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Wednesday Oct 18th Deals!

Affiliate links- prices can change and promotions can end at any time.


Wool Socks are now 50% off!!! Use 40E4ZXZ1 at checkout! ad


40% off this Pajama Set!! Amazing colors!! Use 40D9ZQN1 at checkout! ad


Hello there gorgeous!! One of my favorite brands!! ZESICA Ribbed Knit Sweater comes in a bunch of colors and is 47% off with coupon and 20ZGZVN1 at checkout! ad


Now just $9.99!! This Top auto drops at checkout! ad


Adorable Long Sleeve Sweater Dress is 35% off with coupon and the rest will drop at checkout! ad


This Long Sleeve Hooded Cardigan is now on double discount with the coupon and the rest dropping at checkout! ad


This Gorgeous 2 Piece Set is now 35% off with coupon and 25QIHSBF at chkout! ad


CUTIE CUTE Full Zip Jacket is now 30% off with coupon and 2096IA4G at chkout! ad


AHHH THE COZINESS!!! This Fuzzy Fleece Pajama Set is now 45% off with coupon and the rest will drop at checkout! ad


INSANE!!! L0TS of shoes are n extra 50PERC. 0FF with SHOE50 at chkout!! It looks to be working on the ones that do not have the Green message under the picture!! Lots of Tennis Shoes are DR0PPING!! ad

All Here (select the ones without green message under it)


NICE!!! This pretty Coatigan is now 30% off with coupon and 15REQM18 at checkout! ad


Open Front Oversized Cardigan is now 50% off with coupon and the rest dropping at checkout! ad


Puff Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater Dress is now only $14!!! Clip the coupon and the rest will drop at checkout! ad


Now $17.99!!! This Sweater Dress is on double discount with coupon and 30M75JU7 at checkout! ad


AHHH!!! One of my favorite DE4LS!!! Brooks are HALF 0FF!!! These amazing tennis shoes are as L0W as !!! Men and Women! ad


!! HUGE DR0P on Machine Washable Rugs and as L0W as .!! And OHHHH are these pretty!!! If you have kids or pets....get yourself a machine washable rug. It is a game changer!!! I have a few machine washable rugs in my kitchen and I have thrown them in the wash countless times and they come out looking brand spankin' new! ad


This Pre-lit Artificial Tree is on a 55% Price Drop! Ad

Set of 24 Christmas Gift Bags --30% off when you use ZQR4Z7HE at checkout! Ad


LOWEST PRICE!! These Rhinestone Boots have a BIG coupon to clip!


Girls Light Up Unicorn Dresses are 50% off at checkout! Ad


Gorgeous Silk/Satin set for 40 percent off! ad



Assorted Halloween stamps for half off!! Clip the coupon and use 40H9XTL8 ! ad


TAG a Teacher!! This 42 Pack Christmas Holiday Coloring Books is 40% off when you use NKEI2C2Q at checkout! *About $.40 a book after discount! Ad


Oohh!! Bamboo Pillow Top Mattress Toppers--60% off when you clip the coupon and use 10R2VJQG at checkout! *All sizes! Ad


This Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Deep Treatment Pack is down 50% to its LOWEST PRICE!! Ad

Buy 1 get 1 FREE Biolage Travel Size Hair Care! Ad

Biolage Hydra Source Blow Dry Shaping Lotion is down 50% to its LOWEST PRICE!! Ad


Loved the serum SOOO MUCH that I sprung for the cream too!!! (loving it so far!)

I know it is a little bit out of some people comfort level but this stuff is AMAZING!! Attacks this fine lines, dark spots and HYDRATES like nobody's business! ad


OHH MY GOODNESS!!! It is the built in Mittens and Snack Pouch for me! !! This Wearable Blanket Hoodie has a HUGE C0UP0N!! Be sure to take a peek at the other colors as well!! ad


AHH!!! The Popular Cluci Backpacks on D0UBLE DISC0UNT!!! Guys....there are sooo many to choose from! Pick one from that first page, get that qpon and the rest will dr0p at chkout!!! The plaid for Fall !!! ad


!!! You could not find the big brand version of these ANYWHERE last year!! The H0TTEST trend!!! These Ultra Mini Look-Alikes are now OR grab a pair in each color or mix and match items using the second Iink and get !!! ad

Or mix and match and get of any of these!


Cropped puffer vests for the win!! So excited it's finally getting cool enough for layers!! Several colors and they drop 45 percent with qpon and 40SQ3KB8 ! ad


The best thing since sliced bread for cleaning!! This Electric Spin Scrubber is now HALF 0FF with U3WFCJY4 at chkout! ad


GUYS! THIS IS CRAZY PANTS!!! This Top SeIIer is STILL G0ING!!! The Ninja Foodi NeverDull Premium Knife Set with Sharpener is at its L0WEST EVER!! I don't have these knives (sooo wish I did) BUT I have a lot of Ninja products that I have been so impressed with and I am sure this is no different! Let us know if you own these and what you think!! Love the built in sharpener on these!! ad


Personalized Socks are now HALF 0FF when you press "Redeem"!! ad


Well... Looks like it is time to get this one again because I can only find out of the !!! My Set of Fast Chargers are on MAJOR DR0P!!! ad


FLASH DE4L!!!! So, So neat!!! This 5Floor Parking Garage Toy is now 75perc. 0ff!!! ad


This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is now on DOUBLE DISCOUNT with coupon and 3043985Z at checkout!! 60% off and $11.99!!! ad


Hurry!! Was just sent this d e a l for rechargeable hand warmers and it's already flying!! Big seller last time!! ad

Clip the qpon and use 208LERAT


18 inch Princess doll clothes for half off! Use: MMN9KQ6F (ad)


Oh my!! How cute is this sling bag?! ad

Drops in half with 50IIUK1K


R.U.N for this!!My NordicTrack Adjustable Dumbbell have NEVER been this L0W!! My husband uses them way more than I do (my goal is to increase my strength, so that will hopefully will change here soon ) but they really are so easy to use! Turn the dial for your selected weight and once you hear the click it is ready! It also connects to iFit too!! So you can do trainer guided workouts with them! All the NordicTrack workout equipment is IFit enabled!! ad


Oh my goodness!!! The Sets get em EVERY TIME!! Now on D0UBLE DISC0UNT with qpon and 25JESSICA8 at chkout!! ad


Fall Pillow covers only 5.59 for a pack of 4! Use: 30LS5AEZ (ad)


Two pack of SexyHair Big Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray for the reg p r i c e of one!! ad


Highly rated 6 pack of seamless underwear for only 8.49! Clip the coupon and use: 402QBDZT (ad)


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