! Like heatless curlers, hair brushes, headbands and more! Ad


The King of Nugget Ice Makers is on HUGE DROP!! The GE Opal Profile Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank is full of that "good ice" that you could just munch on all day! ad


I grabbed these for last school year and I never once got the dreaded note that they were broken!! I count that as a WIN! I saw that these are on HUGE DR0P right now and thought I would share with all the mommas needing to grab some for the upcoming school year! Ad


Now this is INSANE! This gorgeous Costway Wooden Cabinet with drawers and shelves is dropping like it's hot!! ad


This one reminds me of Whac-A-Mole! This Interactive fun Pop Up Animals Toy works on fine motor skills! It has music and sounds and looks like so much fun! Ad


So extremely low for this!! Keep it inside to have some indoor fun or take it outside!! These Costway Inflatable Bounce houses will entertain your kids for hours! It was raining here the 4th of July morning and we had our bounce house set up in our basement and they had so much fun bouncing away and getting energy out! ad


HOT DOG...this one is at its lowest!!! Game Changer right here!!!! A Robot Vacuum that can hold up to 30-days worth of dirt and debris!!! !!! This Shark AI Ultra Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is on HUGE DROP!! I just wish this could follow my kids around the house! Ad


Trampoline, enclosure net, ladder AND lights!! All for 159!! Crazy pants!!! ad


Are we a little early on this?...Maybe! But why not grab it at its lowest and pack it away for later!! The 2024 Peanuts Advent Calendar with figures and accessories is dropping low!! Ad


UMM...WHAT???!! A 50" Smart TV for 189!!! Looks like Prime Days might be starting a little early for some things! Ad


Traveling soon?? Grab a set of these!! I put my body wash, face wash, shampoo and conditioner in these and they are TSA approved size so very easy to throw in a suitcase and jump on a plane! These also come with small containers for lotions, spray bottles and labels!! LOWEST EVER for this set! Ad


LIGHTNING and at its Lowest!! This really neat Coleman 4/6 person Weatherproof Tent with Screened Porch even has extra tall ceilings inside so you can fully stand up! And it is an easy setup and can have it up and ready to go within 10min! Ad


AHHH!!! Obsessed and in love!! The Shark Clean & Empty Self-Emptying Cordless Vacuum is what vacuuming dreams are made of! Now at its lowest!! It automatically charges and empties at the same time, so it is always ready for the next cleaning job! Ad


One of the best ways to beat the heat this summer!! This 4-pack of cooling towels can instantly cool you down with its unique cooling system to draw sweat away from your skin, leaving you nice and cool in this summer heat! So amazing for camping, sports or working outside! Ad


My kids would never find their hidden Christmas gifts again with a bed like this!!! This gorgeous Modern Wingback Upholstered Bed with Hydraulic Storage System is dropping massive on the full, queen and king size! Ad


Muggy, hot camping season is here and this Portable Camping Fans with timer, LED light, hanging hook and USB Charging Ports is on a huge drop! Charge your phone in an instant, keep cool and have a light to guide your way in the dark. This is a must have for camping this summer! The battery life on it is amazing and has 4-fan settings too! Ad


I got a similar one of these under the sink organizers a couple of months ago to clean up all the products that I have under my bathroom sink and now I want them for every sink! Seriously! It does such a great job organizing and gives you great access to everything on the pull out shelves! Ad


I was just looking at these the other day because we need a second one! My husband and I are sloooowwly trying to update our house and painting is up on our to-do list! This 72" Paint Roller Extension Pole is at its lowest! Ad


Such a great idea!! Put all your passwords and logins all in one spot! It even has a place for emergency contacts and more! No more guessing at passwords or hunting down login information, it is all right here at your fingertips! Ad


I am always on the hunt for finding fun activities for my kiddos, especially when trying to entertain them all day during the summer! These Gem Art Suncatcher Crafts Kit is a fun way to keep them entertained by attaching gems to these sun catchers and decorating however they would like and hanging them in the window! Ad


And the dividers are removeable and customizeable to however you want to organize!! I could see these being amazing for crafts and in the classroom! I almost want to get these for my boys to separate all their legos! Ad


OH GOODNESS!!! Down to 19! These pretty end tables that have the charging station built in have a drawer for storage and 2-shelves! Each have 2 USB ports and 2 outlets! Easy access to charge all your devices right at your bedside! Ad


Does it not blow your mind how much Cards are these days!!  They are almost as much as the present itself!!! This pack of 24 Thank You Cards are dropping with 50NSHYJF at check out! Ad


We have some longer athletic hiking shorts!! Complete with zipper pockets and quick dry fabric! I really love the drawstring on these too! Dropping with the clippable! Ad


Amazing reviews on this Wavytalk Salon Flat Iron Straightener and it is dropping with the clippable and ST9PR6I2 at check out! It does have titanium Plates to get a frizz-free smooth finish too!! Ad


Who is into the bright white light and who is more into the warm white?! You can do both with these!!! In the garden or along a pathway, these would look so beautiful in the yard! This 10-pack of Solar Outdoor Lights are have a huge clippable to go with the drop! Ad


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